Simulated movement vs Kinetic Field

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  1. kzm100138

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    There're 3 heroes can move faster than 522 ("simulated movement"):
    Darkterror in Chronosphere - original speed to 1000
    Bloodseeker under Strygwyr's Thirst - 522 to X
    Lycanthrope use Shapeshift - 522 to 650

    While Kinetic Field push you back at a speed of 550, and has a ≈75 buffer distance.

    According to my calculations, for Lyc, he should break in 75/(650-550)≈0.75s, but the test result is much longer;

    For Bloodseeker, I tried to break a few times but never made it;

    For Darkterror, it went even weirder, he couldn't break when set his ms to 100, but could easily break out when set his ms to 522.

    Why's that?

    It seems all 3 simulated movements go no effect immediately when latched by Slark's Pounce, and recover sometime later after Pounce end.
    :no: Haven't figured it out why

    Can someone please explain? Thanks!
  2. DracoLich

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    'cause triggered movement base on diff between points, so you have to run from the center to the edge in order to benefit from bonus ms and not stuck next to the border. how it may iteract - depends on angle too. dont bother with that, rly
  3. kzm100138

    kzm100138 Well-Known Member

    Thanks ~!:p:

    Still a bit confused though:no:
  4. tennee

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    Thanks guys!
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