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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Jenova-, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Mazil

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    okay, sounds fair :D
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    :rofl: well then mods should atleast be required to give a reason for their votes, actually maybe everyone should.
  3. Kodanik

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    Muaha, should be this way. Indeed, when mods just sleep on the forums, why the F#?K they don't deal with any problems reported here , huh?!
  4. CleanUP

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    rather convenient weee :)
  5. Monkeyy

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    player game history sucks! :mellow:

    currently first you go to game history, it shows the date and hero. it should show your stats of that current game and the game finishing time too. (currently you need to click it) so basically it takes more time clicking and searching for good games your friend has been played etc.
  6. Wrooks

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    You're completely off topic, secondly this feedback belongs in dota 2 chat
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    Actually comments like that belong here:
  8. qwerty1999

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    When user creates a new topic in suggestions there must be an option(may be with redirect) to choose which dota he wants to suggest about: dota1 or dota2 because there are lots of topics about dota2 here...

    Obvious thing.
  9. Foede

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    Actually, suggestions that relate ONLY to Dota 2 are not allowed in here, since the game is still in development.

    Any Dota 2 feedback should be done at the devs forum here.
  10. qwerty1999

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    Do you read me? You will not have to repeat this to everyone who creates topics about dota 2 in here if in topic creating form will be JUST ADDED AN OPTION TO CHOOSE.

    Noone think about where he creates topic - one can see -
    "ok this is dota forum" he thinks and creates suggestion about dota 2 here and someone should give him a link where he can suggest for dota 2 again and again and again for every topic about dota 2

    As I said this forum obviously NEEDS this option.

    So what?

    (at least there should be warning that this is dota1 forum and link to dota2 suggestions forum, ok?)
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  11. Captain Planet

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    I think you guys (the mods) need to accept this guy's arguments. The reality is that a lot of people don't pay much attention and think this is also the official Dota 2 forums. Simply closing threads and saying "Move on" isn't going to solve the problem, as is clearly being demonstrated by the number of closed threads in the suggestions forum. So either you provide an option for people (perhaps in the form of a radio button) to say whether it's a DotA or Dota 2 suggestion, and if it's Dota 2 don't post the thread and provide an explanation why along with a link.
  12. Wrooks

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    The problem is miscommunication on the developers side.... From the standpoint of somebody who knows nothing about the game.... the steam powered website takes you to the dota 2 blog. THe blog takes you to this forum but this forum doesn't have an option that says hey if you're suggesting for dota 2 go to dota 2 chat (I call it dota 2 chat because I don't know the exact url)
  13. ZipFile

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    Meh just people knew more playdota forum other than some dev.dota2 thing
  14. The1ngrimm

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    Man I bet this has been said a dozen times already, but I would love a Suggestion Discussion forum... You know just to talk about design philosophy, make requests on help or just talk about some finer points of a suggestion to not spam the actual suggestion...

    I guess a lot of the more half hearted stuff we see could go in there to clean up a little...

    Well lacking that I ask here. Where should I create a post asking for some help with a hero background? Im not native to the english language so I would like someone who is, or speaks it well enough, to help me reduce some lore I have to the normal size of an hero background. I just post it in the hero suggestion forum...
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    Thanks a lot
  18. jokomopo

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    I think the problem is that there is no other place to suggest things for Dota as a whole (Dota 1 and 2) and so people who want to suggest items or heroes or spells for Dota 2 have to post them here because there is no alternative. Therefore, we can choose between two things. Create a separate forum entirely for Dota 2 suggestions and sort of link playdota and the new forum together (linking might be unecessary though), or you could create a subforum in the playdota forum where people can suggest things for Dota 2.
  19. Foede

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    Suggestions for both Dota 1 and 2 belong here.
  20. lI-SeXyl

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    My suggestion Is that why DOnt you Guyz put a give away section??
    GiVe away garena + IDS and steam Dota 2 Invites??
    It will Be FuN if you add the give away section isnt it nice ??
    Ur IDea