Stamen! The White Wolf

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    White Wolf

    Description: Stamen is a fast hero that gets stronger the longer he fights, eventually becoming an unstoppable killing machine if not dealt with quickly. His insane boosts from Feed and Adrenaline Rush can easily be stopped though by exploiting his fragililty throughout the entire game. His Feed ability also gives him small sustain in jungle with the right items to go with him if he dares to try.

    His name is also the word for flower penis.

    [nqb]Background Story:Stamen was but a lone pup when his owner, a powerful warrior, had found him all alone in the middle of a snowy forest with his mother dead by his side. This warrior decided to take the pup into his care and has raised it to become as fierce of a warrior as he was. As Stamen had reached adulthood, him and his owner were ambushed by bandits. Stamen had been pierced through his gut by a throwing spear. His owner did not stand much of a chance either as Stamen limped away for safety. Stamen heard the fighting stop and rushed back with the spear still lodged inside him, only to find his owner had been brutally gored. A rush of adrenaline was all it took for Stamen to ignore his wounds and kill the bandits, and they were not even aware of what was going on untill it was too late. Stamen has then sworn the end of those that disturb the grave of his master.[/nqb]
    [table][​IMG]|[table]Strength - 19 + [1.7]
    Agility - 23 + [2.3]
    Intelligence - 17 + [1.6][/table][/table]

    Starting HP/MP:|511/221
    Attack Range:|Melee[/table]|[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]


    Feed - (Active)
    [table][​IMG]|[table]Type: Active
    Targeting: No target
    Hotkey: [/table]|Stamen feeds on the nearest corpse, gaining bonus damage and health regeneration. Has a channeling time of 3 seconds. Stamen can feed multiple times for futher bonuses. At level 3 and 4, Stamen will gain double the bonuses if a hero dies near him. Lasts 20 seconds.[/table]

    1|80|20|150|20|10 damage and 5 HP regen per corpse.
    2|80|15|150|20|20 damage and 9 HP regen per corpse.
    3|80|10|150/200*|20|30 damage and 13 HP regen per corpse.
    4|80|5|150/200*|20|40 damage and 17 HP regen per corpse.[/table]
    • *Hero bonus radius.

    Air Break - (Passive)
    [table][​IMG]|[table]Type: Passive
    Targeting: No target
    Hotkey: [/table]|Stamen runs with such speed that his foes may lose track of him as he runs. Gains extra movespeed and becomes invisible after moving for a certain amount of time. Invisibility breaks when he stops moving, uses an item, uses an ability or when he is forcibly stopped.[/table]

    1|7% move speed and becomes invisible after 7 seconds of moving.
    2|13% move speed and becomes invisible after 7 seconds of moving.
    3|19% move speed and becomes invisible after 6 seconds of moving.
    4|25% move speed and becomes invisible after 5 seconds of moving.[/table]
    • Anything that interrupts his own movement will break invisibility, such as Meat Hook or colliding into something.

    Storm Roar - (Active)
    [table][​IMG]|[table]Type: Active
    Targeting: No target
    Hotkey: [/table]|Stamen lets loose a roar that can break someone's will. Deals damage and damage reduction in an AoE in front of him. Lasts 12 seconds.[/table]

    1|100|10|425|100*/600**|12|Deals 90 damage and reduces damage by 12. (6 on creeps)
    2|110|10|425|100*/600**|12|Deals 150 damage and reduces damage by 16. (8 on creeps)
    3|120|10|425|100*/600**|12|Deals 210 damage and reduces damage by 20. (10 on creeps)
    4|130|10|425|100*/600**|12|Deals 270 damage and reduces damage by 24. (12 on creeps)[/table]
    • Storm Roar ability has no cast animation.
    • Storm Roar is casted instantly upon use.
    • Storm Roar's damage reduction stacks with each use.
    • *Starting AoE.
    • *Final AoE.

    Adrenaline Rush - (Passive)
    [table][​IMG]|[table]Type: Passive
    Targeting: No target
    Hotkey: [/table]|The more enemy heroes that are around Stamen, the more tense the situation gets as well as Stamen becoming more mobile to deal with the threat. Once 2 heroes are in Stamen's presence, Stamen will break into an adrenaline rush, improving all of his abilities. If Stamen is in an Adrenaline Rush and there are not enough heroes around him, Adrenaline Rush lasts 30 second.[/table]

    1|800|30*|Gains 5 MS for each enemy hero. During Adrenaline Rush, Feed has no channel time and gives 20 extra damage and 5 extra HP regen, Airbreak's invisibility timer is reduced by 2 seconds, and Storm Roar deals 50 extra damage.
    2|800|30*|Gains 5 MS for each enemy hero. During Adrenaline Rush, Feed has no channel time and gives 40 extra damage and 10 extra HP regen, Airbreak's invisibility timer is reduced by 2.5 seconds, and Storm Roar deals 70 extra damage.
    3|800|30*|Gains 5 MS for each enemy hero. During Adrenaline Rush, Feed has no channel time and gives 60 extra damage and 15 extra HP regen, Airbreak's invisibility timer is reduced by 3 seconds, and Storm Roar deals 90 extra damage.[/table]
    • Aghanim's Scepter Upgrade: Breaking into an Adrenaline Rush makes all of Stamen's skills LUDICROUSLY POWERFUL
      • Feed's Bonus damage increased to 30/60/90
      • Feed's Bonus HP regen increased to 7/15/23
      • Air Break's invisibility timer reduction increased to 2.5/3/3.5
      • Storm Roar damage bonus increased to 65/98/117
    • *Duration of Adrenaline Rush when there are not enough heroes near him.

    Official PlayDota Advanced template.
    Hero created with Saguine's Hero Maker.
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  2. Copyninja89

    Copyninja89 Well-Known Member

    I like this hero :) Original concepts :)

    Feed: He eats for 3 seconds to get the bonus right? How long does the bonus damage last?

    Air break: Definitely an original concept as far as I know. :) Helps in ganking, escape and chasing. Very Versatile. :) You might wanna put a small delay before he is revealed though :) (btw might wanna improve the name :) )

    Ultimate : Good passive mainly due to the 3 sec reduction in Air break.

    You might wanna check the stats on movement speed though.
    315 base + 25% + 11% + Item MS = you might be unreachable! That could make chasing you impossible. All you have to do would be to out run them.
  3. TheBaterd

    TheBaterd Well-Known Member

    This is a really awesome hero, but my first thoughts when i saw the name is: do you have any idea what a stamen actually is? As in it is a piece of terminology people use in biology. I think you should go google it.
  4. Eonart

    Eonart Well-Known Member

    I put Stamen into Google Translate from Latin to English. Nothing about biology there :):

    I didn't actually look into what else Stamen would mean. Sorry if it's something silly.

    Unfortunately I don't have time to fix him so tata~
  5. pinkypub

    pinkypub Well-Known Member

    Man, an actually good wolf suggestion.

    First off, how is storm roar targetted? Is it like shadowraze or fire breath? It doesn't really matter but it might be important. It's a cool skill, basically fire breath mixed with fade bolt.

    He seems to be a jungler/roamer. I say this because feed would work best in the jungle where you're unlikely to get interrupted while eating, and air break would allow him to get from place to place very quickly and without being detected.

    I really like the concept of air break, it would give him a timing/positioning aspect which some heroes seem to lack nowadays.

    All I can say to improve it, would be to make adrenaline rush activate with the presence of even a single hero, but get vastly improved with the presence of more. I.E: There is one enemy hero, you get a small bonus, two enemy heroes you get a stack which is more powerful than just one enemy, three enemy heroes you get a stack which even more powerful than two enemies, etc.

    Even without that sort of change it's a good skill, but it's kind of redundant at level one where 4 enemy heroes is likely to be more of a bad thing.

    T-Up from me.

    EDIT: Ah, now the skills table looks a lot better.
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  6. noob_banana

    noob_banana Well-Known Member

    Really like the hero. A possible suggestion: for Air Break, instead of becoming invisible after 5 seconds, how about making him able to pass through obstacles (trees, cliffs etc.) (after the 5 seconds of course)? Seems a little OP I guess, but it fits with the theme of a wolf (leaping through trees, cliffs). Just a suggestion.

    Also, with the ultimate, does it provide a buff that lasts for some duration even after he is no longer in the presence of enemy heroes, or does it last only as long as he remains in the AoE? Also, does it activate if he can't see the heroes? With that AoE, you could easily detect heroes invisible or hiding in the fog near you, which seems a little OP.

    Overall, great hero suggestion. Air Break ftw.
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  7. Eonart

    Eonart Well-Known Member

    Fixed overall presentation, added a few things I missed out, changed his description a little, and a slight re-work of Adrenaline Rush as well as a new Agh's effect.
  8. Copyninja89

    Copyninja89 Well-Known Member

    BTW icons are superb :)
  9. E02K

    E02K Well-Known Member

    T-up. a real hero is here.
  10. noob_banana

    noob_banana Well-Known Member

    What do you think of my suggestion to Air Break? (in my previous post)
  11. Eonart

    Eonart Well-Known Member

    Too OP to even be an ultimate.
  12. noob_banana

    noob_banana Well-Known Member

    It's not that OP. No different from flying movement, and doesn't give flying vision either. Batrider and Winter Wyvern can already do it (it's not a passive for them, but it has other advantages too). Spectre can also do it to a lesser extent, and of course there's Storm.

    Point being, it can be scaled to make it not OP, I think. But anyways, it's your hero, it's upto you.
  13. TheBaterd

    TheBaterd Well-Known Member

    I am sorry for coming back to you so late but i have been busy, in biology, a stamen is the male reproductive organ of a flower. If you either think people wont notice or its still cool to use, and honestly if i didnt know the origin, it would be an awesome, you can still use it.
    If it causes doubts and stuff im sorry, just wanted you to be clear on some things.

    ---------- Post added at 04:00 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:59 PM ----------

    But i still like your hero, it would provide some awesome gameplay.
    T-way up.
  14. Eonart

    Eonart Well-Known Member

    I already added that into the description. It's cool brah.
  15. Cabzx

    Cabzx Well-Known Member

    I think I would enjoy playing this hero. I was thinking about suggesting Phase for AirBreak, but I guess it will make the hero "easier".
  16. TheBaterd

    TheBaterd Well-Known Member

    Do you really want him as an intelligence hero? I agree that his model the intelligence category, i think so at least, but his skills make him more of a up and close chaser, and therefore carry or roamer. Unless you purposefully created him with an intelleigent carry in your mind.
  17. Eonart

    Eonart Well-Known Member

    I was confused until I realized that the wrong attribute is highlighted for some reason.

  18. TheBaterd

    TheBaterd Well-Known Member

    Okay, that makes a lot more sense, this hero could and will, if implmented, add some awesome gameplay. Intense chasing and possibly escaping. If the right items are gotten it could give him awesome carry and ganker abilities, i was just thinking that, while it may be retarded to do it, you could use lothars and then you could almost have a permanant stealth ability like SA, at least as long you keep moving. I mean you cast lothars before you start moving, and then while you are moving your second skill is activated, and then you stay moving and stay invis. Thats pretty awesome, also he would benefit a lot from lothars IAS and damage.
  19. E02K

    E02K Well-Known Member

    /\and that's why i'd bump the crap out of it.
  20. Chrono3V0

    Chrono3V0 Well-Known Member

    Nice hero, really. Pretty simple yet efficient. The forced synergy on the ulti is good, too.

    The only thing I don't really like is Storm Roar. It's a very good nuke with surprisingly low cooldown (6 seconds), and deals a lot of damage with his ulti. I don't know, IMHO it does not fits the hero, and deals too much damage.

    Anyways, T-Up. Liked the concept (75%) :p