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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Jenova-, Mar 15, 2011.

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    I was trying to post a new topic only to get resistance. Please excuse my comment as this was a test to see if i was able to post comments.
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    I think the vision of the game could be "a bit" more "distant" ... To give a slightly better map ...

    I say this because I try to bring some friends LOL to DOTA, but they all complained about this detail. "Bad vision of the game" and "towers are not smart" .... Just these two items that speak to me ...

    I started playing LOL now, but I will not stop playing DOTA game already since a while ... But playing LOL I also noticed these differences.

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    I think the vision of the game could be "a bit" more "distant" (only the zoom, no need to change the shadows and vision) ...
    Strong Hug

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    I think the vision of the game could be "a bit" more "distant" (only the zoom, no need to change the shadows and vision) ...
    Strong Hug
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    Wrong thread,Dude.
    This Thread is about the layout of the Forum,not the game itself
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    My suggestion is to provide more of an outlet for actual discussions here by integrating systems into the forum that notify a user when a post they have replied to has been replied to, when a specific comment they have made has been replied to, and when a post they have made has been replied to.

    No I know there are certain systems already in place for these things, however I am suggesting a more simple and foolhardy solution. An update bar similar to Facebook or Dota2Lounge, that let's the user know in real time when someone has done one of the above mentioned actions to a post they are involved with, would serve to increase the amount of responses and the length of discussions or brainstorming sessions by encouraging users to stay on top of ideas they provide or feedback they give.

    One of my biggest frustrations as I first began posting at significant rate to this forum was that I found many critiques I replied to would never be followed up on by the users that left them. I would often ask a user for a more detailed description of their critique, or I would rebut with an explanation for why I had maintained a certain aspect of a post, and I would never get a response. This is most likely because the user would have to go back to previous threads they had commented in, and check to see if there had been updates to the post, then check the updates to that post to see if they related to their actual comment.

    Overall, I think there needs to be a system that lets players know when a comment they have made has been replied to, with a link along with the notification that will take them to the reply. I think this will increase the amount of continued discussion and collaboration both in the suggestions forum and the forum as a whole.

    Edit: I would also of course suggest that the player can select whether or not they want to be reminded in this way of replies, and that it could be turned on or off for different threads.
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    I'm not sure if vBulletin has the ability to do this, you'd have to check in Site Feedback about it. I must say such a system would beat the current email notification system, that's for sure.
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    Hi all -

    I'm not sure if this has been suggested or will be addressed but can the forum for "Defense of the Ancients" be separated into "DOTA" and "DOTA2." Or perhaps, the post subject should be in a format similar to this for example, under Game Strategy, "[DOTA] Best build for Invoker" or "[DOTA2] Best build..." to distinguish? There are many threads starting under DOTA that are for DOTA2 and it is difficult to distinguish sometimes until pages into the thread. The former is ideal as it takes the responsibility away from the poster.

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    Good day,

    I have been on PD for a few years now and only recently discovered the Hint of the day on the front page.
    I am not sure if this is new, but it it is not, you can clearly see that the placement is wrong. If you move that higher on the page and perhaps link the hint to a youtube vid showing the hint, PD could perhaps create a channel and have some traffic there as well?
    It should not be difficult to move the hint or to get some users to run the youtube channel.