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    I think I have done enough to balance him and he really is just a test concept so I have decided to stop updating now.
    Trent Defiler

    Description: A Powerful Ganker with multiple disables he can fire high-speed leaves and demonic energy in an attempt to destroy his victims while his passive Unholy Bark Make him a powerful ganker especially if the enemy tries to escape into Floor's Teritory but his most feared skill is his Corrupted Fury that is like a Furion's Force of Nature on Roids It Has the ability to tank both towers and entire teams He is a foe anyone should fear.

    [nqb]Background Story:Once Floortrellen was a mighty protector of the natural world, But after being defeated during the invasion of the Burning Legion that left him and his army to be corrupted by the demonic power that scarred the land. He now seeks to spread his hatred and sickness wherever he goes.[/nqb]
    [table][​IMG]|[table]Strength - 25 + [2.5]
    Agility - 10 + [1.0]
    Intelligence - 16 + [2.2][/table][/table]

    Starting HP/MP:|625/208
    Attack Range:|180 Melee[/table]|[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]


    Razor Leaf - (Active)
    [table][​IMG]|[table]Type: Active
    Targeting: Aoe
    Hotkey: r[/table]|Floortrellen Blasts his foes with high velocity poison leaves that deal moderate area damage and slows down enemies within the area.[/table]

    1|90|15|800|200|5|Slows for 10% and deals 60 damage
    2|90|13|800|300|5|Slows for 15% and deals 70 damage
    3|90|11|800|400|5|Slows for 20% and deals 80 damage
    4|90|9|800|500|5|Slows for 25% and deals 90 damage[/table]
    • Poison damage is 5/10/20/30/40dps
    • Only Movespeed is Slowed
    • Damage type of poison and skill is Magic

    Demonic Blast - (Active)
    [table][​IMG]|[table]Type: Active
    Targeting: Unit
    Hotkey: e[/table]|Using demonic energy blasts the foe with high intensity shots that stun.[/table]

    1|120|30|500||1|Shoots 2 shots with 20 damage
    2|130|27|500||2|Shoots 4 shots with 25 damage
    3|140|24|500||3|Shoots 6 shots with 30 damage
    4|150|21|500||4|Shoots 8 shots with 35 damage[/table]
    • Each shot takes 0.3 seconds to shoot and stuns for .3 seconds each
    • damage type Magical
    • Work like Leshrac's Diabloic edict but only on single target and doesn't affect structures

    Unholy Bark - (Passive)
    [table][​IMG]|[table]Type: Passive
    Hotkey: t[/table]|Using his old and worn out bark Floortrellen channels Demonic energy around him and nearby trees Surrounding Enemies with Strange Energy.[/table]

    1||||600||Gives Enemies Slowed movement speed 5%
    2||||600||Gives Enemies Slowed movement speed 8%
    3||||600||Gives Enemies Slowed movement speed 11%
    4||||600||Gives Enemies Slowed movement speed 14%[/table]
    • When in the jungle area all nearby Enemy heroes get 10/15/20/25% Magic Damage Amplification
    • When Razor Leaf is Used in the jungle the slow increases by 20%

    Corrupted Fury - (Active)
    [table][​IMG]|[table]Type: Active
    Hotkey: f[/table]|With Pure Demon Power Floortrellen summons his former Army to serve him once more and empowers Floor with great Strength[/table]

    1|150|120|500|400|20|Summons 4 treants
    2|150|120|500|400|25|Summons 6 treants
    3|150|120|500|400|30|Summons 8 treants [/table]
    • Must be targeted on trees
    • Treants have
    • 350 hp
    • 50% Spell Damage reduction and Immune to most Debuffs
    • 60 damage
    • 400 move speed
    • Increases Str by 25% and Doubles the Armor of Floortrellen
    • Aghanim Upgradeable: whenever he attack in his Ulti form Demonic blast and Razor Leaf have a 25% chance to activate on attack

    April 7 2012
    -Made Hero
    April 8 2012
    -Nerfed Hero
    April 10 2012
    -Nerfed 2nd skill and 1st skill buffed​

    i would also like to thank the people who made the icons i used from hiveworkshop thanks you guys
    Official PlayDota Advanced template.
    Hero created with Saguine's Hero Maker.
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    Hi guys so what do you think about my hero pls leave your suggestions here will work on balancing the hero tomorrow cause i think 5 armor starting is way to high
  4. Avenar

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    This hero seems to be too powerful. 1st skill ok. I do not really understand the mechanics of the 2nd skill. 3rd skill is superimba. An aoe HoT + magic resistance.
    The ulti seems to be imba too. A lot of resistant skin 500 HP summon + your aura = rax in 15 minutes. You do not specify the bonuses to the hero itself.

    This hero needs serious nerfs before I give him a t-up.
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    Dafuq did I just read? Though this hero is great, still...lmfao on the name.XDD
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    First three skills are rather typical and common. Plus a few things are missing like razor leaf's AOE or Demonic Blast's duration. Ultimate is too strong plus the bonuses aren't even stated.

    Anyways, time for review.

    1st skill : Basically any other old slowing nuke but with poison damage. It's overpowered, try comparing to venomous gale. Constant 25% slow, faster DPS, double initial strike damage, lower mana cost and cooldown.

    2nd skill : For 160 mana, deals 520 damage and stuns for a sum of 4 seconds every 15 seconds. Lovely.

    3rd skill : Compare this to null field. Extra 5% magical resistance and HP regen. Only thing is AOE is smaller, but it's a rather boring skill to begin with. Only adds up to survivability in the simplest manner, nothing special.

    Ultimate : 12 minions that lasts 30 seconds, with steroids, resist magical damage and a whopping 70 damage. That's like increased 840 damage to your DPS. Lovely.

    Too overpowered and also rather typical skills. Needs a few tweaking and also perhaps rework the 3rd skill into something cooler. Current one's concept is fine for survivability, but there's better ideas you can come up with...for one the name doesn't even fit the concept (when I think of rotten armor, I think of some debuff effect applied when attacked physically, well of course that would be rather Viper-ish but you could tweak it around to make it cool at the same time simple)

    PS. If ever any of my words seem offensive, take note that I'm pointing a few things out, no offense in any manner. Sorry if my review makes you feel uneasy in any way, cheers!

    PS#2. Suggestion for your next idea : Walltrellen.
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    Demonic Blast does 520 damage and stuns for 4 seconds. And it's not even an ult. Please do a little math before wasting all of our time.
  8. tra2ce

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    Okay you guys did some major work on this guy Made alot of nerfs and skill changes hopefully he i have made him balanced
  9. Avenar

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    Now it seems better.

    I think 1st skill is now a bit weak for such high manacost. Maybe 80 on all levels would be fine.

    Increasing cd with levels is really unusual in dota. 30/27/24/21 would be better IMO. If he gets stunned during this spell, do the shots get stopped?

    3rd skill:
    This is still too good. Compare to Omni's Degen Aura. Yours has twice the radius and a subability of damage amplification. How about making the slow values lower (you have another slow and stuns anyway): 5/8/11/14%

    I think the ulti is ok. Do the treants still have resistant skin? I think they should otherwise they would be too easily cleared out (350 HP, no res skin, no magic resistance aura as it was previously).

    I think this hero will be a good ganker-pusher. I like the icons and the funny name. Keep on the good work. T-up
  10. goron098

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    For demonic blast i reckon you make it proc every second for a ministun but that might seem a bit like Enigmas spell
  11. tra2ce

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    Thanks for the comments you guys
    @avenar i have taken the comments into consolidation and tweaked some of his skills and no he won't get stunned demonic blast will work like diabolic edict from leshrac.

    I was not thinking ministun when i made this skill it was a stun but broken up into sections
  12. goron098

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    yea but you need to understand, it procs every 0.5 secs for 0.5 secs for at level 4 it goes on for 4 seconds so its a 4 second stun so its a faster Enigma spell.
  13. Panoramik-

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    A .5 second stun, 8 times, every .5 seconds IS STILL A GODDAM 4 SECOND STUN. This is basic math. You're clearly posting this stuff without even thinking it through. Christ I hate these forums.
  14. zwegat85

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    It's a 4 seconds stun which can't be deleted completely by Slark's pulses :D

    The first skill sucks somehow. It is really weak, the slow is negligible and the AoE is very small at lower lvls.

    Maybe combine it with other skills, e.g. "if target is under Razor Leaf debuff then <insert synergy with other skills here>"
  15. tra2ce

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    Again tweaked the hero a bit, gave the 1st skill some synergy to get some utility out of it.
    Nerfed the stun on Dblast from 4sec to 2.4 sec.
    Again i would like to say thanks for the reviews and hopefully this hero is good enough to pass your judgement.
  16. tra2ce

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    BUmp for MOAR reviews.
  17. NexusBringer

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    hahahaa soo coooll :]