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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Jenova-, Mar 15, 2011.

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    My suggestion for better play and teamplay:

    After some month of DOTA2 ONE thing makes me everytime angry: The foreign players which write in his language on english server. Most of them are russian! I doesnt have anything agains them. Sometimes they write english and are good teamplayers but often they write english whit his mate or alone and we dont understand a freaking word... For what DOTA2 have russian servers? I think there are no problem, when they write russian. BUT PLS NOT ON ENGLISH servers!!! Is there no technical possibility to prefent that? We the german write english on the server why the russians cannot do that? I know a IP ban is to much but prefent some letters in the ENGLISH char are possible or? Sometimes we loose because these guys who dont understand US and so on...
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    Wrong website, dude. You want to be posting your complaints here: (where your complaints will likely be promptly closed).
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    First paragraph is very true and I agree with the solution presented in paragraph 2.

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    And this...
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    So when we really start this filtering thingy?

    There already many good solution out there in this thread IMO,hope the mods or staff can pick one the best solution and implement it in the Suggestion Forum

    And sorry that I can't post an idea about this filtering thingy
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    The ideology of this site's management makes any kind of filter unlikely to ever happen. While I certainly understand the notion of allowing anyone to post their ideas, I think not introducing some kind of quality control will kill off any remaining relevance the suggestions community has left.