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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Jenova-, Mar 15, 2011.

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    so many red xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx since the update just now.............:facepalm::facepalm: so many red XXXXXXXX
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    Sorry If I'm repeating something written here. Visuals is a total mess. Since it's Visual a +1 good -1 bad system would be really necessary. As much as I'd love to post there a T-Down bumps the thread into the first page and is useless and people post T-D and necro old threads just for the +1 post count.

    And Maybe add a sub-forum for those with a lot of +1s. and hide how much point it has to avoid people following the majority. and a thread with less than say -20 points gets closed automatically.

    If we had this we wouldn't have lost many artists like virtviuz or jesusatan.
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    I totally agree with this. I have to confess I have been guilty of doing that +1 thing in visuals more than once and having a ratings system in visuals is about the only place it could work. However it would only work if you were able to change your vote at will, since suggestions there are often reworked and improved based on user feedback. So a non-fixed rating system in Visuals might actually work. But nowhere else.
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    Three Dots System (lol).
    Suggestions can be marked by anyone who is a member - with more then 200 posts or so (?) - but not the thread developer.

    1 DOT means the suggestion has a lot to improve, instead of just being bad suggestions.
    2 DOTS means the suggestion has a good concept, but there is still room for improvement.
    3 DOTS means the suggestion has a completely original concept - or so.

    Could it be something like that?
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    Aweosme bug:
    I played vs phantom by broodmother.
    Passive of broodmother give miss chance to target. I had evasion talisman.
    We started 1 vs 1 fight.
    And after 15 hits she missed only ONCE! Whta a FCK?
    Why this Dota2 SO BUGGED!
    How she can miss only once when she has 40% chance to miss like debuff + i have 25% to dodge! AND SHEE AL TIME HIT ME!
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    That's more to do with the fact that Dota 2 doesn't use PRD for it's random-chance-based abilities. You obviously just got the short end of the stick from the fact that everything in Dota 2 is fully random as opposed to how it works in WCIII.
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    Remakes section is getting swamped.
    Not only by the number of suggestions, but particularly on a single hero.
    E.g Silencer ATM.

    Also, no one uses templates, or even tries to make things tidy, and most aren't even well thought through.
    In the Remakes section, EACH hero get their OWN tab, just the Hero Comments.
    All suggestions concerning a hero, whether it be a complete remake, a single skill, rebalancing, stat changes; ALL will go under their respective hero's tab.

    Items also gets its own tab, and all item remakes go under there.[/nqb]

    Look at it like this.
    In a filing cabinet, everything goes neatly under A-Z, you find the things you need way more easily.
    A-Z being the individual heroes.
    You'd also be able to easily compare all the A's to one another, or take the best bits from each.
    Currently, the remakes section is a filing cabinet where everything gets dumped in, is that how you'd want things to work in your office?
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    I have come up with a mandatory pre-post screen but the admins and mods seem anally stubborn with allowing shit to be posted for the sake of allowing everyone, including those with the balancing and imaginative IQ of a glass of water to post, which is a bad policy. I know they don't see it that way, but allowing people with no sense of balance or imagination to flood this forum is the best way to kill it for the rest of us.
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    Just a quick suggestion: You could make half the posts appear randomly, and the other half considering how recent they are. In that way, very old posts are not casted into oblivion, and you can still have people to review your newest suggestion.
    Another one (it may have probably been already suggested, i haven't read ALL these posts) could be to sort them out by hero model. So all the suggs. using the Fel beast model go here, and all the suggs. using the Makrura model go there, etc.
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    Thanks a lot ^^
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    Has this conversation come to conclusion? If so, does anyone know when the changes will be implemented?
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    Hi guys,don't realy know where post this suggestion so i will leave it here.

    My suggestion concerns the players who leave the game during combat. You could take an example from CS-GO. First disconnecting 2 hours penalty time and player can not play Dota during the penalty time, second leave 1 day penalty, 3rd 3 days penalty and 4th 7 days penalty. It will clean up servers from people who leaves match after they die in first kill.

    Sorry for my bad English.
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    Goddamit, just read this:

    your suggestion doesnt belong here, it belongs to
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    Thx for info :D And sorry for mess :)
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    I know the feel, bro.

    I would be more active on this forum, but the amount of crap being posted is very disheartening, especially when we know the mods and admins could do something about it (they need only read through this thread to find any number of good suggestions to deal with the problem) and yet do nothing.
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    mmmm hey on the replay system that the site has should not the ai maps be added on the registered maps list?
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    Perhaps an MVP system can be implemented here? Quality posters from the remake subforum for example that have been judged by the mods to know what they're talking about and make good suggestions can be made MVPs. Or this place just gets more mods.
    Mods and potential MVPs can rate or simply upvote and downvote suggestions on different categories of being well-argumented and well-ordened/easy to read etc.. Better rated suggestions will recieve more attention.

    How's that?

    Also, I think it's still for the best if there's a sub forum where non- or incufficiently argumented suggestions are placed by the mods.

    I think something definitely needs to be done to improve the remakes section at least.
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    please!! Lock russians the opportunity to play on European servers!! They have their own server and their language. Russians do not know how to play, and are terribly annoying.

    Sorry if wrong section
    Posted on quickly