Syllabear item build (Hero and Bear)

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Oliver5292, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. Oliver5292

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    What is the best item choice for syllabear and his bear?
  2. --Deception97

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    Radi, AC, Vang, Hyperstone + attack speed items/hp items=Bear
    Vlads,Treads, HoT,Butterfly,Deso=Sylla

    Sometimes hard to farm all these though.

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    Radi, AC, Vang, Hyperstone + attack speed items/hp items=Bear
    Vlads,Treads, HoT,Butterfly,Deso=Sylla

    Sometimes hard to farm all these though.

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  3. edgaras1993

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    im been using this build in pubs.Buy boot of speed and midas on sylla and boots and 4 gloves of haste on bear,then farm bashers for both sylla and the bear.Later buy whatever you want
  4. Kris

    Kris Moderator

    Phase --> Radi is standard
  5. Niwil

    Niwil Active Member

    Y Phase radi, or maybe basher on the bear. In late you might consider AC also.
  6. kvn300

    kvn300 Member

    for bear: boots at stars, stour shields, > PT, hyperstone,
  7. MrMojoRisin

    MrMojoRisin Well-Known Member

    I go for double bashers.
  8. Kypkalorian

    Kypkalorian Well-Known Member

    just get jango, vladsand then push the hell outta everything. Then just stack damage attackspeed AC bashers.
  9. co_shadow

    co_shadow Well-Known Member

    Bear: stout shield radi
    Syla: Phase boot, magic wand
  10. sniperboy545

    sniperboy545 Well-Known Member

    I generally get boots for the bear then focus on Sylla...though if the game goes on you should item gets for the bear. A lot of people like to focus on the bear - they get it Radiance, Treads, etc. I'm of the opinion that Sylla is more important to focus on, as the bear gets plenty from Synergy, Rabid, and Battle Cry (when you're in melee form).

    I go for HotD, then SnY on Sylla. Reason is that HotD works amazing with Rabid, and you can always upgrade it to a Satanic later on for HP and even more life steal + Unholy Strength. +20 damage, +5 armor, 15% life steal. Even Dominate. You get 40 attack speed from Rabid, so it's a nice item for Sylla. SnY gives a bunch of things: HP, attack speed, damage, movement speed, and a disable. I hate how the Bear moves so much faster (it can mess up your strategy sometimes) so I always go Boots of Travel + SnY on Sylla. Get the Sange first, since Rabid provides great attack speed and movement speed; plus you could use the extra HP and disable more. It give you another chance at slowing down your fleeing enemy if your bear isn't Entangling.

    After BoT, HotD, and SnY I generally go for MKB/Buriza for Sylla, then get the bear a hyperstone and a radiance. Here's a list of items that you should and should not get for the bear:

    What works: Hyperstone, Radiance, Desolator, Cuirass, Phase Boots, HotD, Vlads

    Hyperstone and Cuirass are obvious: increase chances of Entangle while dealing more DPS. Cuirass is nice to put on the bear instead of Sylla, as it gives Sylla aura benefits while not taking up a slot. Desolator is great because it's an orb you can put on the bear. Phase boots are good because it's damage and Phase - which doesn't need mana. Nice for chasing sometimes. Lifesteal, believe it or not, works well on the bear later on when people realize it's easier to kill the bear than you.

    What doesn't work: anything that involves stats, as he can't use stats
  11. Cannibal-

    Cannibal- Well-Known Member

    On the Start:
    Hero: Branches, Salve
    Bear: Stout Shield

    Hero: Phase Boots, RoB
    Bear: Stout Shield

    Middle game core:
    Hero: Boots, RoB, Cloak
    Bear: Stout Shield, Phase Boots, Radiance

    The next to come are Hyperstone/Rapier on bear.
    This is the common play - it doesn't really matter wether you go jungle or not(you'd better don't).

    However, there are a lot of various ways to play the hero, depending on the team strategy. I remember leaving solo mid Lich nearly one level behind me, just because I tended to pull the neutral camp with Bear. On the other hand, when it's all about pushing(which is something natural when SB is picked), you'll need Necrobook and a tanky bear(Stout, some RsoP, Vlads). Extensions like AC and Desolator work wonders.
  12. PiroflaN

    PiroflaN New Member

    phase for both (sylla and bear)

    Start: sylla: sticks, tango , heave
    bear: stout sheild

    mid sylla: phase, Magic stick
    bear: sacred "around min 20 is a good time"

    advanced sylla: phase, magic stick, RoB
    bear: radi, phase, vladi, hyperstone

    that good and if you got more money go for Heart
  13. Pondrac

    Pondrac Well-Known Member

    qb stout double boots radi follow with stuff like hood, pipe, ac, bashers, vlad, mjoll and stuff
  14. GodReaper

    GodReaper Well-Known Member

    Depends on who you are fighting.

    Is there a hero / Are there heroes you can dominate with Radi? (ex. Silencer)

    Or is their hardest carry someone you need to bash to death? (ex. N'aix / Lycan )

    Syllabear has the luxury of what I consider the widest range of available item choices of any hard carry.

    Determine the situation and use them.

    (In terms of starter items, Stout Shield / RoB / QB are what I consider best.)
  15. eL_sHanOa

    eL_sHanOa Well-Known Member

    you should probably give the bear the auras and some armor for Syllabear
  16. GodlyKha

    GodlyKha Well-Known Member

    Radiance on the bear works normally, but basher/hypers is better for disabling enemy carries. But honestly- NEVER build AC on sylla, no matter how many "pros" you see doing it. AC is one of the biggest wastes of gold theres ever been. Make 2x hypers on the bear and an MoC on sylla if you want -5 armor, otherwise just get 3x hypers. AC is a very bad item made by cookiecutter players.

    You can pay 2100 gold for 55% ias, which makes your bear's attack absolutely crushing, especially with a basher, or you can pay 3250 gold for nothing but +15/-5 armor. You don't need that. Thats not economical. Your bear needs armor like it needs a dagon- it don't; and -5 armor is *not* worth 3250 gold. Its a complete waste, and should never be done until your bear's inventory is completely full and so is sylla's inventory, at the 2 hour mark of the game. Even if you see a "pro" doing it; they're making a horrid noob mistake

    Theres really only an assortment of items you can mix and match. You either rush radiance on the bear, or you don't get it, then you want bashers and mass hyperstones, in no particular order- not necessarily basher first, not even if you skipped radiance; a hyperstone open on the bear is not actually a bad idea in some cases, and a phase at some point. On sylla himself, you can get MoC, or vanguard, or heart, but honestly you can generally do fine with nothing but boots- some MU's might even call for a hood. But sylla has the highest permanent HP/armor of any hero, more than anything cept maybe alchemist with ult on, which isn't permanent, and about 20 less HP than centaur at level 25 but a bajillion more armor, so tanking items aren't exactly core.

    Don't get vladies either, on either sylla or bear; thats even more of a waste of gold than AC.

    Now I might disagree on when to use radiance vs basher/hyper straight on a bear with most people, since the changes to the metagame, emphasis on mobile carries, and the huge nerfs to radiance/bear without the ability to walk people down (more than once every 2 minutes), but some items that see common use, like vladies & ac, are just dumb

    oh and yeah;
    Indeed, for example if there is a naix in the game, do not attempt to get radiance under any circumstances and simply get nothing but basher & hyperstones unless you want to lose horribly and run away from every clash. Much better to just repick if you can, however, since you're still fighting an uphill battle

    But if they're loaded with silencer, cm, and other squishy supports, get ur bear his shiny gold
  17. JaYStaiN

    JaYStaiN Well-Known Member

    I go for double bashers.
  18. Gustavo4111

    Gustavo4111 Active Member

    Radiance :x
  19. KyLinT

    KyLinT Active Member

    The best about him is u need to farm fast if not forget about the items.
  20. sridoodla

    sridoodla Member

    That's true.