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Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by arkitek, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. arkitek

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    I've been messing around with some slardar item builds, and I'm not sure how to build him to his fullest.

    So far, if I've done exceptionally well early game(in terms of last hitting, ganking, etc), and have adequate support (which rarely happens in pubs), I would try to capitalize off bash and build him like a dps carry, namely getting bkb, armlet, treads, and if really dragged out, mjolnir or satanic.

    However, I mostly find myself playing a semi-ganker/dpser, going treads, blink, bottle, pointbooster, bkb and using ult+stun to gank and dps, never staying around farming and using sprint for map mobility.

    The last kind is the deso+bkb rush, where I ult, stun, and 2 hit kill enemies. I rarely ever go this build except if I'm stomping incredibly hard.

    My question is, what items besides magic stick should be consistently obtained on him? Is blink a necessity? Armlet? Bkb? Bottle?

  2. mangawanga

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    i usually go armlet, bkb, then depending on the situation, if needed a blink, have you considered MoM? it may not be that good early so dont rush it, deso is good, however there is a graph somewhere which shows the effectiveness of -armor. The best results , if i remember can be achieved with multiply damage only. After you better off getting DPS items and getting bashes as that equals more hits equals more damage than just 1 hit with -6 armor. blink can be extremely useful and i almost always get it after my core of armlet + Bkb
  3. s.ops_Freak

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    Since I usually get MoM on Sladar and Sprint increases the damage you receive, I get Vangaurd early on to make up for it. My item build for him is usually, if there are more Physical heroes in the game, Treads, Vangaurd, MoM, Cuirass (works as my own personal Deso,) Heart and maybe an Armlet, Deso or MKB, depending on if they got too much evasion, if there are too much disables I go for Treads, BKB, Heart, Cuirass, MoM and maybe a Linkens, Armlet or Deso ( if I get Deso, I'll usually sell MoM and get a Vlads or something.) I see no need for Blink Dagger on Sladar though because that's what he got Sprint for, although you will need a BKB to succesfully initiate and no, I do not think Sladar needs a Bottle because Magic Wand solves all those mana issues.
  4. EternityPala

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    Armlet + Treads + HotD + BKB
    I don't really find the Desolator as useful as a late game Satanic, or an extra stomp / Ensnare from dominate. But Desolator is viable as well.
  5. iser

    iser Well-Known Member

    2x bracers, wand, str treads, dagger, bkb then deso. the game should be over by then. if not, make cuirass.
  6. Moja

    Moja Well-Known Member

    The only item to consistently get on him is BKB, assuming ofc that the other team isn't retarded and has some stuns/nukes to throw at you. Adapt the build according to the situation.

    MoM is great for when you're pwning hard. Turns you into a permabasher of sorts.

    The only item not mentioned here to get is blademail.
  7. xCMILaA

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    Treads > Blink > BKB > HotD/Deso