So how do you play DotA 2

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by hackwrench1, Jun 22, 2012.

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    So I finally get an invite to DotA2. The "Learn how to play" buttons are disabled. I've figured out that hitting the "A" key and clicking on the map with my mouse will move my character there and will attack an enemy when I click on it, but camera movement uses the arrow keys and will not move with either the character or the mouse.

    I don't know how to heal or do anything else. is the best result a Google search dota 2 controls can get and it's vague. I don't see any sticky threads for DotA 2 controls.

    What's going on?
  2. Inreet

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    plz tell me you're kidding
  3. hackwrench1

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  4. Inreet

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    because why do you need an invite if you don't even know what Dota is about?
  5. yummybui

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    You can move the camera by using the cursor to 'push' the edge of the screen.

    Heal would be used the heal spell, either by pressing the hotkey or left clicking the image of the spell on the UI and then you left click an ally unit.
  6. hackwrench1

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    It's a video game. I like to play video games generally. Especially when they're free.
  7. darkin

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    try to create a solo game and try stuff
  8. Inreet

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    when you should know the basics of RTS (not even Dota!). why are you asking such simple things.
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    A weak troll thread.
  10. hackwrench1

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    Because apparently, I'm used to some sort of tutorial mode that teaches the basics on how to play a game. Barring that, I'm used to more info on websites about a given game.
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    just be nice to a troll, lol
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    either a really bad troll or a lost soul

    both I kill, rape, tear apart and consume just to increase my damage by 2
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    Why should I know the basics of RTS? There's nothing about DotA 2 that said anything about needing prerequisite knowledge. is the first thing most people know about DotA 2, other than people keep offering it in Steam trading.
  14. DMR_Chane

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    that is not true

    most people come from DotA > LoL > HoN

    and have a basic understanding of RTS

    even if your from SCII you should know how this all works.

    there is nothing here to discuss and thus I demand this thread is closed.
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    instead of trolling here you can join lod, dog.
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    may I remind you of the fact that the second tab in your signature had me going :rofl: after 3 seconds.

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    There is a difference between most people and people lucky enough to get to play. I see that most (if not all) replies to my post are outside the US.
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    If you like to play free games I suggest Harry Potter Online and Hello Kitty
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    Go play league of legends if you`re from the us and too dumb to use google.
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    fail troll is fail. come get your +1!