strong 2 hero lane combo!

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by chimiss, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. chimiss

    chimiss Member

    who do you think is the strongest dual lane heroes???
  2. Ruu.

    Ruu. Well-Known Member

    Ursa and Rylai
    Viper and KotL - Anti Tri lanes
  3. Sm!ley Mus!c

    Sm!ley Mus!c Well-Known Member

    1. Viper and Venomencer
    2. Lion and Shadow Shaman
    3. Earthshaker and Sand King
  4. FlopItOut99

    FlopItOut99 Well-Known Member

    nerubian assassin and shadow shaman
  5. Sources

    Sources Well-Known Member

    One that a lot of people overlook;

    Sven + Seer (best in long lane)

    1 Seer vacuums both heroes close together
    2 Sven stuns and hits both
    3 Seer shells+surges sven
    4 ???
    5 Profit
  6. chimiss

    chimiss Member

    huskar and riki??
    what do you think???
  7. CurseDemon

    CurseDemon Well-Known Member

    ^wtf that do to the lane?

    you could try dark seer with riki for fun (you know what I mean right?)
  8. Semi-Formal

    Semi-Formal Well-Known Member

    In pubs, Atropos/Jugg lane is pretty nasty. Most people run for it when Jugg comes near and won't wake you. :crybaby:
  9. Sources

    Sources Well-Known Member

    and have a useless lane until 6

    seer better with WW characters, clinkz, bh
  10. NinoDoko

    NinoDoko Well-Known Member

    sand king + leshrac.
    2 aoe stuns + a multi-target nuke. And at level 6, enough stun to make crix's ult work with ease.

    also dark seer with techies
  11. Elle'

    Elle' Banned

    WD + Doom. Very nice lane control and nuking power. Level 6 doom and maledict is enough to kill anyone.
  12. lozarian

    lozarian Well-Known Member

    Lich + enigma. Massive exp denial.
  13. Ankhung

    Ankhung Well-Known Member

    vs+ kunkka
    vs+AA :thumbup:
  14. imsux

    imsux Well-Known Member

    Lina/Sven not too bad
  15. alia

    alia Well-Known Member

    Witch Doctor + Sven
  16. Nox.knight

    Nox.knight Well-Known Member

    Gondar + Darkseer = invisible Ion Shell
    KotL + Bristleback = Infinite Spray
  17. takayi

    takayi Well-Known Member

    Pugna + Zeus = NUKE BOOM BOOM?
  18. alia

    alia Well-Known Member

    Half of the suggestions here are jokes and would never actually be used in a serious match.
  19. scrubsie

    scrubsie Well-Known Member

    Obsidian Destroyer would be better.

    Rylai + Juggernaut with boots = easy FB.
  20. Plaid

    Plaid Well-Known Member

    The best combo I have experienced is dazzle and slithice.

    1. Slow
    2. Ensnare
    3. Mirror image
    4. Shadow Wave
    5. ???
    6. Profit