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Discussion in 'Submitted Media' started by Nox.knight, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Nox.knight

    Nox.knight Well-Known Member

    Made out of boredom hope you like it guys.
    (Edit: I think this should be in the Comics sec.)
  2. matrice

    matrice Well-Known Member

    where is the nose ?
    very fun btw

    ALL_CAPS_GUY Well-Known Member

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    Invoker Defeaning Blast from the top as the mouth would be perfect :D
  4. Glac1al

    Glac1al Well-Known Member

    Storm as a nose, anyone?
  5. Eylidian

    Eylidian Well-Known Member

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    That's art, my friend! :)
  6. KrustX

    KrustX Well-Known Member

    I think Dispersion would be better for the eye in place of Phoenix. It would match with Enigma's BH.
  7. BadHonk

    BadHonk Well-Known Member

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  8. jijer0711

    jijer0711 Well-Known Member

    nice work..
  9. GoDzRenZ

    GoDzRenZ Active Member

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  10. YourUnholy

    YourUnholy Member

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    The nose is below phoenix's super nova. :p
  11. boat32674

    boat32674 Active Member

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  12. Darkgam3r06

    Darkgam3r06 Well-Known Member

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    what about shadow demon?
  13. louievenn

    louievenn Well-Known Member

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    i love it ♥
  14. ck_yamato13

    ck_yamato13 New Member

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    chronosphere of death...
  15. l0r4k

    l0r4k Well-Known Member

    This is nice :D
  16. JTuyor

    JTuyor Well-Known Member

    kudos to anyone that can make a troll face dota screenshot
  17. happydvion

    happydvion Active Member

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    imba combo!! ^^
  18. wIzardEG

    wIzardEG Member

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    Huh! You dealt that so rightly! Yep! i like dat green nose :)
  19. judd1515

    judd1515 Well-Known Member

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    wow! nc jod man
  20. Hello-zepp

    Hello-zepp Member

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    oww good Job :)