Simple Dota strategy guide for Beginners

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by vicky222114, Aug 16, 2010.

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    no, no, no.

    You've just basically told all new players that support heroes are rubbish, and that they need to pick a strength carry with boots -> roh -> sange.

    This is disgraceful, please tell me this is some sort of joke and I've just missed the funny part.
  3. Bloodmage

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    Obviously the best hero for noobs is Troll with Vanguard, Sange and Yasha, and then just stack Bfuries.
  4. Bardenne

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    I randomly scrolled down till i got to a part where it told people that fountain trips were awesome, and immediatily stopped reading.
  5. CSI

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    Whatever this article should do - it doesnt.
    Its vague, wrong and generally no help to come along with Dota in the first games.
    Stick to playdota and awarded guides or work youre way through the sometimes usefull strategy section. You might find some golden stuff, although this is rare.
  6. Vile

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    Trolls these days have moved up into another level.
  7. Val

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    @OP: If you had good intentions, please realize that you're doing a huge disservice to newbies with that guide. Instilling a mentality that avoids laning power and support heroes is really unhelpful. Further, locking them into the same type of build for a large set of heroes (and it's far from optimal for any of the heroes you listed) is also unhelpful. I'll stop here.

    If you were trolling - I really don't like you.
  8. r3dman

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    First off, since when have gankers been "easy to counter mid-game and moderately easy to avoid early game"?. Power treads might be ok, UNLESS its a mana-dependant hero in which you could get arcane boots. Aegis is "awfully expensive". GOD. You cant buy Aegis, and with that items you will never get it.
    Yeah, go for BKB, and get raped while you try to farm Mithril Hammer against a group of gankers.

    EPIC FAIL GUIDE. Seriously, if someone wants to learn to play DotA go here and read it. Then read Val's Pretty Guide to Every Hero which is great and has helped me many times.
  9. 3.2_Sky_Dive

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    I just find myself unable to describe this so called guide. FAIL!!!! would be the best (epic sounds at least somewhat positive, so i will refrain from using it here).
    If you were trolling, you are bad and you actually lower the level of play in pubs--> bad!
    If you wanted to do sth and think this is a good guide, you should ask your parents if something went wrong, when you were given birth to.
    Best example: "list of items I had in my last game (played slithern guard) power treads, sange & jasha, aegis of the immortal, blademail, cranium basher, burize do-kyanon"
  10. Bloody Knuckles

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    qft. I recommend this guide:
    From New to Pro Players - DotA Guides

    For some theory, then playing a few games with a newbie friendly hero to get some experience.


    When you first played, did you get owned by those "weak" heroes, then try them out and discover their weaknesses? It's understandable to be disappointed at the reality of the situation, but all heroes have their own strengths and weaknesses... I actually found Lich much easer to play than Sven when I first started out. Play dota for a few years, and you'll see that, suprisingly, all the heroes are strangely, but evenly balanced.
  11. r3dman

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    That was the guide i was searching for to put in my answer T_T
  12. Denki

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    Wow, creating a PD account only to troll?

    hmmmm. 2/10
  13. nerf_aa_plz

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    the blind leading the blind....
  14. Mortal-Shadow

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    Ummm, i dont think it is fail.
    Based on personal experience when teaching friends, it really IS best to give them a die-hard str hero.
    Yes, support heroes can be more awesome, but only if they dont go 0-12-0, which noobs are able to do.

    Imo it is better giving them a inferior playstyle, that will do OK-ish, than having them feed on a playstyle they are simply not skilled enough for.
    At least until they know the basics - then is the time to turn things around.

    But until then - yes, a fountaitrip is better than having red hp in lane - you cant go often enough to the fountain as a noob.
    And fucking NO to bringing additional regen via chicken: I've seen so many of my (freshly learning) friends die, while controling chicken and searching the shop for tango, ignoring, that they are under attack.
    Better go back and survive - it saves more exp in total for them.

    Obviously this is only advise for beginners, once you notice that you are able to perform other actions, stop playing that way and start to improve all stuff.
  15. nerf_aa_plz

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    I gotta disagree with you with your post, especially this part. Unlearning bad habits is ALWAYS harder than learning the game the right way in the first place. Instead of discouraging your friends from using a courier to bring back regen, teach them how to make the micro easier - set a control group to the courier, learn the hotkey shortcuts for the important items (s for tango/boots. v for salve, c for clarities.

    The golden rule that a new player needs to follow is that the main goal of the laning stage is TO STAY AT THE LANE AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. Fountain trips will make you underlevelled and underfarmed.
  16. aLT_F4_aPLa

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    this guide is older than time itself.
    the guy suggests to BUY an aegis.
  17. Denki

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    Exactly. That's why I presume OP is a troll newfag :no: