Storm Spirit

Discussion in 'Intelligence - Sentinel' started by Comments Keeper, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. ragoutfeng

    ragoutfeng Member

    handsome little guy^^ like him, fun to play
  2. Marcaryl09

    Marcaryl09 Well-Known Member

    .then the slow is useless? since the enemy is already chained??
  3. Soader_

    Soader_ New Member

    Its a great hero but the bad thing is, he's very item dependant.
  4. Blueno

    Blueno Well-Known Member

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    My favorite and highest k/d hero. Do well early with a mid solo, grab an early Bloodstone, and you'll be rolling in the kills all game long, with 20+ charges if you're good enough. Then you become a global threat with a well of mana that never runs dry.
  5. Ajschelos

    Ajschelos New Member

    Storm + regen rune ;p
  6. xvyzozan

    xvyzozan Member

    you cant catch him...
  7. Szkarlatek

    Szkarlatek New Member

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    Good hero and panda :D
  8. klaxy

    klaxy Well-Known Member

    I absolutely deplore this hero. For some reason it doesn't agree with me, always fail with him
  9. SaneCaz

    SaneCaz Well-Known Member

    best pulling skill!!
  10. YouBelongToMe

    YouBelongToMe Member

    <3 pandarians.
  11. imba_serb

    imba_serb Member

    Storms FTW!
  12. Stunned_Mule

    Stunned_Mule Active Member

    Thanks for remaking this into such a fun hero compared to the old one.
  13. Blink-Raze

    Blink-Raze Member

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    This Panda OWNS.
  14. Yukyuuzan

    Yukyuuzan New Member

    I love storm spirit, but i really think he got very nerfed lately, but still is one of my favs.
  15. hotmu

    hotmu Well-Known Member

    this is my favorite character he is killer can go to fight and run faster than any can tank and many variety of build u can do with him
  16. Riki.Techies

    Riki.Techies Member

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    SS rox!!
  17. Flash13ack

    Flash13ack Member

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    Bounce across the sceen!
  18. DarkBalanar

    DarkBalanar Active Member

    I loved him in old DotA :) in DotA 2 hes the Mexican ;(
  19. dark_rhapsody

    dark_rhapsody Member

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    this is awesome hero i look. he can escape, gank, kill, etc. until THE LATE GAME, Amazing
  20. ling2010

    ling2010 Member

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    ur build lacks penis, i mean dmg