[STR-SENTINEL] Todd, the Disgusting Bastard

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    Disgusting Bastard

    The Disgusting Bastard uses his array of repugnant abilities to change the flow of combat and disrupt his enemies ability to perform effectively.

    <Somewhere in Azeroth there is a secret fight club, and in that fight club there is a champion, rumored to fight in an unconventional style that cannot be countered. Todd is that champion and his style of fighting has earned him the title "Disgusting Bastard". Tired of fighting in the ring and thirsty for more action, Todd has brought his services to the Sentinel, whom after some convincing and plenty of clothespins, decided to accept his offer. Now he charges into the fray; downwind of his repulsed allies, who would be more than happy to relieve him of his duties if he just wasn't so damn effective...>


    [table=][​IMG]|[table=] Strength: 20 + [3.3]
    Agility: 10 + [1.5]
    Intelligence: 15 + [1.2][/table][/table]

    Starting HP/MP:|530/195
    Attack Range:|128 (melee)[/table]|[table]
    [note=Corpse Bash][​IMG][/note][note=Puke][​IMG][/note][note=Disgusting Bastard][​IMG][/note][note=Massive Fart][​IMG][/note]​


    Corpse Smash
    [table][​IMG]|[table]Type: Active
    Targeting: Unit
    Hotkey: C[/table]|Using a dead body that must've stuck to him when he last passed out, Todd smashes it over the head of an opponent, dealing damage and slowing them.[/table]
    1|110|12|melee|N/A|2|60 damage and 10% slow
    2|110|11|melee|N/A|3|140 damage and 15% slow
    3|110|10|melee|N/A|4|220 damage and 20% slow
    4|110|9|melee|N/A|5|300 damage and 25% slow[/table]

    • Doesn't require corpses nearby, Todd is always finding one somewhere!
    • Uses the villager's corpse tossing animation.

    [table][​IMG]|[table]Type: Active
    Targeting: N/A
    Hotkey: E[/table]|Massive amounts of alcohol, horrible hygiene, and a disgusting diet means that Todd could blow chunks at any time. Todd barfs with such force, hes sent backwards, spewing toxic vomit as he goes.[/table]
    1|60|20|300 (distance traveled)|200 (width of puke trail)|8 seconds (puke trail duration)|Todd is sent backwards leaving a trail of vomit behind him that deals 50 initial damage and 20 dps
    2|60|18|400 (distance traveled)|200 (width of puke trail)|8 seconds (puke trail duration)|Todd is sent backwards leaving a trail of vomit behind him that deals 70 initial damage and 30 dps
    3|60|16|500 (distance traveled)|200 (width of puke trail)|8 seconds (puke trail duration)|Todd is sent backwards leaving a trail of vomit behind him that deals 90 initial damage and 40 dps
    4|60|14|600 (distance traveled)|200 (width of puke trail)|8 seconds (puke trail duration)|Todd is sent backwards leaving a trail of vomit behind him that deals 110 initial damage and 50 dps[/table]

    • Todd travels backwards at 800 ms.
    • Initial damage means when a unit first touches the vomit. if they leave the aoe and come back they will take the initial damage again.
    • DoT ends 3 seconds after enemies leave the aoe of the vomit.
    • Standing in the vomit refreshes the duration of the DoT.
    • Can be used to go thru cliffs, obstacles, and units.

    Disgusting Bastard
    [table][​IMG]|[table]Type: Passive
    Targeting: N/A
    Hotkey: N[/table]|Ask Todd when he last bathed and he'll probably ask you what year it is. Todd's disgusting body is an assault on the 5 senses and it causes those around him to stagger about until they can recover.[/table]
    1|N/A|N/A|N/A|N/A|1 second (stagger duration)|Enemy units in a 600 aoe have a 5% chance to stagger about, within 300 aoe they have a 10% chance to stagger about
    2|N/A|N/A|N/A|N/A|1 second (stagger duration)|Enemy units in a 600 aoe have a 6% chance to stagger about, within 300 aoe they have a 15% chance to stagger about
    3|N/A|N/A|N/A|N/A|1 second (stagger duration)|Enemy units in a 600 aoe have a 7% chance to stagger about, within 300 aoe they have a 20% chance to stagger about
    4|N/A|N/A|N/A|N/A|1 second (stagger duration)|Enemy units in a 600 aoe have a 8% chance to stagger about, within 300 aoe they have a 25% chance to stagger about[/table]

    • Stagger checks to proc every second you are within the aoe. So for example, if you walk into 600 aoe of him, every second you are at least 600 units from him you will have a chance to be staggered and every time you attack Todd from within 600 aoe you have a chance to be staggered.
    • Staggering about means that for the duration, the unit will be forced to travel in a random direction.
    • Some instant cast abilities and items will work while staggering.
    • Units attacking Todd will get double chance to stagger double the duration. Double chance is based on their current chance to stagger (600 range chance or 300 range chance).
    • A unit can only be staggered once every 3 seconds.

    Massive Fart
    [table][​IMG]|[table]Type: Active
    Targeting: N/A
    Hotkey: F[/table]|Todd lets lose a massive fart that smells so bad it actually causes damage to any living things that dare to stick around.[/table]
    1|150|110|N/A|400|2 seconds|Deals 300 damage and staggers enemies
    2|200|100|N/A|400|3 seconds|Deals 400 damage and staggers enemies
    3|250|90|N/A|400|4 seconds|Deals 500 damage and staggers enemies[/table]

    • Staggering about means that for the duration, the unit will be forced to travel in a random direction.
    • Some instant cast abilities and items will work while staggering.
    • This spell ignores spell three's '3 second rule'.
    • Visual effect only: if there is any grass in the aoe of the spell, it will disappear. Any trees in the aoe will change to trees without leaves.
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  2. dreadlord10

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    I love it.
  3. goron098

    goron098 Well-Known Member

    concept of a "disgusting bastard" who vomits and farts fits no where in the DotA and DOTA 2 universe. Brings nothing new and is just a stupid idea for a hero. Would be better suited in LoL when 6 year old anime girl actually seems like a good hero concept.
  4. deathkidkun

    deathkidkun Well-Known Member

    Get over it, it's just a suggestion. In fact, I love the concept, it's good to have a few laughs once in a while instead of everything being dead boring serious.
  5. Lord_Talron

    Lord_Talron Well-Known Member


    if the same abilities were on an undead hero, you'd be fine with it. get over it, its a humorous theme with a solid skillset behind it
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  6. Lindo

    Lindo Well-Known Member

    A good hero.
    But for his 1st skill : It looks imba. Increase the manacost and cooldown
  7. Lambon

    Lambon Member

    This is pretty good, lol.
  8. Ryugo

    Ryugo Well-Known Member

    I still have this doubt about "Disgusting Bastard".
    What exactly procs the chance to stagger? If it just checks every second, it can generate some really odd scenarios.

    Well, if you want real synergy with Puke, either increase its DPS AoE or decrease the "stagger" AoE of "Disgusting Bastard" and "Massive Fart".

    I lol'd at the concept. :):
  9. Lord_Talron

    Lord_Talron Well-Known Member

    every second you are within the aoe you have a chance to get staggered. once you have been staggered it takes 3 seconds until you can be staggered again.

    just think of it like this: you're playing a board game and every time it is your turn, you roll the dice to see if you lose your turn or not.
  10. IkeCrimson

    IkeCrimson Well-Known Member

    Love it lol hope its put into dota!
  11. Mlcrosoft

    Mlcrosoft Well-Known Member

    yo bro when i post a thread with hero suggestion on this section it says that it has to wait for administrators approval, it been over 2 weeks my thread aint here. wtf?
  12. Ryugo

    Ryugo Well-Known Member

    We don't know yet. :(:

    E: I am still waiting for my new thread to be ~approved~. Maybe it is because I didn't wait enought (?) to post it after my suggestion - Ties, the Rune Hunter - was done.

    But, two weeks already? That's pretty painful.
  13. BigBadBossDk

    BigBadBossDk Well-Known Member

    Got a good laugh on it, I don't think the theme fits into DotA/Dota 2 but the spells and abilities can be used but using a different theme, ya know what I mean?
  14. FF_MikeRoch

    FF_MikeRoch Well-Known Member

    I was hoping hed have a spell where he sexually harasses another hero, but this is fine too.
    Great concept, t-up.
    (This could be Stithil or whatever if he ever becomes a hero in dota 2)
  15. deathkidkun

    deathkidkun Well-Known Member

    Staswise and theming : So for a fighter, he seems to be a little slow doesn't he? Plus the starting damage sort of gives a carry-impression, but then let's take a look at the skills.

    1st skill : Basically a generic slowing nuke, seems that almost every hero needs one of this to get kills without relying on item slows. Damage scaling looks quite smart though, starting off small (60) but managing to achieve the baseline nuke damage (300, that's what I think the baseline is due to the common 75 multiple scaling) at level 4. I like the non-scaling mana cost, probably since I'm annoyed with scaling mana costs that gets higher. Being a melee range shouldn't be much of a problem since he's already melee. Lore is good for some laughs. (Hmm, this is an arguably comment long for a simple skill...)

    2nd skill : Although I have issues with it's super low mana cost, then again Todd isn't quite bright with a low mana pool. I like this skill, it's great for back-dooring, and assaulting with it requires proper positioning and all which makes it not so newb friendly. Damage-wise, to me this isn't really important except for farming as I pretty much think positioning is far more important. Great skill this one, good synergy with his first skill plus another ridiculous lore. Also good for some mind games, makes enemies you're chasing assume you're giving up running away until they see you flying towards them, backwards.

    3rd skill : Quite a unique passive, pretty darn powerful too. Gives Todd great lane presence, possibility to completely sabotage the opposing team in a teamfight is quite high, supports his carry ability and makes him pretty hard to kill. Although this would pretty be his rushed ability as it is considerably quite weak with ultra low chances at level 1. Oh, and a 1 second stagger is not really weak since things could go horribly wrong if they stagger in their preferred direction.

    Ultimate : This seems pretty luck based to me. If they so happen to stagger in the wrong direction for 4 seconds, it'll probably be quite disasterous since some instant cast spells still work. Could really wreck havoc if combined with Techies and such. Damage seems a little to powerful.

    So all in all, I'm pretty fine with most of it, except for Puke's mana cost and probably his Ultimate. Also, I have questions on how would you like stagger's (ultimate) interaction with some items such as force staff, does it cancel out the stagger? If they so happen to stagger (3rd skill) the same time they're using force staff, will they somewhat change directions? Also, will the 3rd skill overwrite the ultimate's stagger since it doesn't follow the 3 second rule?
  16. Mono

    Mono Well-Known Member

    that looks imba, eh?
    lets compare to tidehunter's gush:

    120 mana 12 sec cd 4 seconds duration. Deals 260 damage, slows movement speed by 40% and reduces armor by 5 with a cast range of 700.

    so with his 1st spell you're getting a shorter cd and slightly more dmg but it has melee cast range, 15% less slow, and no armor reduction.

    for the hero: the concept is a little too childish for me, maybe more creative naming would make it appealing. though, isn't 'stagger' like that fiddlesticks spell from LoL? Kind of annoying idk
  17. Lord_Talron

    Lord_Talron Well-Known Member

    melee cast range is pretty key here. you're not going to land it without positioning.
  18. ZipFile

    ZipFile Well-Known Member

    [​IMG] Mb some evasion for addition? )

    [​IMG] Nice one, teoretically can drop channeling spells.
    - change it for 2 seconds )
  19. Lord_Talron

    Lord_Talron Well-Known Member

    why? its a passive aoe disable...
  20. Arch5iv3

    Arch5iv3 Active Member

    i'ts kind like Fun hero