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    Syndicate 5 eSports is multigaming organisation, which already made nice results in League of Legends tournaments. Now it is searching for Dota2 players!

    Place 1 Opened
    Primary Roles: Hard-Carry/Semi-Carry

    Spot 2 Opened
    Primary Roles: Hard Lane Player

    Spot 3 Opened
    Primary Roles: Solo Mid Player

    Spot 4 Opened
    Primary Roles: Hard Support

    Spot 5 Open
    Primary Roles: Jungle/Initiator/Ganker

    Spot 6 Open (Reserve/Substitute Player)
    Primary Roles: All Rounder

    - Willing to represent SY5 team;
    - 16+ age;
    - From Europe;
    - Willing to play competitive;
    - Rage kids will be kicked momently;
    - Able to stream (NOT MUST THING, but its nice to have);
    - Have mic;
    - Talented, acting like a professional gamer;

    We can offer:
    - Website, for representing our players on best possible way (;
    - IRC Channel;
    - TS3 Server with channel for Dota 2 players, and if you request (for SY5 players only) you can get your own channel;
    - Menagement;
    - Friendly atmosphere!

    If you are interested, just send me email on with as much infos as possible like: nick, age, location, exp in dota/lol/hon/dota2....

    Best wishes.
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    Interested. Will email you soon. Is the first position still open?
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    Every position is still opened, we are choosing players from our candidates tomorrow, so, feel free to send us your application.
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    BUMP we are still looking for SERIOUS players send your e-mails :p
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    Is everyone you didnt anwser yet refused?
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    I have send an E-mail with my application, and I hope to hear from you! :)

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    sent email :)
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    still searching for a hard support / jungler ? :)