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  1. SkyforgerXVIII

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    In other news, Alliance is back. [​IMG]
  2. Spiritah

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    I kind of agree. the sweedes deserve it in a way for all the hardship they have gone through lol.
  3. RandomFlamer

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    Much hardship for bulldog, lots of streaming time more like it, lol
  4. HolyBob

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    as long as they keep drafting farmers for bulldog and not ns like that 5jungz/liquid game i think they are gonna be fine
  5. Mr_Cuddles

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    juice and pajkatt saksa egm all areplaying insane but tbh when bamboe is playing well he is an absolute god. favourite team atm purely for bamboe shenanigans hes like demon but way better

    he does such stupid shit as well, that ns game he played out of his mind with the baits and he goes and sits in trees for 1 minute without tping and lets them come to him and kill him LOL
  6. woojaekeem

    woojaekeem Well-Known Member

    he got kicked I think

    or maybe he left to make a new team
  7. Mr. BoB

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  8. hksonx

    hksonx Well-Known Member

    pajkatt is garbage.
  9. hankaung121

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  10. D41V30N

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    Wow, if they actually kicked Juice, I honestly have no idea why he was the one who was kicked instead of Bamboe or EGM. While Bamboe has made the flashiest plays in their games, he just doesn't have the stability that other offlaners have. The offlane roll has switched from the semi-carry role to the tempo control role and Bamboe is horrible at that. Sure, he makes a big play here and there, but Bamboe doesn't do anything that would make the enemy team be worried about him constantly or doesn't do anything that would require the enemy team to want to shut him down. He's not a stable player; and if there's one thing that's going for all top tier teams, it's that they all have really solid stable offlaners (e.g. Universe, Mag, Xz).

    And EGM is just a godawful player. Terrible rotations, terrible movement, stays in vision of enemy constantly, terrible mechanical skills, and I don't know how many times I've seen him abandon Juice or Pajkatt instead of taking the bullet for them. Just horrible.
  11. Mr. BoB

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    Did he leave willfully or was he kicked?
    Juice deserves better either way, he belongs on a tier 1 team.

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  12. Spiritah

    Spiritah Well-Known Member

    they picked shit heroes for him in shit drafts. this was a drafting issue more than anything. often times they handed shit lanes to him and wanted him to perform :). if they get antoher carry with the same other 4 players you will see them flop. i am 90% sure. unless that carry player likes to play carries that require no support. like weaver, riki kinda heroes lol.

    2 games he didnt perform in. the juggernaut game. he should have realized that he needed to farm earlier and the last game as sven, but that game I think more or less the team was already in shambles. I just dont think pajkatt got a good attitude in game when loosing. he want instant success I think and likes to point the finger outwards. Loda has been hinting this earlier. misery used to have attitude problem as well, but as a solo offlaner that doesnt matter as much as he can just do broodthings by himself.
  13. Tahinpekmez

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    It was nice when it lasted. Juice wasn't their top performer but he also wasn't the bad apple. Before making a statement I'll wait Juice to come here and say who owns this decision.
  14. Spiritah

    Spiritah Well-Known Member

    if you are being giving dogshit carries in dogshit lanes what do you do? like here take a sladar. we lost against 1, its a good hero.. totaly neglecting what sladar needs to work.. I was not impressed by DFs entrance to competitive but Juice was super legit, it was all on the drafting. you might not see that if youa re 3k mmr. but you cant do shit if you got a hero that is dependent on a good lane and is fed a dogshit one. thats a drafting issue that no tier 1 team would make.
  15. localsingle

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    I am sad and glad he is off the team. I am sad because I enjoyed watching him compete. I am glad because the team rarely set him up for success like other teams do for their position 1 player, which was frustrating to watch.

    I wish you luck with whatever you decide to do next Swift. If you continue in the competitive scene you will have me as a dedicated fan.
  16. Juice

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    honestly there's no time for both competitive dota and shitposting on pd

    you gotta make your mind up and take the superior option :cool1:
  17. woojaekeem

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    I wish u would make a team w/ beesa, bcuz I learned a lot about 1 role play from ur posts here and beesa's on liquiddota

    but u guys are the same role xD

  18. da_j0sephz

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    beesa likes playing 4 actually
  19. woojaekeem

    woojaekeem Well-Known Member

    aight then make team plz Ty....
  20. mrfokker

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    Called it...