Strongest Late game carry hero with full items

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by voko, May 27, 2010.

  1. voko

    voko Well-Known Member

    I believe it goes to faceless void with his permabash and chronosphere. But a friend of mind says that PL with a guinsoo counters him since full items means you have no gem. He also said that Spectre with blade mail/mantra/evasion counters him also. Slardar can also counter Void he says. Doombringer also can be on par with void since lifesteal is cancelled by doom. He says that many hero can stay alive after chrono if given the appropriate items (evasion, armor and hp buffs). He also says that skeleton king can kill void since chronosphere cannot be used twice to counter reincarnation. Naga siren too can kill void full item versus full item.

    Is it true? I have yet to try but I don't underestimate the power of chronosphere to a full item faceless void.

    Edit: I'm asking this question for curiosity sake. So please don't you go "Dota is not meant for 1v1" on me okay?

    Edit: I'm asking this assuming that the one who controls faceless void is a pro. Meaning that he intends to kill his enemy through time walk-chronosphere combo from block map that it will happen so fast that even if an enemy has a guinsoo, he will be caught unaware and has no time to use it before he was chronoed. I'm experimenting on this. I mean I was practicing to guinsoo void after he has time-walked in me but the combo can happen so fast that you will not have the time to click the guinsoo on void. The only thing i can do is leap or windwalk since it is not a targetted skill. Do you get my point? So meaning, in most cases for a fight with void, he will be the first one to hit you since he has chrono.

    Edit: Everyone, this is hypothetical question. Please assume that all heroes are in full set of items and in max level. No other ally heroes, no towers, just a clash of two 1v1 carries.
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  2. Shoox

    Shoox Well-Known Member

    there are always counters and DotA is not ment to be played like a 1on1 so you can't say who is the "best" carry. You can ask for the carry with the highest dps late late game and I would go for TB in this case.
  3. uhoh

    uhoh Active Member

    tinker with guinsoo/ghost scepter pwn void with any ammount of item so tinker is strongest late gamer carry
  4. danger_x

    danger_x Well-Known Member

    full farmed i would go for ursa or PA just a few hits and ur done for
  5. deaded

    deaded Well-Known Member

    ghost staff counters him pretty well :)

    also you missed gorgon/obsidian/storm/sylla(12 items) are missing off your list, and i wouldnt say no to a kunkka with a divine or 2.

    bear in mind sylla can cast items such as guinsoo/shivas/necro/dagon with bloodstone
  6. Mahlay

    Mahlay Well-Known Member

    There is a clear answer:

    In terms of 1on1 it is Darkterror, Faceless Void

    With full equipment he takes out any other carry with his ulti and his backtrack stacks with evasion very well.

    the problem is, he is a bad farmer who needs good support the whole game. moreover, any other any carry can beat him if they have better support or sick aoe that kills voids support very fast and leaves him alone on the battlefield.
  7. uo111

    uo111 Well-Known Member

    Faceless void isn't the best.

    PL is the best carry in a game with more than one hero on each team. Even 1v1 he beats void.

    His damage is amazing, and it is nearly immpossible to find the real one. If he even gets manta off(which he will be able to), void will waste half the chronotime trying to find the real one. Plus, PL will have evasion from bfly, and mkb doesn't give as. And if he doesn't kill pl before chrono's done he will die.

    I have yet to see anything be able to fight a fully farmed PL, even a half farmed PL is able to take out most anything.
  8. Mahlay

    Mahlay Well-Known Member

    one dust and void beats the shit out of a fully farmed pl. lancer depends so hard on his invisibility. but he is a better team carry i admit and he is more likely to have more gold for rebuy.

    watch garena tv stream: [EEDL]Playmate vs. XBOCT - 26/05 20:30
    there you have it
  9. Shoox

    Shoox Well-Known Member

    still he has to find the right one 'cause he won't use his doublewalk to initate. He will trigger manta, then he nukes, then he attacks = 4 illiusions before he even started to attacking void + 1 dust means 1 high tier item less for void.
  10. SpiralAvenger

    SpiralAvenger Well-Known Member

    Void. 5 Seconds of free hits, then permabash. If necessary, you can sheep and orchid them too Lol.
  11. ^ You both fail.
    This. Tinker can rape void, pl, and mortred without getting touched. These "WHo is the hardest carry lategame" threads are getting old. They just attract noobs.
  12. deaded

    deaded Well-Known Member

    also any1 who doesnt build a ghost staff (mentioned a few times int his thread already ) 1v1 against void fails hard. Ghost staff counters so many of these -em pro lategame heroes anyway. Tinker has been mentioned already. 1v1 lategame i would play krob and fuck your base with ulti and ghost staff/lothars sod actually fighting the well farmed carry.
  13. Lobsters.CoM

    Lobsters.CoM Well-Known Member

    no, if they have bkb>tinker
  14. SnowyLemon

    SnowyLemon Well-Known Member

    There's no such thing as "strongest late game carry with full items". This topic is too vague, full item can means lots of different combination of items. Any carry can pwn other carry with normal build if he got 4 rapier 1 aegis 1 boots. PL can win PA if he got manta diff heart rad but if PA goes for 2-3 bfury PL gets owned.

    In dota, every hero has their own counter hero. Saying which hero is best is like saying scissors is best in the game rock-paper-scissors.

    And lastly it also depends on the player skill itself. A good NW can beat a noob troll even with full build.
  15. theprofesso

    theprofesso Well-Known Member

    void with 3 bf,2 divines and 1 cuirass beats your pl anytime
  16. voko

    voko Well-Known Member

    when we say full item, we mean the full set of items a certain player will get to a specific hero. We can have sven with 6 heart of tarrasques as his full set of items but we all know that is not the case in reality. We are to think the most possible items applicable to a hero for the benefit of this hypothetical question.
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  17. Ghost scepter refresh > BKB
  18. SpiralAvenger

    SpiralAvenger Well-Known Member

    Void with Crits, MKB if necessary, MoM and Divines.
  19. Miguelin11

    Miguelin11 Well-Known Member

    BKB and ghost scepter can counter anyone.
  20. Night1301

    Night1301 Well-Known Member


    MoM+MKB+4 divine

    100% win 1v1 without getting blademailed