Silver Edge damage reduction

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  1. FootysMaXeD

    FootysMaXeD Well-Known Member

    The damage reduction applied to targets is 40%, but I have some questions on what it affects.

    1. Does it reduce damage returned from blademail?
    2. Does it reduce damage from exorcism?
    3. And death ward?
  2. AKBu3nY

    AKBu3nY Well-Known Member

    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. No

    It reduces any outgoing damage the source deals. This reduction is basically directly applied to the affected unit and happens before any incoming damage reduction the target has (i.e. magic resistance, armor, etc)

    Death Ward is its own unit, the damage is sourced to the ward, not the hero. The debuff only affects the unit it is on, all other units under its control are unaffected.

    The only exception to this is Power Cogs' zap damage, because that is still sourced to Clockwerk, not to the cogs.
  3. FootysMaXeD

    FootysMaXeD Well-Known Member

    Hm, that's interesting. I didn't think exorcism would be reduced, because it each spirit is a separate unit.

    Maybe valve should source death ward damage to WD as well, but give him a slight stats buff or something. It's annoying that death ward doesn't show up on the death recap screen.

    Nether ward is sourced to pugna, so blademail works against it.
  4. AKBu3nY

    AKBu3nY Well-Known Member

    The spirits are not units in Dota2. They are just "projectiles".

    Death Ward and other wards used to be sourced to their casters. It was changed to be sourcd to the wards themselves. I doubt they'll revert that.

    Nether Ward damage is sourced to the ward itself since 6.83.
  5. Black_Ice

    Black_Ice Well-Known Member

    So silver edge reduces ALL damage dealt by afflicted target (not just base attack damage)?

    Sure as hell understood otherwise from the description... Better start hitting zeus with that shit...
  6. AKBu3nY

    AKBu3nY Well-Known Member

    Yep. Reduces all damage output of the affected unit.
  7. stereox

    stereox Well-Known Member

    this 40% damage reduction is usually forgotten by pub players. They just aim that break debuff.
  8. Blamagenkind

    Blamagenkind Well-Known Member

    How about hp removal and pure damage? I'm guessing HP removal is unaffected and pure damage is decreased?

    Edit: Nevermind, checked the wiki.
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  9. Supa_

    Supa_ Well-Known Member

    yea right this item is built so often in comp oh wait it isnt
  10. AKBu3nY

    AKBu3nY Well-Known Member

    Even the "pros" mostly forget about the 40%.

    The damage type doesn't matter. HP removal is ignored, it isn't a damage type.