Skill Build For Void

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by ~sLarK~, May 13, 2010.

  1. ~sLarK~

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    hmmm , any idea's?
  2. tetra3

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    It depends.

    If you are in lane against a tough combo or are facing harassment, play it conservative. Max Backtrack and take one level of bash /blink early.

    1. Walk
    2. Backtrack
    3. Backtrack
    4. Bash
    5. Backtrack
    6. Chrono
    7. Backtrack

    then proceed to max walk if you are feeling threatened/need the blink, or bash if you want a little bit more mid game power.

    If you are paired with an aggressive lane partner, and are in a superior lane, it sometimes pays off to build yourself more aggressive. In this case max bash/walk

    1. Walk
    2. Bash
    3. Bash
    4. Walk.
    5. Bash.
    6. Chrono.
    7. Bash

    after this proceed to max walk/backtrack.

    Generally I find myself using a more conservative build, and playing void as a more late game oriented character. Its generally safer and less risky to max backtrack, but its all up to the situation. In ether case, put a point into walk incase you get in a sticky situation early, and at least take one level of bash incase you find yourself in a killing situation - one bash proc could make the difference in landing a kill.
  3. Pandawn

    Pandawn Well-Known Member

    Backtrack is awesome throughout the entire game, and it often makes the difference between life or death from a gang.
    Time Walk
    Time Walk
    Time Walk
    Time Walk
    max bash

    Offensive builds are quite poor as you should just concentrate on surviving and farming.
  4. iKrivetko

    iKrivetko Well-Known Member

    I max Walk (escape mech) + Bash (lucky lasthits + disable)
  5. wutwat

    wutwat Well-Known Member

    it's quite funny, but i've seen one of your asian gods (i think it was longdd) maxing bash first iirc. :)
  6. Pandawn

    Pandawn Well-Known Member

    He was up against another ricefarm lane, so might as well.
  7. kawumm

    kawumm Well-Known Member

    usually this unless your lane is particularly hard. backtrack is cool, but i prefer to be able to contribute at least a little - voids bash has a really good chance to occur, and PMS negates most physical harrass anyway.

    i dont really max timewalk asap though, 2 points are usually enough from my experience.

    anyway, void is pretty versatile, the only thing i wouldnt do in nearly all cases is max timewalk asap - its just not needed. and never skip chrono ofc.
  8. Shizzy-

    Shizzy- Well-Known Member

    Aggressive Lane Conservative Lane

    1. Time Walk 1. Time Walk
    2. Time Lock 2. Backtrack
    3. Time Lock 3. Backtrack
    4. Time Walk 4. Time Lock
    5. Time Lock 5. Backtrack
    6. Chronosphere 6. Chronosphere
    7. Time Lock 7. Time Walk
    8. Time Walk 8. Backtrack
    9. Time Walk 9. Time Walk
    10. Backtrack 10. Time Walk
    11. Chronosphere 11. Chronosphere
    12. Backtrack 12. Time Lock
    13. Backtrack 13. Time Lock
    14 Backtrack 14. Time Lock
    15. Stats 15. Stats
    16. Chronosphere 16. Chronosphere
    17-25. Stats 17-25. Stats​

    Couldn't sort it well =[
  9. FruitLord

    FruitLord Well-Known Member

    I usually do walk/lock/back/walk/walk/chrono/walk/lock/lock/lock/chrono/back/back/back.

    One level of backtrack early since you get 10% boost first level, plus it is nice when you backtrack nukes.
  10. Xmarksthegank

    Xmarksthegank Well-Known Member

    Mostly, I max walk by lvl 7, getting one level of both bash and backtrack. From there on I tend to mix both bactrack and bash, though it's usually bash.
  11. Pilu

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  12. ostoya

    ostoya Well-Known Member

    depends on a lane...
    if u wanna play agressive then take 1walk , 1 backtrack, max bash..
    but if the lane is hard and u need to survive...
    take 1 bash, max backtrack n walk...
  13. Kris

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  14. PNutz

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    Depends on the lane like every1 said before. The only difference I have with all builds is that I never level ulti at 6. I mostly get it at 10,11 & 16. I think your manapool is too small for that, but I might get chrono at 6 next time. I do skill it when my allies can benefit from it, like lich, sk, and doc have nice ulties in chrono.

    In general I prefer to skill bash over backtrack, because bash actually helps to farm due the additional damage. PMS is usualy sufficient to keep yourself alive early game.

    What is your item build guys?

    Mine is:
    QB, Branches x3, Salve, Tango
    first item i get is RoH, then I try to finish Battlefury and treads in 20 minutes.
    Next item is Mask of Maddness.

    When I have really good farm I get midas, treads + a luxury.

    And waht are the items you aim for in general? I aim for BF, Treads, MoM and BKB aas true core. Afterwards I get Butter + Crit/ MKB
  15. Volaju

    Volaju Well-Known Member

    I typically go Timewalk/Backtrack/Bash/Bash/Bash/Ult/Bash/Backtrack/Backtrack/Backtrack

    You get 10% on the first rank of backtrack and coupled with PMS you get at least some efficiency with mitigating harassment. Bash itself is the key to you doing any damage early game though, and the proc is better than a 2x damage crit early game. You can get lucky last hits with this, and do decent damage to heros, as well as mitigate damage because the target is stunned and doing nothing back to you. This also helps to neut.

    Timewalk itself can work at rank 1 for a while, and doesn't help you jungle, so I'd leave this for last, even if it's important to skillup at least once to escape/jump someone.
  16. Crossing

    Crossing Well-Known Member

    Wrong, Offensive Build is Godly. Don't do the pussy build of maxing timewalk and backtrack first. Lots of ppl underestimate the power of walk + bash in lane. You can easily grab kills with another stunner/slower.

    What i find is best for void is:
    get walk at lvl1, max bash over backtrack, get ult whenever you can.

    There's no point leveling Timewalk early. 1 Lvl of it is sufficient to escape any gank(walk into woods) and to chase.
    Leveling backtrack makes you very passive in lane with almost no killing power, and it doesn't help you farm in anyway.
    However, maxing bash first makes you dangerous because you can always blink/start hitting, if a bash procs, it normally means that your opponent have to back because they're in yellow hp zone (don't forget that you have lane partner as well). You can also trade hits with enemies.(when you have stout shield)
    Try it and be amazed.

    Early-Mid Itembuild: Quelling blade, wand, str tread (turn into agi later) and Vanguard, then MoM. If your team is doing very well go PMS instead of vanguard.
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  17. Xmarksthegank

    Xmarksthegank Well-Known Member

    A leveled walk is far superior to an unleveled one.

    You'll get almost double the range, a better slow and lower cooldown while still keeping the same manacost. So it is superior both offensively and defensively. With maxed walk, even a morphling with waveform has troubles catching you up.

    Bash and Backtrack only level up in perceantages. They get better, but only gradually, and do not get as significant boosts as walk does. The overall damage difference doesn't do much while jungling. Helps, but nothing gamebreaking.

    And more importantly, when you are going to be offensive early game, the target should be someone who you can pick off with your high base damage even if a bash didn't proc.
  18. EyeOfFire

    EyeOfFire Well-Known Member

    My rule of thumb for Void is "as many levels of bash as I can get away with early and survive". This means that it can range from no bash at all and a maxed timewalk/backtrack build if I'm in a ridiculously tough lane to the opposite.

    The earlier Void gets bash, the more useful he is - but the more points in bash he gets, the less durable he is. You need to find a balance between being as useful as possible without it hindering your survival or farm.