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Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by tigidig2x, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. tigidig2x

    tigidig2x Member

    I want to ask, im currently downloading now Dota 2, im so annoyed becuz my download speed goes high for like 290 kbps then suddenly goes down to 0 bytes, for almost like 10-15 secs? then goes back up to normal again.. How to fix this? I have a good internet i can even play HoN very well can please teach me how to fix this?

    And BTW, if i play Dota 2 with beta key, would i still buy the full game if ever it will be officially released? Thanks... :cool1::cool1::cool1:
  2. jesusatan

    jesusatan Well-Known Member

    Choose a download server which is close to your region.
  3. tigidig2x

    tigidig2x Member

    i already did it but still the problem is there? zzzz... :no::no:
  4. jesusatan

    jesusatan Well-Known Member

    Stop your bittorrent client, any active downloads etc. and wait patiently. When I download from the nearest region to me the speed is about 4 mb/s, so the problem might be in your internet provider.
  5. Hullucinate

    Hullucinate Member

    Sometimes steam is just like that. I have no idea how to fix it
  6. Manlybug

    Manlybug Well-Known Member

    Game will be free, you will be able to continue to play once its gone public.
  7. tigidig2x

    tigidig2x Member

    fixed now thanks to all the answers..

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    what do you mean? Dota 2 will be F2P?
  8. tsikinator

    tsikinator Active Member

    they seem to be random spikes
  9. jesusatan

    jesusatan Well-Known Member

    F2P for those who got beta keys.
  10. BriaRThorN

    BriaRThorN New Member

    Noody knows if Dota will be F2p, most likely it will be B2p
  11. mathi

    mathi Member

    I think there's no solution to this, i experienced the same. Whenever it dropped i paused the DL and started again, that way it went straight to max dl speed :)
  12. DorianD

    DorianD Well-Known Member

    For future reference, if the server closest to you don't work well, chose one a bit further away. Sometimes one server is overloaded and choosing another one helps. Try to find out where the mayor internet routes go through, so you can choose one that has a good connection to you.
  13. BannedPlayer

    BannedPlayer Member

    I think dota2 might be a F2P but I hope it to be a B2P :/
  14. dragoshiq

    dragoshiq Member

    i think there would be free to play, at the beggining at least.
  15. where can you down load dota 2?
  16. [AirCoN]

    [AirCoN] Well-Known Member

    ITT, newfags. Dota 2 F2P, and unkillablepeon, you download dota 2 in steam after you receive your key/invite
  17. forthenoodz

    forthenoodz Well-Known Member

    change your region to different regions close to you. Also try changing the download speed. From 256 to 512 so on and so forth. Worked for me.
  18. BlizzCast

    BlizzCast Well-Known Member

    Hopefully it will be F2P but no one knows for sure.