Should Volvo disband?

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by treeisop, May 27, 2013.

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  1. treeisop

    treeisop Active Member

    I think, yes. This daed game has tons of bugs which are not fixed yet. With every new update, we just get fucking cosmetics nothing much.

  2. pigi_rylai

    pigi_rylai Well-Known Member

    Still beta , don't sweat.
  3. gen.Weekend

    gen.Weekend Well-Known Member

    Do you even try?
  4. bury

    bury Well-Known Member

    how long will people use this as an excuse? i mean seriously this isnt even funny anymore.
  5. JM90

    JM90 Well-Known Member

    Disband OP
  6. omglolwut212

    omglolwut212 Well-Known Member

    new compedium goal.. 10m fix all bugs and open beta..
  7. JM90

    JM90 Well-Known Member

    Until eternity
  8. Uncle_Zhuge

    Uncle_Zhuge Well-Known Member

    I liked Volvo cars. Sure they may not be the most premium, but at least they are stable enough to use.
  9. ShowThemHell

    ShowThemHell Banned

    Volvo is like European Toyota.
  10. Siraraz

    Siraraz Banned

  11. Can't you just disappear without a QQ thread?
  12. silvercover

    silvercover Moderator

    there's dota 1.
  13. DMR_Chane

    DMR_Chane Well-Known Member

    you know you could... I mean... just... fuck off.
  14. ReVil-

    ReVil- Well-Known Member

    Can you give any proof that Dota 2 is not beta anymore?
  15. Skyforger4.0

    Skyforger4.0 Banned

    Depicts perfectly why this new generation of players are cancer.
  16. TheRobotDevil

    TheRobotDevil Banned

    And why we shouldn't advertise DotA to LoL players.
  17. CynthiaCrescent

    CynthiaCrescent Well-Known Member

    But gramps ~
  18. TheKindlyOne

    TheKindlyOne Well-Known Member

    If volvo disbanded, then who would be working on the game?


  19. Yeld

    Yeld Well-Known Member

    As always, I'd greatly appreciate if the mods took a not-so-lenient stance towards posters like this.
  20. Randy7777

    Randy7777 Well-Known Member

    Should you leave, op?
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