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Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Claire Farron, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Claire Farron

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    Nobody feel this is kinda imbalance since the super creeps spawn for one lane only. Eg: If both the Sentinel and Scourge spawn their super creeps on East lane ONLY, is it balance or imbalance?
    This -SC mode for sure is unpopular but it's fun when you push the lane together with it. It sounds like a 100% success mission to break the enemy tower.
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  2. NaixForMayor

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    It's only for DotA games that aren't serious and for fun. You will never NEVER see -sc in competetive games or anywhere for that matter. But they serve as creeps with great power that when killed give alot of gold and really determine a lane, since if you kill one and your enemy has yet to kill yours, you've really have the lane for yourself.
  3. ~Maktor~

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    i like that mode. too bad garena only accepts -apso and anything different than that results in leaving.

    and rgc just has the commond modes.

    and dota 2 just has ap and cm
  4. darewin

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    Its a fun mode. balance is not the priority
  5. co_shadow

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  6. Gelie

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    The Super Creeps Deserve Spells to be taken down.