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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Volcove, Jul 25, 2009.

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    Well yes and it makes perfect sense. The large threads that already have received plenty of attention keep getting more, whilst the smaller threads that really need the attention aren't getting any so they fall off the first page and die.

    Still, any well-presented topic can give itself a pretty solid chance of being picked up.
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    I believe that there's one guideline that is forgotten here and that is giving credits to works done by other people. For Example, HiveWorkshop resources always indicate that credits must be given to the original author; some even indicates that they can't be used for anything that is not for HiveWorkshop. I've seen lots of icons and models here that tends to violate that site's law. It's really disappointing that most people don't even know how to show gratitude.
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    In the context of this website, this issue is a grey area, because people are given credit for SUGGESTING the icon, not necessarily MAKING the icon. Most of the visual suggestions (but not all) use resources not created by the OP, and pretty much everyone here knows that, and so no-one get credit for what's not their's. Many other visual suggestions may use models/icons whose original creator isn't known. I think not allowing people to take credit for creating the resources in their suggestions if they aren't the original creator is a better way of doing things than making everyone credit the resources they use, because often times I've taken longer finding the creator than I did actually suggesting it.

    TL;DR: Punish those who take credit when they shouldn't, instead of punishing people for not giving credit in the first place, since the former IMO is more serious.
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    I've seen one before, I don't want to name people but they do exist (funny thing, it was about an in-game model)...
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    Problem is, as you should well know, very few members actually read the forum rules. I myself have read them a few times but can't remember most of it :(
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    question: how can i make a table 4 a skill? im struggling.
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    See here.
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    I went looking for that, found it, then went ahead and forgot to post it here xD It should really be sticked and/or made a global announcement like the forum rules, because it's so useful for new members I think.
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    I missed Suggestions Forum! Anyway, I'm back again! :D

    Thanks for the info Volcove. I like the changes of Suggestions Forum than the old one. It is way more organized. :3
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    - Avoid double posting. If you need to add something, edit your post instead. If you want your topic to be more active, ask someone else to review it instead.
    very nice
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    Hey hey people.
    What is this mess?

    I have been looking around here
    The GENERAL FORUM RULES do not exist,i have to go find

    Important things i should know therefore non-existent.
    Information i need is not readly avaliable,like the Hero Suggestion Template
    hell,there are a lot of things i need that aren't here.

    Hero Suggestion Subforum
    There is no link for hero templates,only way to find them is go to a "Hero Competition"(Whatever they are called) and find a template.
    not really sure if you guys really worked this out.
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    Thanks for the ride.
    I probally look dumb since the link to the thread i was searching for is on the very top of the pages,but by now everyone disergards the things on the top.(notably the General Forum Rules,what are always on the top)

    Alias,there are still things that need fixing on the subforums
    but we can leave those for later since im having other tipe of trouble right now.
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    I also find it redundant that we have threads in, say, the Cosmetics forum with a [COSMETIC] tag Could we have guidelines on specific tags to use?