Skill build for pandaren brewmaster?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by SoulKeeper^^, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. SoulKeeper^^

    SoulKeeper^^ Well-Known Member

    need help on its skill build?
  2. SirDumpling

    SirDumpling Well-Known Member

    22-25 Drunken Brawler
  3. SpaceFalcon

    SpaceFalcon Banned

    ^You forgot early level of haze. It costs the enemies farm a few 100 gold in the long run.
  4. EternityPala

    EternityPala Well-Known Member

    ^What he said, but, get Brawler immediately after Haze.
  5. Ravs

    Ravs Well-Known Member

    Brawler shud be taken earlier... Much earlier.. Stats is good
  6. Crappular

    Crappular Well-Known Member

    I like to go clap/brawler, especially because evasion is so good against harass, helping you stay longer in lane.
  7. Necro

    Necro Well-Known Member

    Clap+Stats, Brawler at 8+, then Haze. Haze is pretty useless actually.
  8. rayMi

    rayMi Banned

    I do something like that
    Except that I level brawler after haze, by that time stats won't be as useful.
    Sometimes I only take 1 level of haze at 8 then delay it a bit later but it's good to follow this build (but max brawler after haze unless you really had farming troubles)

    why would you want an early level of haze in the lane ? keep all mana for claps
  9. econ201

    econ201 New Member

    I go almost the same as you except for I get drunken brawler starting at lv8 and get only 1 lv of Haze at lv 13 then stats all the way.

    While the early stats together with 2 bacers helps have at least 3-4 claps early game, Drunken Brawler would help against harass and farming a lot.

    After you go to higher lv, you will always find that your mana pool is only enough to ult once without going back to base for healing mana. Well, it may due to I rush aghem and dagger asap instead of void stone. With enough stats, you can at least ult twice with good amount of claps for whatever uses you like.

    Haze at lv 1 is quite enough, as you generally not using it for the slow but for the missing attacks, and I believe missing 45% at lv 1 is too good to skip.
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  10. Mercy

    Mercy Well-Known Member


    Haze can be leveled even earlier though.
  11. doppelpils

    doppelpils Well-Known Member

    After the buff of the Fire Panda, Brawler is waste until lategame. Aghs, most likely rushed, is the way to go to stomp everything with your omgwtfmighty pandas. Haze is awesome, it's one of the strongest anti-carry spells in the game next to enfeeble. 7 seconds 75% miss and 22% slow is extremely powerfull.

    So max Clap first, get some stats, depending on your needs up to level 10, max Haze afterwards, Brawler last. You hardly need Brawler for more than tanking though, since you'll be running around in ulti in every teamfight.
  12. Ns_DeFeNDeR

    Ns_DeFeNDeR Member

    yeah very good , because panda has low mana and you can improve your skill adding stats (Y)
  13. Pyrodrayk

    Pyrodrayk Well-Known Member

    Thunder Clap - 1,3,5,7
    Drunken Haze - 2,8,9,10
    Drunken Brawler - 12/22,13/23,14/24,15/25
    Primal Split - 6,11,16
    Stats - 4,17-20,12/22,13/23,14/24,15/25

    1 Early level of haze, from saving an ally/yourself using the MS reduction/miss chance to lowering your enemies farm by 50 gold, multi purpose.

    Stats at 4 is how I do it just for that little bit since no other skills are important, and 1 level of haze is enough. I find myself maxing haze after though since the effect increase for the same mana is great for a carefully managed mana pool. The miss chance on brawler is what I get it for.
  14. Clear

    Clear Well-Known Member

    oh my!!! how come haze became useless? what counters it is only MKB. and its hard to farm that. and with the slow + low manacost, isn't it worth it to get?

    maybe this is noobish but I go max out clap den braw den haze and of course get his ulti. and won't you get braw? It's crit is good for pushing with BF...

    that's just my opinion you can react but please with manners...
  15. Fornicaras

    Fornicaras Active Member

    Haze is useless because the slow is negligible and you need the mana for clap anyway. The reason you go stats is to get at least 2 claps with full mana, enough for a kill usually.
  16. Well you would actually never get battlefury. Panda isn't meant to be a DPS carry like mortred or troll, but a anti-carry/tank/initiator/BBQer. Because he isn't a DPS, brawler can be skipped entirely (after haze isnt terrible either). When you get aghanims, you will spend most of ur time in split wtfbbqing your enemies, so why waste gold on items you will rarely be using like bfury? Necronomicon, scepter, and blink dagger are the only way to go with Mangix.

    Another reason to level stats early is because pandas mana problems. What would you rather have: an 8% chance to dodge an attack, or two extra casts of thunderclap.
  17. lolimgondar

    lolimgondar Banned

    one haze early is usually pretty good to create a movespeed disadvantage for someone in a gank. brawler after level 7 can also be pretty good for last hitting and helping buy you time to split. depends on how quickly you farm your point booster really. sometimes ill get int treads as a first item simply because it's a cheap source of mana and hp.

    also panda's dps is actually quite terrible, don't build him that way unless you're fighting three melee heros or something stupid.
  18. leeoku

    leeoku Well-Known Member

    clap stats with 1 haze early. if they have a strong physcial carry, then get haze at 8+, else get brawler/stats
  19. sonson619

    sonson619 Well-Known Member

    clap haze clap stats clap split clap
    The early game build.
  20. Phantom_IV

    Phantom_IV Well-Known Member

    Because obviously a level of stats is enough to support 2 extra claps....

    OT: You want brawler like 10-14 or something like that. You're not going to be in ult form all the time. Plus, if you are in ult form, why the hell does it matter how many stats you have?? Stats early when you need the mana, brawler mid/late because you WILL face some dps and you'll get more EHP/skill point with some evasion.