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Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by archangelofchao, May 24, 2010.

  1. archangelofchao

    archangelofchao Well-Known Member

    So just finished up a Thr2 game. I was playing sf, freefarming against a tree/es lane (lol). Got 11m BoT's/bottle and 20m BoT/bottle/Blink. So im farming up a storm, doing well, team starts to get ganked. Opposing weaver gets farmed as fuck, gets a 22 minute radiance and eventually a 30m linkens after going wicked sick.

    Basically, my team blames me saying i farmed for too long and that i shouldve gotten lothars/stats items, instead of blink. Says that they didnt feed weaver and that weaver shouldve been ganked by me, and i shouldve bought wards/dust.

    Essentially, who was right? With BoT/Blink should a SF take free-farm or gank?
  2. hajasmarci

    hajasmarci Well-Known Member

    dont get blink if your team is a bunch of morons. farm manta :D
  3. doppelpils

    doppelpils Well-Known Member

    How many SF-item threads does a forum need? srsly -.-
  4. ggR.Duck

    ggR.Duck Active Member

    Although blink is generally the *correct* item, if you are playing with retards go hardcore carry. Keeping in mind blink offers no stats and if used in a pub (with team mates with limited mental capabilities) often throws you into the middle of a fight with no support. Lothars can be a supierior item in that it offers you an *easier* escape mech, allows you to bait your teammates, offers more stats/dps than blink.

    Manta is ofc the go to item on ranged agi heroes. Aids pushing, major dps increase, allows stun dodge etc.

    As for countering the weaver, don't be a stinge; raze 3 creeps buy some dust and tell your teammates "STUN WEAVER".
  5. Fixthemix

    Fixthemix Well-Known Member

    Having the carry buy the dust/wards.. Eh..?

    Without a replay, it's hard to say who's right. But you're probably both right. Depending on the level of the game, Lothars could have been ok, but I still think Dagger beats it on SF. You should probably have helped a bit out with ganks, from what I can read, but on the other hand; a farmed SF is no joke and can win games.

    Depending on your team, one of your teammates should probably have rushed necromicon, since it's a decent counter for weaver, although if he/she(what gender is that bug??) gets too fed, there's not much to do.

    Conclusion; you should have helped out a bit more with ganks, but not have bought dust/wards, and your team should probably have played more defensive if their weaver went on to be wicked sick.
  6. Night1301

    Night1301 Well-Known Member

    at least either one or both of lothar/blink dagger and then get bkb

    then manta and skadi and pwn
  7. archangelofchao

    archangelofchao Well-Known Member

    Thanks, i think the misconception i forgot to mention was that we had a centuar with dagon, a viper, a venomancer, myself, and an enchantress. Stuns/Disables were VERY lacking, especially since centuar opted for dagon(lol) over a blink.

    Regardless, i will transform this thread.

    The swarm, what the fuck is that OP shit?
  8. ggR.Duck

    ggR.Duck Active Member

    Me thinks he was playing a pub (centuar did go dagon after all). So yes, whatever is necessary to win the game I would recommend.
  9. Morbius

    Morbius Well-Known Member

    I'm told that if you don't want to afk rice, don't pick SF.
  10. Bullseye-_-

    Bullseye-_- Well-Known Member

    it totally depends on your team and opponents, if you are going to gank them, do you have to initiate? if yes, buy blink, if not, buy lothars. and yes, you should indeed go gank after getting BoT, Bottle and Dagger..... and no, actually you shouldn't be carrying the dust and such..
  11. SpiralAvenger

    SpiralAvenger Well-Known Member

    Take the free farm? Did you win?
  12. Lobsters.CoM

    Lobsters.CoM Well-Known Member

    Best SF player in the world goes, Treads, Bkb, Blink, Manta, Bfly, Sheepstick, treads turns into BoT later
  13. PeGBoY

    PeGBoY Banned

    You can't expect to try some competitive or "pro" SF build and have it magically work in a pub game where your allies are useless and all pick carries. You really need a somewhat coordinated team to make that build effective.

    In your situation I would get treads, lothar's, and Manta. What good is a dagger when you die instantly after the blink due to paper hp with useless allies and no support? Bot is ok, but I still prefer treads for the extra hp on SF, you can always get a BOT much later if you actually need it.

    Bot and Dagger is also a shit ton of gold for almost zero offensive power or survivability.
  14. JerkCo

    JerkCo Well-Known Member

    essentially wrong.
    dagger/tp escape is power survival.
    ulti placement/counterganking is power offense.
    however i get what you mean.
  15. Mayor Adam West

    Mayor Adam West Well-Known Member

    Dagger is still better cause it comes with the element of surprise.
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  16. LightburneR

    LightburneR Well-Known Member

    You should've ganked (but you do need farm too), but the loss was not your fault alone.

    Your allies should've got wards/dust. But if they didn't you should've took the initiative and got it.

    As for Lothars/Stats, I'd say ignore them and go for whats best for you.
  17. kingtipop

    kingtipop Well-Known Member

    Sf with blink means you want to gank and initiate=
    You need a team behind you.
    So if you get all that free farm and wanted to carry in pubs you should've done what pubs do..
    Skadi Treads (2omins) Dom BKB (30mins) Butter Assault (40min).
    Quite possible in pubs
  18. iKrivetko

    iKrivetko Well-Known Member

    Picking SF against Weaver is a bad idea really.
  19. kawumm

    kawumm Well-Known Member

    ^ not really, if you got 1 competent disabler in your team hes instakill