[Shirt] The Dire Side of the Moon

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  1. toscomovil.

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    Hi guys, i made a shirt design and wanted some feedback.

    The Dire Side of the Moon Shirt

    Also if you could rate it in the workshop that would be nice too :D

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  2. LostENT

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    Got an error when trying to access that page.
  3. toscomovil.

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  4. LostENT

    LostENT Well-Known Member

    Now it's working, sweet design dude.. very Pink Floyd
  5. RisaStoleMyHart

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    5/10 Pink Floyd parody.
  6. Lycan

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    remove one grey line outo f the image turning it into 5 lines instead of 6, Which keeps the balance removes the symmetry which makes it more interesting. As well as 5 players per team. The detail of the font don't really match the depth of the art piece.The small line in the middle mountainpeak doesn't fit with the rest since it's either to thin or the rest needs more detail. Other than that nice concept just needs a bit more tweaking on the work.