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Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by jet112, May 11, 2013.

  1. jet112

    jet112 Well-Known Member

    Hello Everyone, im new to the forum but not new to DoTA.

    id like to address a topic that have been addressed many times on this site.
    Spirit Breaker Balance.
    as some of you know spirit breaker is at 4# ranked with 1.7m games played in total. the hero itself indeed uses broken teamwork against the team but some thing's about this hero are just absurd.
    1. Empowering Haste gives 18% movement speed at level 4, did anyone said yasha?, this guy escape faster than he kills and can bash you if you try to stop him.
    2.Charge of Darkness - 2.1 sec stun on lvl 4 ability and 700 movement speed in total which exceed the top movespeed in the game, goes through anything, can escape highground before anyone get the pleasure of handling him. also scales with greater bash which ill discuss later.
    3.Greater Bash - 17% to knockback on attack is not a big deal, but what happens when you pair it with mask of madness? the chance is doubled. so what happens in reality is that you miss 40% of your attack's to bara greater bash and he kills you even if your a hard carry, which to remind you that bara is mostly an initiator and in no way a carry.
    Nether Strike- probably what makes the argument here, stun him? go ahead, chain stun him for 5 seconds or what you can do, suddenly he appears and smashes you again, this time with mask of madness turned on, who has higher movespeed at this point? spirit breaker. teleport scroll? no problem just bash or nether strike. ghost scepre? nether strike force staff? nether strike.
    spend money on warding the river while he comes at 700ms and dives your towers, good luck. bring team over? he bashes them all. didn't work for him? he just charge at a creep 20k miles away.

    valve really gotta do something about this guy,its just a matter of time until every all pick games will have bara with mask of madness and you must speak your mind before it becomes an exploit.
    with all the thing's i mentioned above you need to premahex him at lvl 16 or you can never kill him (theoretically.)
  2. TheVirQ

    TheVirQ Well-Known Member

    oh lol...
    may i ask you? huskar is op 2?
  3. Lama051

    Lama051 Moderator

    He is quite easy to shut down if you have at least 2 heroes with disable, also MoM is trash on him every since empowering haste does not give him damage anymore.
  4. Anura

    Anura Well-Known Member

    He is actually OK.

    If the game turns into a very early 5v5 deathball meta, SB is basically useless, because charging into a deathball without enough tanking items is just suicide. And unlike Nynx, he has no AOE spell and no skill like Spiked Carapace for escape.

    He shines the most when it's a fairly late deathball meta, which is common in pubs. Between 10-25min, if the enemy team spreads out, pushing, farming, then he's extremely powerful and snowballs quite quickly. Once you have MoM and Armlet on board, most heroes are just food.
  5. ShadowProgr

    ShadowProgr Well-Known Member

    most of bara's are getting MoM right after boots, so just stun him if he activates it. In early stages greater bash is not procing too many times.

    Also learn how stun him while he charges
  6. Rakkis157

    Rakkis157 Well-Known Member

    It seems you have much to learn about the game. A hero that's near shit-tier everywhere other than low level pubs is by no way OP. You'll learn how to beat him soon enough.
  7. MWaser

    MWaser Well-Known Member

    While I do think Bara is much less shit than most people make him to be, he is not overpowered. Also Empowering haste is a shit skill in reality. Netherstike being a dick to forcestaff users? Well gotta agree with that one.
  8. Anura

    Anura Well-Known Member

    You are absolutely right. Because

    1. In high-level games the deathball meta starts very early
    2. High-level players have much better time disabling him while he's charging

    This guy contributes very little in a 5v5 clash, somewhat like Bloodseeker. He can't even quickly sniper-shot one enemy; Chaos Knight and Lycan are much better at that.
  9. Black_SharkS

    Black_SharkS Well-Known Member

    mask of madness bara if I'm not mistaken is one of the old moves out there. It is nothing new.

    emp haste is already nerfed if i'm not mistaken. It no longer provides bonus damage just pure ms.

    he is just on the level of pubstomper if I'll gonna rate him.
  10. jet112

    jet112 Well-Known Member

    so what your saying that sb weakness is enemy traps? build shadowblade.
  11. An Explosion

    An Explosion Banned

    You must be bronze.
  12. ShadowProgr

    ShadowProgr Well-Known Member

    buy sentry and dust

    SB is only good against uncoordinated teams
  13. Theexe2

    Theexe2 Well-Known Member

    Bara is OP 1v1, he is pretty mediocre in a teamfight, unless he snowballs and gets ahead by killing people 1v1 due to noobs playing.
  14. jet112

    jet112 Well-Known Member

    so dust him, dust will expire because he drive at 502ms, forcing your team to play the game of fear is not a great idea, thats exactly why he needs balance, part of the game is to counter push tower's with 1 or maybe 2 people, so your giving it away to spirit breaker?
  15. ShowThemHell

    ShowThemHell Banned

    He is a snowball hero, so don't let him do it.
    Also don't ever go alone if your enemy hase Spirit Breaker, and don't face 2v2 if your enemy has SB etc.
    And unlike popular belief, he's a solid hero to wreak pub (Not pub in noob, pub in public match making).
  16. ShadowProgr

    ShadowProgr Well-Known Member

    um, disables? seriously, if he gets ShadowBlade he won't be tanky enough to survive 2 stuns (with activated MoM)
  17. Kirijo-san

    Kirijo-san Banned

    Charge is easy to counter......just bring ward place in jungle,when something fast approaching you, prepare your stun/disabler bam! fail...

    well SB is not bad who doesn't want a teammates who can join any gank in anytime?
  18. jet112

    jet112 Well-Known Member

    dosen't matter dude, lets say riki has the advantege of being undercover at all times, and his job is to sweep kills all across the map, he needs to roam around all the time to do so, same thing with every roaming hero in the game, to find the right time and place to be to make a good use of your skillset, bara skips that entire process with one ability and one good ward, put some thought in him and your almighty.
  19. ShadowProgr

    ShadowProgr Well-Known Member

    you can easily counter-gank him with your good ward, if you see him coming, prepare stuns and stun him before he hits you with charge. He cannot survive if being focused.

    Also sometimes having allies TPing to help you is useful against bara.

    But as I said before SB is pretty good against teams w/o teamwork. Just don't wander alone.
  20. A5G_Reaper

    A5G_Reaper Well-Known Member

    His innate bulk and magic immunity from ulti allow him to stack several bracer and simply charge through deathball aiming for that drow/sniper/skywrath/tinker/etc standing behind their team, ulti, see the team clump to buttrape him only to find he tank way too much damage while his team clean up the mess. He is like a bulkier, unignorable beastmaster as he essentially stun someone for 3+ second,except that he got way better rightclick and present himself directly in front of the stunned victim.