Sexual catch phrases

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Royal_Naga, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. Royal_Naga

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    One day I think "If Heros from dota have catch phrases related to theird skils....?"

    Then I make this usseles thread just for fun.
    Post your catch phrases and coment about others
    Just like that...

    Pudge: Wanna hook with me?
    Meepo: I can do it four times at once and poof inside you!
    Naix: I´m inside you! You are inside me?
    Treant Protector: Do you like tentacle rape?
    Ogre Magi: Head 1: I have a big stick for you!
    Head 2: And I can cum up to four times!
    Rikimaru: Surprise butt sex!
    Ursa: I´m so fast that I will end before you know... wait.
    Lion: Brace yourselft! It impale you!
    Pandaren Brewmaster: Give me a stiff one, barkeep
    Chen: Let´s mount up!
    Gondar: You stay here while I sneak around from behind.
    Gyro: Fuck and destroy! Repeat! Fuck and Destroy!
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  2. Mayor Adam West

    Mayor Adam West Well-Known Member

    Centaur Warchief : Giggity giggity.
  3. alexjz

    alexjz Well-Known Member

    Lina : I'm hot, i need you to cool me down
  4. Unnamed_

    Unnamed_ Banned

    You fail to amuse me.
  5. ex-Skyforger

    ex-Skyforger Banned

    Ish'kafel: How can this old one help?
    Jah'rakal: That's what she said!
  6. 103

    103 Well-Known Member

    enchantress= im gay
  7. sux what.
  8. aLT_F4_aPLa

    aLT_F4_aPLa Well-Known Member

    seriously ...
  9. Royal_Naga

    Royal_Naga Well-Known Member

    Calm down Focker is just a game!
  10. 1337_n00b

    1337_n00b Well-Known Member

    Clockwerk: I cog in the ass of danger! *Cum**Cum*Cum*
  11. ResQ

    ResQ Well-Known Member

    This is somehow disgusting, no clue why. Maybe because dota consists mostly of (what we call) "monsters" :l
  12. BlizziC

    BlizziC Well-Known Member

    Sylla: Furry, anyone?
  13. Kuyss

    Kuyss Well-Known Member

  14. r3dman

    r3dman Well-Known Member

    ^ :rofl:

    On topic: Lion would better have something related to the finger of death :D
  15. OrNy

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  16. zxdragon12

    zxdragon12 Well-Known Member

    Beastmaster: I'm going to release my Inner Beast and let out a Primal Roar.
    hahaha.......god that was bad.
  17. IAmNikZ

    IAmNikZ Well-Known Member

    What the fuck?
  18. Lories

    Lories Well-Known Member

    Tiny: Don't worry, I'll get bigger.

  19. Jakino2

    Jakino2 Well-Known Member

    Axe: Slap me baby

    ....seriously? :facepalm:
  20. asdasd

    asdasd Well-Known Member

    ^ ahahahahah