skill and item build on morphling

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  1. bry96

    bry96 Well-Known Member

    Is there any good skill plus item build on morphling?
  2. BooBoox3

    BooBoox3 Well-Known Member

    Check the guide sections.
  3. VadujE

    VadujE Well-Known Member



    Stats till end.

    At least take 1 level of morph early, it can save your ass, just turn on autocast and morph agi into str, functions as heal.
    Ulti costs a lot of mana, if you cant manage your manapool skip it till level 10, but usually you should get it since it offers so much and with bottle you can handle your mana.
    Adeptive Strike doesn't do much damage early on so 1-2 levels of Stats might help, especially for your manapool, however if you need that ministun feel free to get one level, e.g. against a sandking.

    Well, Morph is incredibly flexible.
    Get BoT or PT, both works well.
    Only thing you should always get is Manta, yo you can use replicate on your illusions for replicate target on demand for insane pushing/farming/escaping power.
    Other viable items are: Linkens Butterfly Skadi Satanic BKB Buriza.
    Get the 4 which suit the opposing lineup the best.
    If you got a lot HP feel free to morph str into agi for more dmg.
  4. Ayekee

    Ayekee Well-Known Member

    There is no definite skill build or item build on Morph. You have to adapt to the situation and start building from there.

    Assuming that it's a normal game where you aim to push and farm.
    Here's my build

    1. Wave
    2. Stats
    3. Wave
    4. Stats
    5. Wave
    6. Replicate
    7. Wave
    8. Adaptive Strike
    9. Adaptive Strike
    10. Adaptive Strike
    11. Replicate
    12. Adaptive Strike
    13. Morph
    14. Morph
    15. Morph
    16. Replicate
    17. Morph
    18-25. Stats

    And items:

    Branches and Tangoes, then bottle and boots

    BoT and Wraiths

    Manta/Diffu and ButterFly
    Manta/Diffu and EoS


    Linken's Sphere

    There can be variations in Skill build in terms of laning.
    Morphling does well in solo lane, usually in mid. You don't always have to take the Wave+Stats build, you can opt to take the Morph first when you have trouble last hitting since Morphling has little starting dmg. You can convert STR into AGI, but this can also make you more squishy than you already are during the starting phase so be careful when you last hit, don't auto-attack, that will make you susceptible to lane harass or getting nuked by your opponent, but this skill can also save you where you can also convert AGI into STR when you're getting ganked, very useful all throughout the game and quite fun too.

    When you get bottle, try spamming wave since it's your primary tool in farming quickly, and when you get BoT you're on your way to even more farming, always TP to a lane where there are lots of creeps with minimal or no opposition and always Replicate your teammate and get it back to base so you can have a ready escape mech. But remember to know the time limit of your Replicated Image.
    The Image lasts 30/45/60secs for Lvl 1,2 and 3 respectively.

    You have the option of choosing between Diffu or Manta.
    Diffu if you want to gank and
    Manta if you want to keep pushing or farming.

    The rest of the items would be up to you, depending on the situation and level of gameplay.
  5. TheFunMachine

    TheFunMachine Well-Known Member

    I use a stat build similar to Aykee.
    I like Etheral Blade on him.
    Force staff for the long wave lulz.
  6. GeminiDreams

    GeminiDreams Well-Known Member

    Skill-wise I usually go for one of two builds:



    The idea here is to take Morph first to switch stats until I have 5 base armor. Usually achieve-able with 3 branches, 1 agi slipper, 2 salves, 1 set of tangoes. This gives me about 300 Hp.

    You might think it's crazy but my damage goes so high that last hitting and denying is super easy and morph can save you when you get aggro'd.




    The passive farming build. The first bit is really only the set in stone part. Everything else is up to the game. Strike could even be gotten earlier if they have a good channel spell on the opposing team.

    I don't go this build much, however, as I love Morph.

    - - - - -

    Item build typically goes into two categories as well:


    (Starting items) -> Bottle -> Boots -> Treads -> Diffusal -> Force Staff -> Ethereal Blade -> Manta Style

    And that's typically way more than enough to win. This build is a more gank oriented build that forces on insane burst damage. Once you get the Style you can even Replicate an ally, Wave in to Strike and then Ethereal Blade [Make sure to Strike before Ethereal Blade because the Strike is physical damage.] I have killed squishy supports who don't have much farm just from the wave-strike-blade and then just Replicated back to the illusion.



    (Starting items) -> Bottle -> Boots -> BoT -> Manta Style -> Eye of Skadi -> Butterfly -> Satanic

    This is the hard carry build that you spend all game farming for. Just push, push, farm, farm, and escape with ease when they come to gank you. I don't find this build nearly as fun though, and both will work well in a pub if you can play them well. So eh. Serious games = this build. Fun games = other build.
  7. Morlic

    Morlic Well-Known Member

    Ok, tell me any laning combination not consisting of 2 melee-heroes where neither has a stun that allows you to play Morph with 300 HP.

    You may add solo Heroes as well if it isn't a melee hero without any nuke (50 loldmg of spectredagger is not considered to be a valid nuke)
  8. plzonlygame

    plzonlygame Well-Known Member

    Stat build means you miss out on the insane survivability that morph stats offers.
  9. GeminiDreams

    GeminiDreams Well-Known Member

    For starters, if I'm going to be in a dual lane then I typically don't go 300 Hp at the start because you level up too slowly with a partner. Levels 1 and 2 Morph suck hard at keeping you alive. But past that, Levels 3 and 4 are amazing for survivability.

    If I happen to be against two opponents with high burst potential before level 6 then I can give myself more Hp. By the time my Morph is level 3 it is giving 114 Hp/s while turned on. Assuming I turn it on as soon as they start trying to kill me, I will likely survive unless they have something to stop it.

    Typically though I try to take solo mid in the hopes of being against one other hero so I can out-lasthit and deny them as my damage will be somewhere around 50-60.

    Yeah it fails sometimes, but on the average I win with this build, and not just in pubs, I've used this build in clan wars and won before. Granted I'm not trying to argue it is the best build ever, though I might think that in an optimal situation where you have infinite time to consider your actions before each one.

    I've laned against:

    -Sf (just easily out lasthit and deny him with imba damage until raze-wave fights ensue)
    -Zeus (keep distance until I can wave harass him and hopefully gain lane dominance with Bottle)
    -Viper (again keep distance, this one really sucks though and we again hope for wave to give us lane dominance through careful use)
    -Warlock + Kunkka (super annoying. Didn't get much farm, needed a ganker to help badly. Didn't die though)
    -Tinker (wave is the key against heavy nukers. You need to kill them or force them back to fountain or they will outnuke you)

    What I find works a lot of the time is to try and get Bottle before level 3 then wave at level 3, do an attack while in wave then an attack while out and retreat. Then your next wave should kill them unless they heal, with some hits of course.
  10. banjkan3

    banjkan3 Well-Known Member

    Max wave by level 7, no questions asked. Maxing morph by 9 is useful if you want to spend a lot of time farming as it makes you retardedly hard to kill, whereas mixing stats & adaptive strike in there early on will give you more waves and damage (hence more killing power). Skipping morph is dumb as hell, so is massing stats, some stats can be good, but not fucking 7 levels or whatever people are sometimes inclined to do.

    As for items, there are so many things that can work, Bottle, Treads, Manta Style, Linkens, Skadi, Wraith Bands and Purge are a few to consider, but definitely not an exhaustive list. Go wand every game.
  11. s.ops_Freak

    s.ops_Freak Well-Known Member

    Your skillbuild really rely on opponents...

    Aggressive lane:

    Stats/Adaptive Strike (Only if you think you'll need to cancel TP's or chanelling skills

    Passive lane:


    So basically, aggressive = Stats because you'd probably need the mana to constantly Waveform and extra HP to aid in tower dives.

    And passive = Waveform because of the incredible 'EHP'. This skill can surely play games with opponents and can help you to initiate/bait/escape really easily.

    Adaptive Strike isn't taken/maxed because your mana pool cannot support it in the early/mid game because of the nerf to Replicate.

    For items, early game I'd say:

    2x Slippers
    2x GG branches


    4x GG branches
    2x Tangos


    Slippers of agility
    3x GG branches
    1 Salve
    2x Tango

    Midgame you should aim for:

    RoB/Wraith Band.
    TP Scroll.

    Lategame, you items should look something like:

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  12. mitchi

    mitchi Well-Known Member

    Item build :
    Boots of Travel
    Skadi or Ethereal Blade

    Skill build:
    1 waveform
    2 stats
    3 waveform
    4 stats
    5 waveform
    6 replicate
    7 waveform
    8 morph
    9 morph
    10 morph
    11 replicate
    12 morph
    13 adaptive strike
    14 adaptive strike
    15 adaptive strike
    16 morph
    17 adaptive strike
    18-25 stats

    Switch Adaptive Strike with Morph if you want to KS :D
  13. Ayekee

    Ayekee Well-Known Member

    Adaptive Strike deals physical dmg. So E.Blade won't do much good :no:
  14. physics223

    physics223 Well-Known Member

    I'm trying to take on carrying more, so I'd like to know if Ethereal Blade stacks with Adaptive Strike. IIRC, it doesn't, right? If it does, it's going to be very synergistic, but if it doesn't, then it's tough shit.

    Looking towards it as a core item because of its potentiality.

    Thanks for the heads-up with Morph. Looking to implement a Wraiths/Bottle/Treads strategy as core.
  15. Ayekee

    Ayekee Well-Known Member

    It doesn't what it does is it only pushes and stuns your target, but doesn't do damage. So it's just a useless item. imo, BoT>PTs since it gives you awesome manuever ability between lanes, allowing you to farm better and escape ganks with BoT and Replicate strat for push and escape mech. Just take the game at a slower pace when playing Morph. There is no definite core to it since the items vary depending on playstyle and gameplay.
  16. physics223

    physics223 Well-Known Member

    I played Morphling after a long while today. I did decently, but I feel I didn't do as much as I possibly could, ending with a mediocre 7-5. I'm trying to use carry heroes more, so after getting some Wraiths and BoT - I get your point, is Manta really the way to go?
  17. Asa'djun

    Asa'djun Well-Known Member

    Vang on Morph is really awesome in pubs. Vang is good for the health regen, block and hp. The extra hp that vang gives can be utilized to convert some good amount of str to agi. 300 hp is a lot. The health regen is a must in pub games cuz it allows us to stay in lane longer and prevents nasty harasses. The damage block is quite nice.

    Manta build for Morph is overrated, Morph dun really need the extra speed up when we can get Ethereal Blade and ofc the wave to do the job.

    And uh, I am quite good with my morph. My kills often exceed 10.... Mentioned to make my post credible :D
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  18. Ayekee

    Ayekee Well-Known Member

    Manta would be the next viable item for Morph, since more heroes hitting one target is a good thing, except if there's an ES around. It's also good for pushing, dodging and mind games if you know how to use it well. With Manta, you can safely push lanes w/o worrying about getting ganked. You just hit Manta and then Replicate one of your illusions and send it to base. Or you can use all three illusions to take down a tower, or just go buy something and leave your three illusions there and maybe someone will think that the third illusion is the real you and nuke them to their disappointment. There are many other items like Diffu Blade, or just go directly to Butterfly.

    Exceeding 10 kills in pub games isn't that much of an achievement if you play turtle carries. I don't think a Vang is needed in pubs, 300hp and cheap dmg block for 2225 gold just costs too much and you need to play for a longer time if you want to make Vang first, you're better off at buying str PTs and some Wraiths. Manta also gives some sort of survivability since it gives +10 to str and imo, I think ButterFly is better than E,Blade. Although Wave+A.Strike+Ether blast is awesome, it doesn't have any more to offer.
    For me +30 IAS, +30 damage, 30% evasion are better.
  19. wutwat

    wutwat Well-Known Member

    max wave at 7, max morph at 9, get ult at 6/11, then max adaptive strike

    items: treads, wand, rob/bottle
    you should aim for a manta, either after your core or after a linkens
    good luxury stuff is anything that gives a lot of stats (ethereal, skadi, butter, hot) as well as lifesteal (hotd into satanic) and bkb if they have a shitton of disables
  20. ^I much prefer a few stats + max adaptive before maxing morph. While it is a cool pseudo heal he is usually cleaning up battles not trying to stay alive.