Straight Pride Thread

Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by elpescaderp, May 12, 2014.

  1. elpescaderp

    elpescaderp Well-Known Member

    Officially the only
    straight thread on RC



    Post straight manly shit like cars, sports and tits. Talk about manly shit like cars, sports and tits. If you talk about fucking someone else in the ass, don't forget to mention he's your bro and say "no homo".

    Suggested manly straight topics: Cars, sports, tits, wrestling, guns, tits, knives, motorcycles, trucks, explosions, tits, Michael Bay movies, fast-food, tits, beards, female mud wrestling, kickboxing, poker, tits, arcane arts, lifitng, non-euclidean politics, the Demiurge, paranormal activity, tits, occultism, dicks (ironically), America, animal kingdom, nature of man, classic cult movies, sex life, tits, masturbation ethnics and technics, fetishes, hard rock, Olympic games, tits, Greek mythology, Egyptian mythology, Norse mythology, tits, Batman, photography, mods that won't close this thread, rocket science, tits, art of war, tanks, beer, tits, sailing, medieval history, industrial revolution, tits, kebab, fishing, bear hunting, deer hunting, boar hunting, bear hugging, tits, bitch about our jobs, bitching about not having jobs, pottery, hats, mustaches, tits, pipes, skiing, poetry, painting, literature and tits, scat, drinking bleach, smoking plutonium, riding bald eagles, "riding" bald eagles, tits, etc.

    Women are also welcome to participate on this thread on the condition they post an obligatory picture of their ankles and may participate in straight women topics like, but not limited to: Clothing, make-up, cleaning, cooking, family raising, ecology, shoes, hairdressing, multichromatic pens, cloud shapes, herstory, balls, dicks (unironically), abdominals and sweaty, ripped, tanned men, etc.

    Men are allowed to participate in feminine topics if they say "no homo" after every post when discussing such topics.

    Thank you, have a fine manly non-homo day and don't forget to go to the gym today and watch the football match.
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  2. Qu4nTumPcX

    Qu4nTumPcX Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, I'm afraid of man tits...
  3. elpescaderp

    elpescaderp Well-Known Member

    There's no reason to be ashamed of the human body, and shame is an unmanly feeling.
  4. Supa_

    Supa_ Well-Known Member

    Wait a moment.. Your avatar is suddenly different!

    I could swear that you were a faggot.

  5. Cyampagn

    Cyampagn Well-Known Member

    When was the straight thread ban lifted?
  6. elpescaderp

    elpescaderp Well-Known Member

    Your eyes must deceive you. I am 95% manly straight, 5% love for myself, because being in peace with and loving who you are is straight out manly. It's not gay if it's your own dick you're sucking.
  7. Life-Stealer

    Life-Stealer Well-Known Member

    I refuse to believe you're all straight.
  8. Sven2k

    Sven2k Moderator

    Pegging in a manly thread.
  9. IcyAngel

    IcyAngel Well-Known Member

    Olympic games? Fine, if you insist:




  10. fr0zenknife

    fr0zenknife Well-Known Member

    What changes the nature of a man?
  11. Equivocal

    Equivocal Well-Known Member

    What about straight women?
  12. Ivysaurr

    Ivysaurr Banned

    A lot of things. This question needs an essay for an answer.
  13. KungFuNerdNinja

    KungFuNerdNinja Well-Known Member

    Straight people fucking suck.
  14. Ivysaurr

    Ivysaurr Banned

    Posts this in a "straight pride" thread. :^)
  15. BloodPact

    BloodPact Well-Known Member


    No homo
  16. fr0zenknife

    fr0zenknife Well-Known Member

  17. Subway

    Subway Well-Known Member

    Penis reporting in
  18. deal_discerner

    deal_discerner Well-Known Member

    So... What is this about again?
  19. damN_Grave

    damN_Grave Well-Known Member

    OT: I'm contemplating between starting kickboxing, MMA or some sort of karate. Advice?
  20. Goaty

    Goaty Well-Known Member

    excuse me but WHERE are the US mens gymnastics team receipts