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  1. Spiritah

    Spiritah Well-Known Member

    This guy plays at the very least top 3 carry in europe ATM. honestly Mr. Juice is my favorite now, he has progressed a ton. I havent seen him play much but his decisionmaking under pressure in unparraleled by other than the very best european carries. honestly looking in insolation on his last 5 games he is on par with arteezy or carry role.

    what is his nick gonna be. swift-god?. Juiceending? Juice-god?

    hope they do very well in the majors so that this career decision makes sense for our Serbian Juggernaut carry
  2. WuzuIII

    WuzuIII Well-Known Member

    Dont suck his dick too much. Its down season and EU is generally not having alot of good teams currently, imo.
  3. Spiritah

    Spiritah Well-Known Member

    I have a good trackrecord at these things. swift is good at competitive. he doesnt seem to choke and is confident to go for risky plays when thats required, alot of carries kneejerk reaction when behind is to be either suicide style or very passive just waiting to get choked out. Swift I feel got a very good decisionmaking when it comes to that..

    he is going places.

    Just because you know him from this forum doesnt mean he doesnt deserve the praise..
  4. WuzuIII

    WuzuIII Well-Known Member

    Yeah i definetely said and meant that. You solved the case sherlock

    Keep comparing him to rtz ayy lmao. You can do that once he beat EG or wins a big tournament against T1 teams.
  5. Spiritah

    Spiritah Well-Known Member

    last 5 games he has been playing worldclass. ye so I am comparing him. just like I have praised sumail before he got into the scene because I watched alot of his storm. I didnt have a similiar respect for Juice before he entered competitive but he has shown he is even better in competitive than in pubs (most players actually choke a little and play worse, probably because of alot of communication etc.).
  6. KungFuNerdNinja

    KungFuNerdNinja Well-Known Member

  7. WuzuIII

    WuzuIII Well-Known Member

    Which is Sumail, aka 1 player?

    He can play universe class if you want, what teams did he play so far? You cant compare him to rtz when he only plays t2-t3 teams. Once they play EG, VP and other good teams, you can make assumptions.
  8. Spiritah

    Spiritah Well-Known Member

    at the start of the groupstages in Ti5 I started saying CDEC is going a long way. people dont seem to be very good at estimating skill unless they see two strong teams against each other. prolly got some other players but I cant think of any oter predictions right now.
  9. Mr. BoB

    Mr. BoB Well-Known Member

    Juice is our man, hes the face of fucking PD.
    You got a problem with the community supporting one of their own?

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    Jelly, you're mad jelly.
  10. juraculation

    juraculation Well-Known Member

    ya u also predicted empire would do really good at ti5 and that mom on morphling/weaver is the way to go

    fling enough shit and eventually something's gonna stick
  11. Spiritah

    Spiritah Well-Known Member

    empire was a really really good team. they just choked. those are the kind of things that you just cant predict. skill wise they were up there..

    I talked about ways to make morphling work where mom was one of them, never ever talked about mom on weaver.. WK boi.
  12. KungFuNerdNinja

    KungFuNerdNinja Well-Known Member

    You know Empire always throw at TI, though.
  13. Spiritah

    Spiritah Well-Known Member

    that is true. I also did write when i made the prediction that given they dont throw. but I thought they would do well.
  14. henpara

    henpara Well-Known Member

    lets see how he performs on a LAN-setting. this is what decides if he really is a competetive player!

    For now, he is playing fine, but nothing too speacial.
  15. JayJayOkocha

    JayJayOkocha Well-Known Member

    Can we please throw in for a moment that Spiritah is a feeding asshole? His oppinions are completely irrelevant. Ty
  16. Secchan

    Secchan Competitive Staff

    Nice Ad Hominem.

    Anyways Swift has been pretty consistent, the team chemistry? i dunno sometimes they're just not clear on what they wanna achieve. We will see after a couple more months.
  17. HolyBob

    HolyBob Well-Known Member

    who that plays dota isnt a feeding asshole though
  18. SBVenom

    SBVenom Well-Known Member

    can he play meepo though? that's the true test for a world class player.
  19. Atilla

    Atilla Well-Known Member

    He basically only said that Juice needs to prove himself further in the competitive scene before he gets all the mad praise. I dunno the context of the games played so far since I don't follow competitive Dota but if Juice just started getting into the scene then it's not an unreasonable point for him to make, no?

    He could have written his thoughts in a less contentious manner but you got way too focused on simply the way he expressed himself and missed the point.
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  20. dewouter

    dewouter Well-Known Member

    The first is true and could be a reason to put him on your ignore list.

    Would be cool to see more of him, saw one of his first games and it wasn't really great. Good to hear he improved