Spirit Breaker

Discussion in 'Strength - Scourge' started by Otter, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. mhyr1104

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    So easy to play, just left click twice then 1 kill
  2. Tontza

    Tontza Well-Known Member

    by far annoying hero to play against
  3. RutiaN

    RutiaN Active Member

    bara is a great hero, amazing ganker and he is very well balanced overall. with basher s&y builds he beocmes a perma bash machine.
  4. dr.mr1

    dr.mr1 Banned

    Good ganker , strong carry and good chaser
  5. vailfaen

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  6. SilmarillioN

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  7. oturgutg

    oturgutg Member

    strong, easy to play and good carry with BKB
  8. Moso

    Moso Active Member

    Great ganking and carry ability
  9. Nuriswara

    Nuriswara New Member

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    Is the best hore !!!,I think..
  10. Yarik

    Yarik New Member

    and i don't think swapping charge with nether strike is a good idea...it would just be another blink strike =.=
  11. billys1

    billys1 Active Member

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  12. GrynSun

    GrynSun Well-Known Member

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    makes u scared to actually stand in a lane whole game
  13. Budzogan

    Budzogan Well-Known Member

    Is this hero viable for competitive ?
  14. Ex_Venomancer

    Ex_Venomancer Well-Known Member

    bash bash bash bash bash bash bash........
  15. debboy

    debboy Active Member

    just need mom :D
  16. faustlim

    faustlim Moderator

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    this guy is useless when your enemy know what they are doing...he is barely picked for competitive play
  17. zkzphuongzkz

    zkzphuongzkz Well-Known Member

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    In pub, yeah he will actually stomp and rape... In competitive? Lycan can fulfil his role more efficiently with an addition, the ability of pushing. So he'll never be touched in competitive...
  18. scaryDreamX

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    he is deadly if he catch u alone, he needs atack speed
  19. czepens

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  20. dreadlord10

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    nerfed 6.75