Swiftending in WESG Qualifier right now

Discussion in 'Competitive Chat' started by Ninjerk, Sep 5, 2016.

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    Stream isn't working and I don't see anywhere that the match has ended...

    Anyway I checked upon a team and they already beaten teams like Empire and F5, seems nice...
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    I only saw the 2nd game. Seemed like a really weird draft from ELEMENTS.
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    Whoever drafted for Elements either had brain dmg during that match or simply picked shit on purpose to lose.

    First game they give away Void + TC and pick in your face lineup with SK, Slard and Ursa lol. They were playing vs Morph, Jugger and Void, so they had to finish before late game or they would get raped anyway. They even had some lead early-mid game but one decent Void ulti and all the advantage was gone.

    Second game they tried to correct some mistakes and banned Void instead of Riki + took TC for themself, but then they pick fucking useless Centaur against Invoker, like wtf? 1 Emp and Cent was useless, not to mention that Invoker had twice the networth of Cent at the end of the game.

    Another issue was that they had only Weaver as their main source of dps, while Lvlup had Mirana, Invoker and Jugger. There was no way that Weaver will outdmg them all unless he had insane gold advantage.

    If they change drafter they may actually reach some decent spots in tournaments.
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