[SIG]Fear the Reaper

Discussion in 'Studio D'Art' started by carlvic, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. carlvic

    carlvic Graphics Crew

    I'm really hyped and impressed with Blizzard's new game Overwatch that I made a sig.
    Yes. I'm that Hyped. CnC's please.

    Here's the render of Reaper.
  2. Dark Mizuki

    Dark Mizuki Well-Known Member

    I'm loving that render.

    I like how more contrast/shadows were added for the sig, the render itself was pretty lacking on that. While intended, I can't seem to avert my eyes on the dead space (left-hand area). At first, I was conflicted as well with the font choice for the text, but Overwatch has some cartoon-ey graphics (TF or BL style), I guess it fits.
  3. Amergin's Cola

    Amergin's Cola Well-Known Member

    I like the lighting but it's a tad oversharpened (especially on the shoulder's edge) and I wouldn't mind a bit more effects/oomph/texture in it.
  4. abdo1234

    abdo1234 Well-Known Member

    how do you reap with guns, i really dislike this design

    this is more like it

  5. carlvic

    carlvic Graphics Crew

    woah. A legend! Thanks AC! I'm just shaking off some rust. I'm on a new machine and I've scrapped all my past PsDs and resources.
    (My old one got fried. lol hp should make mini-ovens, not laptops.)

    What a big scythe. Must be compensating for something...
  6. abdo1234

    abdo1234 Well-Known Member