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Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by .Sigrid, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. .Sigrid

    .Sigrid Active Member

    Hey Guys,

    I usually use Sven and many think he is such a versatile and fluid character.
    Could Sven users here give me one item you always have to use for him, then another item which is more like a whacky build but will still be effective.

    1 core item :mellow: (i.e. S&Y, Satanic, etc.)
    1 whacky item :rofl: (i.e. Guinsoo, etc. haha.)


    Please include/mention atleast 2 items which you think work well together for him (i.e. Satanic & Buriza - Lifesteal the crit while in G.S.) :cool1:

  2. wutwat

    wutwat Well-Known Member

    1 core item: bkb
    1 whacky item: mom

    2 items which work well together: blink + bkb: blink in, activate bkb, stun, autoattack till they die.
  3. zaphodbrx99

    zaphodbrx99 Well-Known Member

    Core items is basically BKB and some form of attack speed. I prefer MoM.

    If you want to go for lot of ganking get dagger but otherwise not. Boots should preferably be treads, and you might want 1/2 bracers/wand.

    Lux items afterwards are buriza, battlefury, heart, depends on game.
  4. PNutz

    PNutz Well-Known Member

    Dagger (Sven hates walking)

    wacky item Mom, armlet
  5. Kris

    Kris Moderator


    MOM is nice but against coordinated teams you tend to get focused out too fast to make good use of it, better to put that 2k into a hyperstone imo
  6. wutwat

    wutwat Well-Known Member

  7. mushopea

    mushopea Member

    mom bkb blink~~
  8. EternityPala

    EternityPala Well-Known Member

    BKB + Armlet + HotD / MoM + treads
  9. godzbane

    godzbane Banned

    Stacked Battlefuries.
  10. FlaMe

    FlaMe Moderator

    Armlet of Mordiggian
  11. godzbane

    godzbane Banned

    Core Item: BattleFury.
    Whacky Item: Another BattleFury.
  12. Zangetsu2201

    Zangetsu2201 Well-Known Member

    Starting item: ?
  13. knifeman

    knifeman Well-Known Member

    armlets 25 str synergises with his ulti, and the degen can be countered by satanic. but often you will not farm that much (unless em), so get str treads (dagger if like to jump), and bkb
  14. Lycan

    Lycan Administrator

    BKB MoM/Armlet Crits

    Magic Wand Bottle Treads Armlet

    Dagger + Armlet

    Wand Treads 2 HoiW One for HotD and One For Armlet
  15. leeoku

    leeoku Well-Known Member

    blink+bottle+streads+wand+mom+tp scroll. too many disbales? grab a bkb
  16. godzbane

    godzbane Banned

    1. Start with a RoH if you randomed him, upgrade to Bfury.
    2. Else start with a QB and stout to defend and farm till you can buy RoH.
  17. Zieth

    Zieth Well-Known Member

    Tred wand Blink
    -> BKB
  18. ztrnxz

    ztrnxz Well-Known Member

    bfury if u hav a "sucker" on ur team XD ...such as mag, engima, darkseer
    but 99% u'll go for treads, wand, bottle, BKB, blink

    extensions...buriza, heart, etc...
  19. Redeemed A.I.

    Redeemed A.I. Well-Known Member

    Core item #1 :Arcane
    Core item #2: MoM
    Core item #3: Treads
    Core item #4: Stick
    Core item #5: Blademail
    Core item #6: Bkb
  20. wutwat

    wutwat Well-Known Member

    lol arcane :/