Slark's item build?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Pantera_1, May 14, 2010.

  1. Pantera_1

    Pantera_1 Well-Known Member

    This are the common items i seen with slark. Is it a good build?


    Power tread: gives cheap attack speed which slark needs. the problem is which type? I mostly go for str tread since you badly need hp.


    I feel vanguard is a neccessity on slark because of his paper hp. But slark isn;t a tanker, he's killer. he has invisibility and leap. is skipping vanguard good?


    Ok, mom is one of the best item for slark cost wise. It synergize well with essence, and that extra damage is neglected because of your ulti. But what if the enemy gets a gem? Mom would make you a super super glass cannon?


    Allows slark to kills a target easily because of his high attack speed. But isn;t it too focus on a single target? it's 5 vs 5 after all. not 1 vs 1

    It gives slark the disable that he needs. the void stone can be purchased early in the game. since slark has hp regen and if he has a void stone, he would not need to return to the fountain. however, it gives a paltry 10 damage, 10% attck speed only. Although it's surprisingly effective even as a first item for slark.
  2. TheAmerican

    TheAmerican Well-Known Member

    MoM is stupid on most heroes and that includes Slark. He is already fragile and relies on an invisibility as a survival skill with MoM? Too risky no thanks.
    Vanguard is meh, Slark should be ganking a lot. Guinsoo looks pro and is always good but there are more optimal items. Armlet/SY/Diffusal are a couple good items for him. Personally I'm rushing Basher because he is a ganker/single target DPS hero. Getting more hits in boosts DPS a lot. I've been skipping Death Pact lately and just get a level for dispell, getting stats earlier. Wand/Strength Treads/Basher/PMS is generally how I build him it works pretty well.
  3. Pantera_1

    Pantera_1 Well-Known Member

    Mom is stupid on most heroes, but until the enemies buy a gem (very unlikely in pub, competitive games are unrelevent since you rarely see slark), it's one of the best item for slark. it's as good as on void. Armlet is trash on agi heroes and you won;t regen in battle. diffusal is awesome on him because of the slow and dps. Death pact is great because it aids you greatly in your farming and is your only nuke. maxing it allows you to kill more easily too. the thing with basher as your second main item after tread is you'll be lacking attck speed initially without mom. therefore bash won;t proc as much.
  4. GoD_Tyr

    GoD_Tyr Well-Known Member

    I recently tried some stuff with him. Considering orbs, I find diffusal the best cost/efficiency wise. Later adding Manta and Basher will make you killing machine (stat removal+mana burn is way too powerful - which certainly includes images).

    Otherwise, he already got awesome regeneration with his ultimate passive effect. I`d say that power treads (str version) should do well, along the Poor Man`s shield and perhaps 2 wraiths. He is a fragile hero, and spending money in tanking damage won`t make him more efficient in ganging and killing - where this hero excels.
  5. Pantera_1

    Pantera_1 Well-Known Member

    slark needs mana regen since he already has hp regen. which mana regen item should i normally go?

    1. void stone which can be ubgraded to guinsoo or linken or fury?

    2. Ring ob basilius which can be ungraded to vlad?

    3. bottle or wand?

    4. Soulring?

    5. Combination of both or triple? list out.

    5. no mana regen item is neccesary? lolz...
  6. Zagrief

    Zagrief Well-Known Member

    bottle w/crow or basilius not soul ring slarks way too paper @_@
  7. beard

    beard Well-Known Member

    I try to get as much HP as possible on slark so he can tank nukes and gank early.
    It worked pretty well for me since pounce - whack - death pact combo is enough to bypass nukes and rape everyone.

    pms, wand, str treads, vanguard/hood, then build whatever luxury is needed, manta/diffusal are great choices. You never die with manta style and you never miss kills with diffusal purge.

    I have a slight problem with mana though, he needs 200+ worth of mana for every gank and wand doesn't cover it well enough. I can't swap to int treads either because he is paper, even early stats doesn't help. What is a cheap solution for early game mana?
  8. BrightEyes

    BrightEyes Member

    pt on agi, mom, basher, butterfly ftw
  9. Estraz

    Estraz Well-Known Member

    Can always get a sobi mask/ring of basilius and upgrade to vlads if you feel like it, for some additional mana. The main thing slark needs is some beef so he can actually stay around without getting instagibbed, and have a total hp pool that is worth regenerating to. Vanguard is an option, although the regeneration is somewhat wasted. You could just go for a simple vitality booster and be done with it there.

    I find SnY a good item on slark, simply because it gives him some beef along with damage/attackspeed. Ofcourse the speed is great as well because with treads (which you should be getting as it's +190hp, as well as attackspeed for faster draining), you're not quite fast enough. Sure you get the mass boost when nobody sees you, but you have to at least be able to get out of sight.

    Wand is good on any hero and slark is no exception, and helps with your mana. For some early cheap damage/protection, you could get a poor man's shield. I think that's about the core of slark the way I'd build him (I don't play him a whole lot, though).

    In short:
    Poor man's shield
    Magic wand
    Power treads
    Vitality Booster
    Sange & Yasha
    Vladmirs Offering (get the sobi or RoB early on a bit of extra mana)

    If necessary you can build some cheap stats items (bracers/wraiths, or if you're really desperate for mana, even nulls). I don't think it's necessary though, as the 6 items above already fill up your inventory and aren't worth sacrificing for low-end stats items.

    Edit: If you have gold to spare afterwards, here are some options:
    vitality booster -> heart of tarrasque
    poor man's shield -> butterfly (also gives protection against physical damage)
    magic wand -> whatever the hell you feel you need. Possibly basher.
  10. theagg

    theagg Well-Known Member

    I usually get urn on him, uses it as an extra nuke on my enemies or heal any1 in the lane I'm ganking after the kill. This gives me enogh mana reg, with a wand too. Slard isn't really that mana heavy.

    item build is
    str treads
    either I go straight to heart from here, or I get a hyper stone if we are winning. I change PMS or urn to a tp scroll if I go hyper stone.
  11. kurru

    kurru Well-Known Member

    StReNgTh PowEr TrEads
    C0UplE RacErZ
    WaNd Of ImBaChaARg3ΕΎ
    Bl4cK King[// BaR
  12. iKrivetko

    iKrivetko Well-Known Member

    Stop being pussies and start rushing Skadi
  13. PI-Dimension

    PI-Dimension Well-Known Member

    MoM isn't bad on him: he's going to die extremely quickly anyways...

    AGI Treads, MoM, Hyperstone ftw...
  14. Kodakgee

    Kodakgee Well-Known Member

    I also think urn is useful on slark for the str, mana regen, and nuke/heal.
    I've been getting vanguard, but maybe I'll just opt for PMS instead.
    I've been getting SnY and it has been allright so far.
  15. da_j0sephz

    da_j0sephz Well-Known Member

    str treads
    sange and yasha

    (get heart first if bkb isnt that important)(get gem if enemies have invis or have sentries placed. you can get sentries to antiward
    talisman of evasion
  16. SlayerII

    SlayerII Well-Known Member

    mom+bkb=win =)

    treads(str,agi while healing,int when mana suddenly is empty)
    gg branch(to bkb or MOM)
    gg branch (to MoM or bkb)

    if MOM is to risky just quarterstaff

    vit to heart later
    bracers to dependOnGameItem(mkb vs evasion blind for example,or linkens if bkb seems not to be neough)

    urn should be carried by someone else, but could be used
    same with bottle

    MoM to butter later(shouldnt happen)
  17. PeGBoY

    PeGBoY Banned

    I just said in another thread that S&Y absolutely fucking sucks but Slark is one of the few heroes I would actually consider getting it on. That said, Skadi is actually the best item for him because it covers all of his weakness.

    I find vanguard/hood to be shit on him because the regen is entirely useless. If you go that route then PMS/BKB is so much better.
  18. da_j0sephz

    da_j0sephz Well-Known Member

    true. that said, if you are doing poorly or need bkb asap, you can get sange then follow up with other core items instead off completing sny
  19. leeoku

    leeoku Well-Known Member

    pms+str treads+ wand+vit booster is core. u dont need regen on van
  20. Blarrg

    Blarrg Well-Known Member

    In theory, yes skadi is amazing for him. But incredibly hard to farm at the same time. If you can really farm it decently, go for it. Otherwise I just stick with str treads, bracers, diffusal... then manta/bfly/heart as luxury.