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    Can you please delete my quote?
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    that tidehunter played worse than sheever
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    meh, better luck next time man.
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    With all this reshuffles going on behind the curtains: When will Swiftending be joining Secret?
  8. Mr. BoB

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    Really doubt he wants to be called a delusional little faggot by the president of Estonia on a daily basis.
    Seriously though, I'd get my ass handed to me by Puppey any day; dude's a legend.
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    swiftending plz tell me how to play slark or jugg vs faceless void in lane. if you even read this shitty excuse of a forum anymore, plz answer my question :>
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    i feel like even at 8k mmr people draft like retards. they're extremely good at what they play obviously, but it's so game-losing having a lineup like that and they were probably flaming each other

    i am amused that kotl has the most hero dmg on sentinel
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