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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Volcove, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. Volcove

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    We added a few subforums to help organize things for the time being. These suggestion forums are still under development, so expect changes in the future. This is not a new system or suggestions model that we will be developing in the future, this is just a temporary reorganization to make things easier for everyone.

    The ultimate goal in mind for suggestions is not to just suggest new ideas for the game, but primarily to create productive discussions about each suggestion posted. Make sure to focus on discussing both the pros and cons of the proposition; this is very important to do.

    It is also useful to analyzing what effects the suggestion would have in the long term in terms of the game's development, gameplay and overall quality. It is important that you explain your full viewpoint on a suggestion; do not be afraid to state the negative aspects of a suggestion if you have any. It only helps your case because when staff members review it they can see that there was more thought put into it and not be as worried that you were ignoring certain aspects.

    - Make sure to post your suggestion within the appropriate subforum. Anything that does not fit in any of the existing categories, goes to "Others".

    - As always, make sure to follow the General Forum Rules when posting in this and all other forums.

    - Only post one suggestion per topic; it helps keep the forum organized this way. If you have to radically change the suggestion, you should make a new topic.

    - Avoid double posting. If you need to add something, edit your post instead. If you want your topic to be more active, ask someone else to review it instead.

    - Try to avoid making suggestions identical to that of what has already been posted. Use the search function to see if your suggestion has already been brought up by someone else.

    - If you post in someone's thread, make sure to contribute to the discussion on the suggestion; simply stating 't-up' and nothing more bears little meaning and is frowned upon.

    - Otherwise, simply use common sense when posting new topics and responding to current ones. Remember that this is for the good of DotA as a whole, so be mindful of what you contribute to these forums.
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  2. Mfunn

    Mfunn Well-Known Member

    There it is, the temporary subforums I've asked for are finally there. They will hopefully reduce the overflowing threads in main suggestion forum so we can expect that fewer good ideas shall be forgotten.
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  3. JJE92

    JJE92 Moderator

    Finally, now we will see less bumps.

    Good job, well done :)
  4. Lifeburns

    Lifeburns Well-Known Member

    No more burried topics :cool1:

    Well done!
  5. Nameless

    Nameless Well-Known Member

    How about suggesting them to use the search function because there are ideas already posted before...
  6. Cp6uja

    Cp6uja Well-Known Member

    It has already been written, read the whole guidlines next time!
  7. Nameless

    Nameless Well-Known Member

    It's different. -.-
  8. king_james

    king_james Well-Known Member

    Thank God, i mean IceFrog & staff. :D
  9. Volcove

    Volcove Well-Known Member

    Edited in a small bit about encouraging the use of search.
  10. Wyvernoid

    Wyvernoid Well-Known Member

    Patch 1.24


    - Added new JASS hash table functions to replace the lost functionality from
    fixing unsafe type casting.
    - Hash Table - Save Item Handle
    - Hash Table - Save Unit Handle
    - ...
    - Hash Table - Load Item Handle
    - Hash Table - Load Unit Handle
    - ...
    - Hash Table - Get Handle ID


    - Fixed an exploit related to unsafe type casting that allowed users to
    execute arbitrary code in maps.
    - Fixed the JASS unsafe type casting exploit ("return bug").
    - Fixed several World Editor crashes.

    • “Shadowing” global variables with local variables no longer is possible.
    • Fixed a type conversion dealing with operators (i.e. adding a handle with an integer)
    • Added the ability to store hashtable handles in a hashtable
    • Added getSpellTargetX and getSpellTargetY natives
    • Added a new base handle type “Agent” of which many types now extend from.
    • Added a SaveAgentHandle native which can be used for saving most handle types
    • Added a JASS optimization dealing with global variable change events.
    • Increased max map file size from 4MB to 8MB.

    DoTA Update
    For those playing DoTA on, currently the latest version that is working correctly online is 6.59d. We are actively working with Icefrog to get the later versions to be compatible with the new map.

    You can get the latest compatible version at Official DotA Allstars : Downloads (6.59d).
    Just noticed this. Since we have no "Suggestion Discussion" forum, I just posted this here - we got another whopping 4MB! The problem of MSI will probably be ruled out now.
  11. triangle

    triangle Well-Known Member

    I think Icefrog had some inside information on that because he mentioned recently that MSI was not so much a problem anymore.
  12. Cp6uja

    Cp6uja Well-Known Member

    I don't see anywhere an Unlimited part, do you? 8Mb isn't something astronomic.
  13. Wyvernoid

    Wyvernoid Well-Known Member

    No. What I'm saying that this now allows many imported icons or effects to be used, and in this sense MSI will no longer be a drawback of this kind of suggestions. It does not mean 3M sound files should be imported.
  14. JJE92

    JJE92 Moderator

    Still, we should only use imported icons if theres no other solution or the icon really looks much better than the current one.
  15. Volcove

    Volcove Well-Known Member

    @ Wyvernoid - There is no suggestions discussion because we are trying to gear suggestions as a whole towards the discussion of suggestions, so there isn't a need for sections specifically devoted to 'voting' as it was done in the previous suggestions forums.
    For topics that don't really fit elsewhere, the 'other' section generally accommodates those eventualities.

    In all fairness, however, such a change was anticipated for a while now, so it is relatively old news. It does give more breathing room for imports now, however, which is a good thing regardless.
  16. Wyvernoid

    Wyvernoid Well-Known Member

    Oh. Would it be convenient, then, if the forum description of 'other' included that it was also place for general discussion about the suggestions forum? Because currently it gives me the impression that only suggestions are allowed.

    Also, does this mean that we are allowed to post non-suggestion topics (that is, for mere discussion) in Visuals/Remakes too? Anyway, it would be better if these are specified in the forum guidelines (ie. this topic).
  17. triangle

    triangle Well-Known Member

    I'd like to see a Discussion sub-forum, please. At the moment the forum (while, yes unfinished) is deviating further and further away from the two goals that Icefrog set up in that post of his. I think it would be appropriate to promote discussion in this way.

    I assume you have a plan on how to swing our suggestion mindset around to discussion, but for now, it's just getting worse and worse.
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  18. Cp6uja

    Cp6uja Well-Known Member

    If you have some good idea to be discussed, post at root of suggestions.
  19. Light-Coke

    Light-Coke Well-Known Member

    I don't think this is such a hardcorely moderated place, that if you post a sensible topic that does not have suggestion, but has some sort of an idea that has some relevancy to the suggestion section, it won't be closed with some sorta zero-tolerance ideology.

    So I guess you can already post discussions.
  20. triangle

    triangle Well-Known Member

    Both of the above posts example the mentality of the forum. It's about suggesting to them, not discussion. What you guys want is no longer possible without the major overhaul we're anticipating.

    I'm not particularly fussed about a Discussion sub-forum. It's just sad to see that the possibility of one is discussed in a forum that is meant to be about discussion.

    With the above in mind, I should not have to open a topic called "[Int/Sent/Disc.] Bob, the Builder", should I?

    At the least, in a Discussion Sub-forum I could anticipate decent and constructive replies to a suggestion. At the moment, there is nowhere I can do this. I am eager to see this change.