Discussion in 'Competitive Chat' started by Spiritah, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. WuzuIII

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    beesa has a team with CMW, im sure everything is an upgrade to that :cat:

    Also, seems this was a swift ending for Juice in 4CL.

  2. xXinvoker420Xx

    xXinvoker420Xx Well-Known Member

    should have built octarine core on slardar :cat:
  3. Spiritah

    Spiritah Well-Known Member

    4CL is gonna fall flat on their face now. atleast if they dont realize that the way they draftet for their 1 position is the problem more than the player.
  4. henpara

    henpara Well-Known Member

    Since you have no team at present, you have all the time to tell us here then?
  5. Atilla

    Atilla Well-Known Member

    Oh well that's unfortunate then. Best of luck to him to finding a more fitting team if he still wants to keep on playing.
  6. mikrodizels

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    Juice you better start shitposting on PD now to compensate for not playing competitive anymore.
  7. dadde

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  8. StrelokSTALKER

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    Can you just please make a team with dragonfist...I wish I were a rich businessman to fund a full gaming house for you guys :(
  9. Bodge

    Bodge Well-Known Member

    Where is he gonna go now
  10. Mr. BoB

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  11. dadde

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  12. iser

    iser Well-Known Member

    i legitimately laughed out loud

    i'm trying. tell valve to order 20,000 sunglasses from me. at ti5, they bought 17,000. tell them to buy it from me this time for ti6.

    mark my words: if i ever get truly rich, i am organizing and funding a dota team.
  13. E02K

    E02K Well-Known Member

    What is Beesa's username on Team Liquid forums?
  14. WuzuIII

    WuzuIII Well-Known Member

  15. Ninjerk

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    ritsu ‏@ritsudota Oct 14
    hows 4cl kick swiftending over pajkatt guys?? any ideas??
  16. Spiritah

    Spiritah Well-Known Member

    yup any high skill player that has actually watched the games understand that the few times swiftending has failed was towards the very end and when he was fed dogshit lanes. other than that he was pretty much the largest contributor together with Bamboo, supports also doing very well but I am usually not good at judging that. once they play against a good team now they will disintergrate and Pajkatt will ruin another team that could have had promise.
  17. WuzuIII

    WuzuIII Well-Known Member

    ravindu kek

    dw. swiftending new carry for navi confirmed keepo
  18. iser

    iser Well-Known Member

    hi swiftending. can you confirm that you are on the new navi roster?
  19. RandomFlamer

    RandomFlamer Well-Known Member

    Thats too smart for Na'vi management to do.

    So don't expect it.
  20. Budzogan

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    Shit happens.