Sniper item build:

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by fireblaze762, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. fireblaze762

    fireblaze762 Well-Known Member

    I have some small questions regarding snipers item build.
    Assume I am playing as the teams main carry:

    1. Should I rush manta after my treads and RoB?

    2. Is Lothars are good item on Sniper?

    3. After Manta, what should I get ?

    4. Is Etheral blade a good choice?

    5. What orb should I get? I normally opt for HotD->Skadi->satanic. Is this a good choice?

    I normally go
    RoB->Agi treads->(wand)->Manta->EB->hotd->Butter->Skadi->satanic.
    Thanks for the help.
  2. Lollypatrolly

    Lollypatrolly Well-Known Member

    Whenever you find yourself asking if items are good, just try them. If lothar works well on sniper at your level of play, then get it, if not, then don't.

    If you're asking if lothar is ok on him in pubs, it is. If you're asking if it's good in higher level play, it's OK but nothing spectacular, and you'll be doing far more DPS with manta.

    Butterfly has awesome synergy with manta and also works great on sniper. BKB is situational, but you may be required to get it versus powerful blink initiators. You may want lifesteal at some point if your team is going on the offensive, as random AoE abilities to eat at him otherwise. After manta + butter + 3rd item, crit should be useful.
  3. kingsleigh

    kingsleigh Well-Known Member

    Try Phase->Wand->Yasha->HotD->Manta->Butterfly->Skadi>Satanic

    1. It's recommended to get manta as fast as you can once you get your boots unless you can go AFK farming for at least 30 minutes.

    2. What he said.

    3. Butterfly or some lifesteal item (Usually HotD) if you don't have one yet. But it also depends on the situation.

    4. If your team has a lot of nukers and another non-bkb'ed dpser on the enemy team, you can try it.

    5. It's a fine choice, but you can also go Mjollnir and Skadi, or also try Desolator if you want to kill the supports fast. Purgestick is also viable if you need to counter someone and/or need the slow.
  4. beard

    beard Well-Known Member

    never tried RoB on sniper, doesn't sound too bad, will give it a shot

    is manta still good after its nerf? Can't seem to spam it on every encounter anymore. Feels like I should opt for more mobility and/or raw damage.
  5. asdasd

    asdasd Well-Known Member

    nah manta is still good, people are overreacting. Treads RoB manta bfly (throw in a bkb if needed ) works good.
  6. DicMa

    DicMa Well-Known Member

    MoM is good choice, tho.
  7. doomsheep

    doomsheep Well-Known Member

    free protip, phaseboots are awesome. the dps is nearly the same as with treads (1400 phase boots give the same +24 damage as a 1400 claymore does. and they're also your boots.)

    hitting people from over 9000 range away and still being able to outrun them is epic.
  8. The Other Guy

    The Other Guy Well-Known Member

    You're forgetting the massed Furies for 1337 damage and regen.

    That said BF is still pretty darn awesome on him and Windrunner to a greater extent.

    and Medusa...haters
  9. asdasd

    asdasd Well-Known Member

    no it's horrible 90 % of the time.
  10. DicMa

    DicMa Well-Known Member

    Experimental build. Luv it on pubs.
  11. fireblaze762

    fireblaze762 Well-Known Member

    Rob is amazing. +6 damage for last hitting is great, while the 0.65 mana regen is nice for spamming shrapnel. The armour is useful as well.

    Manta's stats are just incredibly good on Sniper. +agi for damage, +str for hp, +int for shrapnel/ulti+AS for more headshot proc, and the movement speed is very useful.
  12. knifeman

    knifeman Well-Known Member

    desolator, when I see a sniper with deso treads I run the other direction.
  13. DicMa

    DicMa Well-Known Member

    Lolz, one thing I hate about deso on Kardel is that changes your attacks visually. Same with Lifesteal.

    Edit: typing mistakes.
  14. Kris

    Kris Moderator

    1. I think manta is no longer the best idea since the nerf. It certainly can work, but there are probably better options.

    2. It can be very good on him, but at the same time it can be rather sub par. It depends on what and who you are playing against.

    3. Butter/Cry/EB/BKB are all perfectly viable options

    4. EB is a very strong item, however getting it means you need to carefully plan your build so you can still do enough DPS mid-late game.

    5. HOTD tends to be the best for him. His passive has diminishing returns with most other orbs in the game.

    1-2 bands
    Choice of first lux (Lothar, BKB, EB, Manta)
  15. FightFate

    FightFate Banned

    Treads, Blink (Lothars is fine in Pubs), Manta, Deso, BFly, Buriza.

  16. MissBlood

    MissBlood Well-Known Member

    Core should be treads / manta / butterfly / demon edge ( either MKB or Buriza ). Your choice on orbs, lifesteal or deso ( maybe skadi with lifesteal :D)
  17. ElDoughnut

    ElDoughnut Well-Known Member

    Eh, I've seen Ethereal Blade wreck a pub game. Ethereal Blast + Assassinate is just brutal once the enemy's health is down to 50-60% hp.

    Personally, I don't like getting Lothars and prefer Manta on Sniper because it only helps him with escaping and running away, while Manta provides some improved HP/MP, better move speed and attack speed, and Manta's images actually contribute to team fights rather than having a Sniper WW because he's afraid of dying.
  18. kawumm

    kawumm Well-Known Member

    honestly, ive read this like a thousand times now but i have NEVER EVER seen a sniper using blink in ANY level of play. i find it hilarious that u would say lothars is fine in pubs, since actually i cant imagine blink working outside of pubs (and even in pubs id imagine its quite hard to win with that kind of build). this has got to be the biggest wannabe-pro theory-crafted build in the history of dota bc this one actually is pure bullshit in practice. why would u want blink? the hero in question has rather low dps (for the first half of the game anyway), hp and his abilities have a range of over 9k, same goes for his regular attack. why, oh why dear lord would u get a fucking blink dagger on this kind of hero? for initiating? look my sig. for escaping? dear lord, blink for escape reasons is like really dumb unless youre playing ppl way under your skill-lvl or puck. if u wanna survive, you buff your hp/ms and/or get immunity/lifesteal. lothars is decent on sniper because the MS and invis can really help with staying alive, the backstab can be dealt from save distance and thats it.
  19. Teo_live

    Teo_live Well-Known Member

    Your item build should depend on what type of game your in (are you against a lot of magic attacks? are you against a lot of carries? etc).
    1. No, Manta is ok with him but its not the be-all-end-all.

    2. No, but Sniper dies very easily in ganks so more often then not you will have no choice but to buy an escape mech and the most common is lothars.

    3. Anything AGI-DPS related, since that is what you are. Butter, Satanic etc.

    4. Yes, the AGI bonus compliments him, also assassinating someone in etheral is nice.

    5. That is a great choice. Alternatively you could go Skadi+lifesteal since it is ranged. This is my preferred choice for orbs on Sniper.
  20. FightFate

    FightFate Banned

    What, so Blink can't help you stay alive? Why do people get Dagger on Lion & Lina, to escape and for mobility reasons. They're not going to initiate with them. Same for N'aix, he uses his Blink for mobility and offensive positioning.