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  1. Claire Farron

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    What you all think about the stash in Dota 2?
    Is it the same like circle in Dota 1?
    In Dota 2, I can get my item from my base, that is normal.
    But, I can get my item from enemy's base as well, this is weird.
  2. Noxonius

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  3. Sentry_ward

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    if you can go get your items from the enemy's base you have already won so it doesn't really matter
  4. ZwelchX

    ZwelchX Well-Known Member

    It is intended that way.

    Icefrog posted it in Dev Forum.

    Probably to stop people from tping back to their base before ending a game to get their new items.

    That way the loosing team has to suffer a shorter time
  5. TheKingOfFacade

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    If the shopkeeper is making sales, he's happy.

    Which faction he sells them to is irrelevant.
  6. Claire Farron

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  7. -ihsoY

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    Than just dont post in dc and it will improve rapidly
  8. Inreet

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    another useless thread.
  9. fr0zenknife

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    What about upgrading chick when it is out of the base?
  10. ShowThemHell

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    I hate stash. It distract me whenever i buy some items but the chick is not available.
  11. Mae Shirayuki

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    Because you are a part of them who are destroying DC. That's why you don't know what to type in this thread, right? Enough is enough, if you want to +1 then please find other thread.

    There's no chick in Dota 2. It is donkey. It is normal if upgrading donkey when it is inside the base area but if the donkey can be upgraded when it is outside of base area, that's something weird too.
  12. Inreet

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    Oh ye finally someone called me a DC destroyer. But seriously did you even check where are most of my posts? I wrote "useless" because I thinks so and not because I want to get +1. Stash was discussed 100500 times. OP is too lazy to use search function. I don't see any reason for a proper discussion here.
  13. WhatDaF

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    Stash keeps your items safer from teammates xD