Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Paddra, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Paddra

    Paddra Well-Known Member

    Wondering if DotA2 has somehing like Smartcast.
    So it automatically casts the selected ability at (or towards) the current mouse cursor position as if you had first pressed the ability button and then left-clicked at the target position.

    If you don't know what i mean, go to youtube and look for Lol Smartcast
  2. WhatDaF

    WhatDaF Well-Known Member

    No, there is no smartcast in Dota 2.Even though it would be good if they implement it in options.
  3. Sp00kZ

    Sp00kZ Well-Known Member

    There is no option like that and I doubt they will add one due to the autismal rantings of the fanbase saying it'd make the game less skillful.
  4. Darkdays

    Darkdays Well-Known Member

    Smartcast is not a necessary option for Dota. Its good in LoL where you need to be able to quickly spam your skills at an opponent, but Dota's more spaced out spells don't really call for the need of it. Plus, it promotes disable stacking as well as a lack of aim for your spells imo.

    Missing spells in LoL doesnt lower your usefulness quite as much as in Dota as well
  5. Light~

    Light~ Well-Known Member

    Quoting myself.
  6. Baloroth

    Baloroth Well-Known Member

    There is a not-yet-implemented "cast immediate" option in the Dota 2 beta options menu already, which is almost certainly the same as the smartcast in LoL.

    So yes, it is coming, but doesn't exist yet.
  7. Paddra

    Paddra Well-Known Member

    cool ty
  8. bloodchow

    bloodchow Banned

    yes, should implement smartcast, made life more easier, but i dont use it, make more mistakes la
  9. crimson589

    crimson589 Well-Known Member

    Am I the only one who gets annoyed with all the LoL and HoN features suggestions for dota 2.
  10. WhatDaF

    WhatDaF Well-Known Member

    Even though i hate LoL, i admit that some features are quite usefull.
  11. CorruptG

    CorruptG Member

    Once you go smart-casting you don't ever go back. :) Would've thought smart casting would be harder to use than normal casting since you need inherent experience of the skill casted i.e. surely it would be harder to land a skill-shot if you can't see the GUI of what the skill-shot is doing?


    P.S. Love the sig FinalEx, I'm a big Astley fan.
  12. Rewels

    Rewels Well-Known Member

    yeah some skill are easier to use, like ice wall perharp.
  13. seelyon

    seelyon Member

    I would enjoy a smartcast type feature.
  14. Koutsiog

    Koutsiog Banned

    Dota is a game about using the right skill at the right time,LoL is about spamming all 4 of your hotkeys
    We don't need this in dota
  15. Ashley18

    Ashley18 Member

    i used to play LoL for some time and smartcast is very useful for some heroes like cassiopeia
  16. Nutsy

    Nutsy Well-Known Member

    All these suggestions are making DotA require less skills.
  17. Baloroth

    Baloroth Well-Known Member

    If you are truly skilled, it won't matter. You will be better than those who lack skill no matter how much the game is "dumbed down" with such things. If your only skill is the ability to overcome the limitations that WC3 imposed on the game, you have no skill.
  18. CorruptG

    CorruptG Member

    I would agree that it doesn't really matter, and I can't see it making a big difference, it's just more convenient.

  19. AlbinoBunny

    AlbinoBunny Well-Known Member

    B-But guys guys, the purity of DoTA sure, smart casting takes more skill and makes misclicking and aiming your skills more likely if your not good, but DOTA1 didn't have it and so this game shouldn't (insert here a derogatory comment of choice about HoN, LoL or both)


    Seriously, smart casting is awesome, I'd use it all the time on certain LoL heroes (Cassio's twin fang being one example) if I could set up seperate profiles for each champ so I don't have to go into the options every game depending on whether I want smart cast or not.

    Also ironically for what people are saying the hero I smart cast with most is Soraka, who has some of the longest cooldowns in the game between her heal and infuse.

    Though if we're talking quality of life features anyone know if they're planning to implement skill shot overlays so I can actually tell what the radius of my arrow on POTM is and exactly how far it goes? Or would that be too 'impure' too? :3
  20. JustAnotherDude

    JustAnotherDude Well-Known Member

    And quoting him