Silencer Item Build

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Ri-Chan, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. Ri-Chan

    Ri-Chan Member

    Whats your item build on silencer?
    from early until late game.
    i usually build PT, linken, Orchid, Eul, mekans/refresher/drums/force staff
    but since in 6.79 tranquil build has a lot potential.. i think i will replace PT for tranquil.
    what do you think??
  2. jawbreaker261

    jawbreaker261 Well-Known Member

    treads force for core
    silencer's a good mek holder, get it unless you have a darkseer/lich/necro in the team
    Euls/atos if you're poor, orchid/sheep/shiva if you're doing well

    Drums are good on anyone IMO, they're the most cost-efficient stats you can buy.

    I don't really like tranqs on him, they're meant for roaming support (which is not a good role for silencer). Stats and AS from treads are very useful on him.
  3. jyzzy

    jyzzy Well-Known Member

    Except for Bracer, Band, Talisman, Gauntlet, Slipper, Mantle and Branch. But yeah apart from those 11 items, Janggo is the most cost-efficient stat item. Just like Skadi, if you take apart every other item in the game.
  4. kamukag3e

    kamukag3e Well-Known Member

    While the item choices depends from play-style and different game-needs, still Urn, Blade Mail, Eul, Aghanim and Shiva are all good choices on Silencer.

    Linken, Orchid and all other put down are situational, but not really that good in general on him.

    Force is away from his core item. While Mekansm is good item overall and definitely Silenser can hold it, it's not a must. His spell cost is highly increased and he can't just make it. Being prioritized target, he may fall before even chance to use it if he doesn't have some survivability item, which if being made before Meka will delay it greatly. But he is an above average meka holder. Can use all stats from Vail as well.

    And drums on a farming hero which can use so much other items is bad.
  5. jawbreaker261

    jawbreaker261 Well-Known Member

    Inventory slots are also part of the cost, otherwise branches would be the most broken item in the game.
  6. jyzzy

    jyzzy Well-Known Member

    Every item in the game occupies a slot, now what? Everything I mentioned is still more cost effective than Janggo.
  7. galuf

    galuf Well-Known Member

    ghost scepter? The item wreaks so many pub picks, it is cheap and gives also hps. On silencer it synergize with 2 of his spells(manual cast glaive while ghost + immortality during ult), reliably 3 if you upgrade it latter on(never did that).

    For me it's all about gs or force when i run him mid or "carry". Else I find him effective without items as even a #5 as long as you don't messup ultis. He is a good pick imho, just very situationnal.

    Extensions doesn't matter it is very straightforward to choose the good one. :D
  8. jyzzy

    jyzzy Well-Known Member

    I heard it's 6.79 out there. Could be wrong tho.
  9. xpforever

    xpforever Well-Known Member

    If you can find isolated heroes to pick off, lothars/blink/force plus an orchid or hex will alow you to collect an easy +2 int any time someone is out of position.

    If enemies are 5 manning, then orchid/hex can still work but refresher will win a lot of teamfights.

    For any build (other than #5 silencer but that's almost as bad as #5 necro), midas is good.
  10. frazz0402

    frazz0402 Well-Known Member

    I found refresher to be kind of meh. Usually a properly timed ult (and this is extremly hard to do: use it too soon and people will back off before engaging, use it too late and they already used their important spells) is enough to win the fight, especially if you have a good initiator along. Plus the stats are terribly cost inefficient and don't really give him reasonable int or survival which is what he needs.

    PT and Force staff are 100% core for me. The hero only needs some mobility because he already has damage early on. It's better to focus in fixing his weaknesses at this point. After that, anything works. Orchid is not optimal (lolsilence) but it's definetly viable (I prefer Euls). Hex is the big go-to later on of course. Drums is also surprisingly good on him before forcestaff/hex. Mek is decent but there are better carriers.

    Ags is just godawful. I see a lot of people building it for that extra 1 second of silence... so not worth it to me.
  11. TulginZ

    TulginZ Well-Known Member

    Have you read what aghs does? An early aghs with maxed curse can really wreck certain lineups apart, pair that with another global fx spec or sum shit, and ur lookin at sum nasty dps
  12. kamukag3e

    kamukag3e Well-Known Member

    Argument like that says much.
    One - you definitely didn't read what does Sceptre does.
    Two - you put down argument without the full knowledge.
    Three - lack of common sense, as you skip "one" and "two".
    Four - you don't know how devastating could be an upgraded Global Silence and/or double CotS.
  13. frazz0402

    frazz0402 Well-Known Member

    Yes I did, and it's still not great. By the time you get the item the added damage is not even noticeable, and by rushing it you leave the hero with other flaws early on. Double cots is not going to happen because people will obviously cast a spell right after the global silence ends. Your "devastating" combo is paying 4400g for 1 extra second of silence and 350 damage dot that is not going to happen twice. That damage could also be applied witouth the scepter via normal cots, so in practice it's not doing anything most of the time. Maybe you should stop theorycrafting and use it for once and see how mediocre it is compared to other options.
  14. xpforever

    xpforever Well-Known Member

    Aghs will still do nothing to solve the core issues with his ult, which are:
    1. It's dispellable
    2. People might be able to disengage
    #1 can be solved with refresher while #2 can be solved with things like hex or force.
  15. DerBelmont

    DerBelmont Well-Known Member

    PT + Force/mek + Orchid + Hex + Eblade +Scepter

    Or be retarded and stack Orchids.
  16. kamukag3e

    kamukag3e Well-Known Member

    Is the hero THAT strong - no. Is he viable - yes.

    Silencer has great control over a lane, good in skirmishes to some extend with his long-ranged nukes and semi-disables. He is not auto-win pick monster.

    The time you are getting Aghanim is when you have second level of ultimate. A 390 damage nuke that sucks 200 mana is notable in all stages of the game.
    Making it as first item is a joke, and if you even read what we all put down you would know that I don't advice that myself. Taking it as first big item is valid strategy and your early game won't suffer from that. Double CotS IS going to happen, apparently we aren't talking about the same game. And if you are able to cast a spell in the duration of Global Silence, then you are a very skilled player.

    Paying 4400 gold for 1 extra second for silencing 5 players and applying 390 damage ASIDE from your own CotS DoT spell on them is totally worth it, then you can consider the statistics you gain from the item, such as 390 health and few others. People advertise Janggo for cost-efficient item, when Aghanim is on par with it as far as EHP is concerned. And the damage dealt, is equal of 5x Dagon level 1.
    As for theorycrafting, I thought we are all here about that, because I can see how you can out-play me in the forum. The fact is that at least I know what I'm talking about.

    His ultimate can't be turn into team-fight winner if it's used at wrong time, it has it's flaws. That doesn't turn Aghanim into bad item. No other item will fix the pointed problems, that's job for your other heroes.

    Refresher while not that bad of an item, is not really good for small engagements or casual fights. Force Staff and Guinsoo could be acquired from your allies too. They don't even need to sink so much gold for those items if they have a simple stun spell, making silenced enemy unable to move while his team flee. That's the point of his ultimate, to initiate followed by allies' barrage of spells or to counter-initiate - followed by allies' spells.
  17. frazz0402

    frazz0402 Well-Known Member

    And how exactly are people going to take a second Cots effect after the initial silence wears off? By not casting any spells for 6 seconds after gloal silence? Yeah, passive bots don't count.

    Also, 390 damage and 190 mana over 6 seconds is laughable as the game goes on, it only makes sense to use it right after the ultimate. And Cots is piss easy to land on an entire team already, I fail to see what advantage you get for applying it to everyone via ultimate when your "second" one is not going to last long during a teamfight.

    Comparing a 6 second [situational] dot to a 5 man Dagon? Really? Shows that you're the one with no idea what he's talking about. Theorycraft some more? :rofl:
  18. kamukag3e

    kamukag3e Well-Known Member

    Your game knowledge is pathetic. Your game experience below average.
    Sure thing you are laughing, me too - on your ignorance.

    Casting Global Silence while having Aghanim - apply CotS. Casting CotS the same time - makes the DoT deal double damage.
    When Global Silence wear off, every enemy caught with the casted CotS will take 780 magical damage, and will lose 380 mana.

    Frazz, read again about "three" please.
  19. xyLoneZ

    xyLoneZ Well-Known Member

    The cots stacks with each other. If you are going for RFO, getting an agh after is a completely viable choice. Theoretically, you can apply 4 stacks of CotS, but you can most likely only apply 3 stacks.

    Plus with BKB duration getting lower with each usage, RFO+Agh build becomes more appealing late game. It's not anywhere near broken, but it's viable.
  20. kamukag3e

    kamukag3e Well-Known Member

    In my opinion RFO after Aghanim is much safer build route.