Standalone Dota 2 without Steam

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by NegiThree, Dec 23, 2012.

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  1. NegiThree

    NegiThree Well-Known Member

    Yes, I'm downloading Dota 2 as we speak (after more than 2 years off, eh?)
    No, you can't add me as a friend.

    Meanwhile, I'm going to talk about Steam and why I hate it. In fact according to some articles many people have, at some point of time in their life, hated Steam. That's not very surprising. After loading it up again after 7 years I find that I still hate it. Steam is a bloated piece of shit that takes up more space than it should, works slower than almost any other program I know of (LoL's client being another strong contender), and is forever updating with rubbish.

    I'm sure there are some people who miss firing up WC3 in 5 seconds, clicking on B.Net or LAN in another 5 seconds, and jumping into a game shortly after.

    I've absolutely zero interest, ZILCH, in seeing what other shitty games there are on offer. Steam also runs nonsense in the background, taking up power and bandwidth. I don't even want to see what other people are playing, what my friends are doing, pop-up game invites, so on so forth --

    Don't get me wrong, such options are NICE TO HAVE, but like Windows Vista, opt-in is better than opt-out ("Are you sure you want to run this program?!") If I want to view the shop, then it'll take some time to load, but if I don't want to see it, then it shouldn't get in my way.

    In short it is not only a hassle, but is also tremendously bloated piece of shitware, and SLOW. Other modern games (admittedly I play very few), eg. SC2, make it very quick and painless to jump straight from your desktop into a game, and I don't see why Dota 2 cannot enjoy the same treatment.
  2. Fluoprotein

    Fluoprotein Active Member

    I've been using it every day for the last 6 years. It's still annoying to me.

    However, I learned how to endure it.
  3. TheBoneZone

    TheBoneZone Well-Known Member

    I right click the steam icon in the tray, click dota 2

    yes, steam could be much much better
  4. NegiThree

    NegiThree Well-Known Member

    I bought HL2 in 2004 (iirc) and when i wanted to play it a little again in 2005 it had to update for about 1 and a half hours. Einstein would be proud. Game itself was a 10/10, though.
  5. As far as my Steam goes, the update is very fast and isn't even noticeable. The pop-up ads were not even bothering me to be honest. You should learn to endure it.

    I didn't notice any background issues so I can't comment on that.

    I agree with the slow loading time. It wasted a lot of precious time (trying to reconnect) when I have to re-opened the DotA 2 client.
  6. Fluoprotein

    Fluoprotein Active Member

    My first purchase was the Orange Box. I remember Steam being way slower and more annoying. They managed to make it a tad better.

    I've been having issues with loading pages lately, but I guess it's my crappy internet provider's fault.

    I'm not an expert about what steam does in background while you're playing but there should be an option to put it in some kind of "sleep" mode when you're playing games.
  7. NegiThree

    NegiThree Well-Known Member

    As far as different approaches go I prefer Blizzard's to Valve's (again, I realise that steam is a platform, not a game, but...)

    For Blizzard you log-in and buy through their online store using a webpage, just like you would do online shopping, you get a code, enter it, it's yours forever - just like steam. Want to re-download it? No problem.

    But when it comes to launching the game, you just double click the icon in windows and click play (if there's a patch it installs automatically). Voila. It's hard to point out flaws because they don't exist.

    Valve forces you to launch a program to launch a program...if that's not dumb, I don't know what is.
  8. Koutsiog~

    Koutsiog~ Well-Known Member

    Too bad, don't play it if you don't like it
  9. RoflCat

    RoflCat Well-Known Member

    You need to launch your OS to run just about every program out there, Microsoft must be dumb.

    I don't see you complain about all those other programs Windows load when you startup (and many of them have those 'problems' you mention Steam have, like running in background, doing things without telling you)
  10. NegiThree

    NegiThree Well-Known Member

    i like your logic, you must be very clever.
  11. Scourged

    Scourged Banned

    Steam is what keeps PC gaming alive, Without Steam Dota 2 probably wouldn't be F2P.

    Now get on your knees and kiss anything that resembles an ass.
  12. Daedem

    Daedem Banned

    Do people not know how to set up Steam so that you just have to right click steam portrait and click Dota 2. Voila, no taking forever, no bullshit you're talking about.

    People and computers these days -.-

    Also, thinking back to Bnet/Garena days. It was a fuckton more irritating trying to find a game, or even launch Dota.
  13. Dingolicious

    Dingolicious Well-Known Member

    Steam isn't amazing but it's not as bad as you make out. Sorry bro.
  14. NegiThree

    NegiThree Well-Known Member

    afraid u dont understand, steam is running in the background as a platform to other games as well, naturally it would be bloated. my question is why go through a "platform" to use a "program". (dumb analogies like why use an OS will be ignored)

    as i speak it is taking up 210k memory in task manager - not a whole lot - but still annoying, and to Aussies like me without the best internet infrastructure, a little bit of background internet consumption can mean a lot of problems...

    can you explain why u had problems with wc3? it was literally double click icon, click bnet, enter password, click custom game, double click on game, no lag between screens whatsoever, no ads, no updates, nothing!
  15. mundizor

    mundizor Active Member

    Sure, you can start wc3 and dota in about 10 seconds but if you don't want to play on Bnet you have about the same start time as steam. for example Garena or dotaPickup. Theese takes times to start too.

    And if you look at it from other peoples angles you might consider that other people like having many of their games in one portal.

    And the size is barely noticable. Have you seen EA's Origin?

    btw WC3 has updates too. They are just very rare.
  16. sbsolarski

    sbsolarski Member

    I don't usually post, but I just had to in this case.

    If steam is taking up 210k of your memory then you are doing something wrong. Steam (for me) is using 25k, that's less then Internet Explorer (and it is downloading a game mind you).

    I'm Aussie as well and all I've got to say is suck it up Princess, many computers these days can run Steam on the side with zero problems, hardly affecting performance at all.

    Compared to trash like Origin, Steam is a wonderful. Don't get me wrong mate I'm very anal and paranoid about installing bloatware but Steam is far from it, if configured correctly then it becomes the instant access program you are craving.
  17. [AirCoN]

    [AirCoN] Well-Known Member

    steam is the platform that connects internet gamers, without it, internet gaming communities would be completely dissipated and making the whole "multiplayer experience" massive.
  18. sbsolarski

    sbsolarski Member

    The primary reason for having an over-arching client like steam is to maintain quality assurance on their part. It grants the developer the ability to update games across the entire population (ensuring QA), integrate social / community functions (it becomes a great social hub for your gamer friends) as well as bolster the PC gaming scene with mod support incentives like Steam Workshop and Greenlight.
  19. NegiThree

    NegiThree Well-Known Member

    i stay in one of the eastern suburbs atm and i get 600ms spikes on LoL, somewhat rarer in WoW. i think the wiring is a bit old but whatever, i'm not a big internet user (30 GB a month lol) so I'm not too keen on getting a better plan.

    i dont know why it takes up that much memory but i just fired it up after years, many years...i'm no pc expert but again whatever, admittedly the lag only comes when internet is being used.

    i don't understand what you mean by instant access. to me instant access is launching SC2, WoW, LoL and soon to be Dota 2 from my desktop with a couple of clicks. i don't see the need for steam to act as an intermediary between my desktop and the game.
  20. Lama051

    Lama051 Moderator

    Not sure what are you complaining about, you can disable updates for any other game you have there, you can disable ads, and the patches of the Steam client itself are quite rare and do not take forever.

    Also about, I'm not sure how getting kicked repeatedly from lobby because
    A) They do not know me
    B) I have low PSR rating
    C) I'm Czech
    D) I have numbers in my Nick
    E) I have Lama in my Nick
    F) They are bunch of douchebags

    combined with
    A) Banned on this host
    B) Declared mode you do not like
    C) Ingame mode different from declared one

    is any better than Steam, which is in my opinion quite good.
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