So what is the best class to start with

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by MarceloAbans, Jun 17, 2009.

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  1. MarceloAbans

    MarceloAbans New Member

    if you are brand new like me. Been having fun with Storm panda
  2. Sexy

    Sexy Banned

    u mean hero??? krob is pretty good to start off with, nuke, silence, boost, and wtfomfg ulti
  3. aeyah

    aeyah Active Member

    I suggest for beginners to start with an int hero probably with Zeus.
  4. rice4noodle

    rice4noodle Well-Known Member

    if you are playing pubs on bnet, i think picking lion will not get you killed...
  5. Goatmilk

    Goatmilk Active Member

    Any hero with an easy escape; Riki, Gondar, Clinkz, ..

    When I started out, I always randomed my heroes so I got to know each and every hero for when I met them in a game.
  6. Turtles

    Turtles Active Member

    Well, you obviously are going in the right direction if you enjoy playing a hero like storm.

    I'd probably recommend playing as most of the top tier heroes since you enjoy playing as storm. Zeus, undying, tinker comes to mind.
  7. Sexy

    Sexy Banned

    you should also try some i-win button ulti heroes like brood, luna, jugs, etc
  8. TheTuninator

    TheTuninator Well-Known Member

    If you are new the imperative is not to feed; you can run around and not get any kills and not contribute to the team but as long as you don't feed they won't get too pissed at you.

    Anyone with a natural windwalk or escape-oriented skill works: Bone Fletcher, Lord of Avernus, Skeleton King, Phantom Lancer (maybe) should all work.
  9. crimewave

    crimewave Banned

    if you are new, you might like lina inverse because when she dies u can see her panties
  10. Sexy

    Sexy Banned

    or use euls on urself, 360 view :ninja:
  11. kanzakill

    kanzakill Well-Known Member

    Oh come on, those things are for raging kids!

    Try Axe or Centaur dude, just farm, build, blink, skill and die :rofl:
  12. Sexy

    Sexy Banned

    don't tell me that u never tried it on lina :ninja:, and if u didn't, u no u want to after reading this thread. :ninja:
  13. uo111

    uo111 Well-Known Member

    Couple a nice heroes for beginers.(based on personal experience.)

    Panda: Great hero, with an escape button.
    Clockwerk: For those suicidal newbies, may as well get a kill at the same time. Plus he is fast.
    LoA: Hard to die with this hero.
    Riki: For the perma invis of course.
    Gondar: WW and toss will usually land most people a few kills, and keep you relatively safe.
    Weaver: Pretty easy hero to survive with, and not a bad suicide chaser as well.
    Enchant: Extremely hard to kill, and does fairly nice damage. My fav newbie hero.
    Jakiro: Because even if the enemy decides to fight you, you have such strong spells you just might win or at least make them run.
    Warlock: Nice heal, with a built in tank.

    Of course, this selection of heroes is assuming you suck. I base my choice on the way that noobs would play these heroes, which is what they are perfect for. The first time you play enchantress for example, you prolly won't get anywhere near her full potential. But you should be able to survive and enjoy yourself.
  14. Sexy

    Sexy Banned

    u mean techies?? :O cuz, it's kinda hard to kill thyself with clockwerk :ninja::ninja:
  15. 1wingedangel

    1wingedangel Well-Known Member

    razor was the best hero for noobs backthen..

    now, you could try sandking, medusa, viper these are the heroes that are very noob friendly
  16. Sexy

    Sexy Banned

    yay, i played viper lol, i was like wtf pwned :D i even gave up lasthitting that game and just autoattacked all the way
  17. uo111

    uo111 Well-Known Member

    Tower diving of course.

    Noobs do that all the time and then get mad when their ally doesn't magically heal them to full health with void.
  18. Sexy

    Sexy Banned

    how would clock get a kill by tower diving?? :eek::
  19. skyaero

    skyaero Member

    Skeleton King! He only has one active spell lol and reincarnation will help you make up your mistakes.
  20. Sol Des

    Sol Des Active Member

    I say start with a int hero, then tank, then agi

    slayer, tree, terrorblade respectively
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