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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Jenova-, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Foede

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    Discussion is the preferred one.

    Your thread was closed because there was nothing to discuss. Although it's true that we don't make it mandatory to have a finished suggestion, we DO need *some* suggestion in order to start the discussion per se, and your thread had none.

    Besides, you could've just asked me via PM, if you really wanted to know...

    Anyways, just posting to clear that up, and stop any further off-topic.
  2. triangle

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    Cheers, mate. To be perfectly honest, I totally forgot about it until some random bumped it back up. Then I forgot about it again until this conversation grew relevant. I'll PM you now.
  3. latias

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    If the poll's T-up goes 30 (or whatever number) points over the T-down, it gets implemented into the private forum where Icefrog/forum staff discuss whether to implement it or not. A copy of the suggestion thread stays in the public forum to be further discussed.
  4. Mazil

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    ^^^That is almost an exact copy of what we had back at Dota-allstars forum what what I've heard.

    Most of the time an idea can be good but have no design space to be used in dota, so Icefrog can't really use it.

    Furthermore, I'd much rather see any developer discussion done PUBLICALLY, I want to see what they think. If they come to some mis-informed conclusion about an idea, it could be disappointing because members of the public might be able to argue why the staff's opinions are wrong. That would save ideas from being rejected.

    Lastly, back when they had the "potentials forum", it didn't really work out. They just become glorified suggestions with no real promise of any action being taken on them. We really need to steer away from "reach this statistic about your suggestion and we will consider it". Especially when you consider the things that HAVE been implemented, are usually things that AREN'T noticed, and not t-upped on mass.
  5. triangle

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    As Mazil said. It was 30 votes, of which 90% had to be positive, to fall into the judging pool. Then, when it was your suggestion's turn, it was judged. This is heroes anyway. Fail system.

    It'd be nice if there was just some sort of focus.
  6. Mazil

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    What do you mean by "focus"?

    If it was say, featuring a suggestion every month. Like they sticky the Complete the Hero Contests, so why not Sticky an actual suggestion every so often? That could be cool. People could maybe vote on a few that they'd like to see placed into that position. That would be nice if you wanted to just intensely discuss an idea.

    Now I've tried to create heroes in w3 editor. It takes maybe 1-2 hours to make and 1 hour to bug-fix... And I'm not even good at it. It could be really cool to perhaps take a featured suggestion, and put it in a public-release beta map. So what, there will be a few glitches because its beta... But the point is, the general population get to play the new hero. IMO, the best feedback for icefrog comes from the public, not his beta testers.

    I agree, "focus", in _many_ senses of the word is needed in this forum.
  7. triangle

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    With focus I mean somethign akin to the requests threads started by Icefrog. That said, this focus should not include Icefrog, unless he specifically has some sort of idea he wants explored.

    Without him however, it would work like this.

    Focus thread is opened, and stickied. One week is devoted to discussion ABOUT a possible focus. Something like, "nature based ganking hero", or "hero that has <****> skill", or hero that 'excels at pushing lanes and tanking' etc etc. One week is devoted to creating a FOCUS of some sort. The community creates the focus, not the opening poster (which is what happens with the competitions, and lets face it - some of them are pretty shit... we're not geniuses after all). The idea is that while yes, the community might also create a shit focus sometimes, it still indicates what the community wants.

    This would differ greatly from heroes, to items, to remakes, to abilities, etc. I could already see item focuses being something like "new basic damage item" or "new item that allows for easier jungling" etc etc.

    THEN, after this week of focusing, the thread opens to suggestions that make this come true. Reviews should happen here and development. If the posters feel that they can focus in on just ONE suggestion and try to develop it, that's okay too. The suggestion intake will be unstructured, but moderators will promote discussion and give feedback. In fact, you could have "discussion staff" who just post their opinions and/or ideas on improvements. These folks would have to be experienced members or simply smart people. After a full month of discussion/suggestion. The thread is unstickied and allowed to die, while a new thread, with a new focus, is created and stickied.

    The basic idea here is NOT to get great votes and be at the top of the page, but to give Icefrog a place to check out some suggestions that the community has worked on together. The focus would channel and funnel creativity that is otherwise wasted into something meaningful.
  8. E02K

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    /\i smell an oscarimplementation
  9. Wrooks

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    how about if you have special forumers who go through all the suggestions and pick out suggestions they see promising. This is alittle barbaric but I'm just throwing ideas out.
  10. Captain Planet

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    ^That would be very subjective but then since the whole development process is 100% subjective, so I don't think it's that bad.
  11. Wrooks

    Wrooks Well-Known Member

    I already talked so someone about this idea and they decided it was a bad idea for the forum but im just throwing ideas out basically you have to pass a series of classes before you can post in the suggestions forum.

    Also anyone have anything against or to add to the first idea I had which was selecting special forumers to bring to icefrogs attention to promosing ideas?.

    I might start a thread that is a scewed version of the one mention previously, which is a group of forumers that try and keep promising ideas alive.
  12. E02K

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  13. E02K

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    It already is like you said Wrooks.
  14. Wrooks

    Wrooks Well-Known Member

    i see... well thats good news
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  16. Kevin2012

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    I want to add a new hero who have a skill of stealth or accelerate in the river´╝îand I want to add Ice Phoenix and Soil Panda(we can call him the Spirit of the earth
  17. Ryugo

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    I see. That's why my "Keeper of the Grove" concept isn't showing in the forums.

    Still a bit sad, but whatever. Since the "Keeper of the Grove" isn't really a suggestion - but has some nice additions to it - I will keep him in my blog for now.

    However, if this isn't the reason for disapproval of my thread, I want to know which conditions need to be met in order to be approved.

    Like... A member cannot post many ideas in a row, he must wait, at least, one week in order to create a new thread...
    The hero must have an original concept, excluding "joke" ones.
  18. Foede

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    Your un-approved post has nothing to do with the discussions from this thread, it was mere coincidence.
  19. Ryugo

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    But it seemed like it at the time.
    I though you (the moderators) were starting to filter the suggestions, but you alredy explained what it was to me. I just replied because your answer seems harsh to me. :no:
  20. Foede

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    Oh? um... sorry? ( ._.)