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    Description: Garryon is a paladin. He uses holy power to help his allies. He can respawn his allies instantly. His hammer is a God's Weapon which can be strong when it's used in a true way. He is support hero.

    [nqb]Background Story:Garryon is a paladin who fights by holy power. He teaches all holymen and medicalist. He doesn't use holy power to heal his allies, but he uses the power to do something that cannot be done by anyone. He has God's Holy Power. He can revive his allies when they were died.

    He got the power when he went to Holy Castle. He learned the power from his master, Uther Lightbringer. Uther knew that Garryon was the one who had the clearest heart. Beside of that, Garryon was unable to do healing skill. He felt very sad. Uther summoned Light Gate which can only be entered by a real holyman and Uther was unable to enter the gate. He ordered Garryon to enter to the gate. Garryon could enter the Light Gate and he met Life God.

    He learned some skill from Him. He taught Garryon about someone's lives. Then Garryon know how to help his allies without healing. He could respawn and revive someone instantly. After 8 years, he wnt out from the gate and he showed his new skills to Uther. Uther was very proud and he presented a hammer to Garryon as heritage. The hammer should be holded by Garryon because it could reduce mana using. Then Garryon left the Holy Castle and thanked to Uther.

    Now, he brings his power to a war. With his hammer, he promises not to let his allies die forever. His holy light is unable to be destroyed.[/nqb]
    [table][​IMG]|[table]Strength - 27 + [2.6]
    Agility - 18 + [1.6]
    Intelligence - 22 + [1.9][/table][/table]

    Starting HP/MP:|663/286
    Attack Range:|125[/table]|[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]


    Holy Strike - (Active)
    [table][​IMG]|[table]Type: Active
    Targeting: Unit
    Hotkey: e[/table]|Garryon run and strikes enemy with holy power. Deals extreme damage, but heal others nearby enemies in 300 AoE by 50% of dealing damage[/table]

    1|105|14|550|300|-|Deals 95 damage
    2|130|14|550|300|-|Deals 190 damage
    3|155|14|550|300|-|Deals 285 damage
    4|180|14|550|300|-|Deals 380 damage[/table]
    • Heal nearby enemies in 300 AoE of targeted enemy
    • Make sure that the target is alone

    Reborning Light - (Active)
    [table][​IMG]|[table]Type: Active
    Targeting: No target
    Hotkey: R[/table]|The Paladin revive nearby allied creeps by using their corpses. When they are died, unable to be revive again.[/table]

    1|100|35|-|500|-|Max 3 units
    2|115|30|-|500|-|Max 4 units
    3|130|25|-|500|-|Max 5 units
    4|145|20|-|500|-|Max 6 units[/table]
    • Unable to revive any creeps whenever there is no corpse
    • Only affected to allied units corpses

    Holy Bash - (Passive)
    [table][​IMG]|[table]Type: Passive
    Targeting: No target
    Hotkey: B[/table]|When Garryon attacks enemy, he has a 12% chance to drain enemy manapoints.Has a 100% chance when uses Holy Strike[/table]

    1|-|-|-|-|-|Drain 65 manapoints
    2|-|-|-|-|-|Drain 100 manapoints
    3|-|-|-|-|-|Drain 135 manapoints
    4|-|-|-|-|-|Drain 170 manapoints[/table]

    Holy Respawn - (Active)
    [table][​IMG]|[table]Type: Active
    Targeting: No target
    Hotkey: w[/table]|The Paladin respawn one random allied hero. The hero is respawned on the area where the hero was died. Unable to respawn the hero who was died 15 seconds ago or above.[/table]

    1|275|200|Global|-|-|200 Cooldown
    2|275|160|Global|-|-|160 Cooldown
    3|275|120|Global|-|-|120 Cooldown[/table]
    • The hero is selected randomly
      Revive when there is "pawned" written


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    I think Holy Respawn is OP.

    And about holy bash : what is "consume" mean? direct mana removal? or burn?
  3. Lindo

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    consume means mana removal
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    Stats - Seems fine but if can, you could decrease a little on the stats gain.

    First Ability - No comment.

    Second Ability - Revive the dead creeps, now you bring back the classic of Warcraft.

    Third Ability - Cool passive, a mana burner... Hah!

    Ultimate - I might find it too overpowered like some other people think. Completely revive a hero is like a free Aegis of Immortal on every allied hero, the Paladin wanted to. Maybe you could try something like Yorick's skill from League of Legends. Cast the spell on an allied hero, when he or she died, it revive him or her for 10 seconds. At the 10 seconds, the hero can casts spell and attack freely but will lay dead again after 10 seconds. :p
  5. Lindo

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    Needs comment
  6. HellCraft

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    No wonder LoL sucks.
    Seriously though, the ulti is way too OP. Its a free Aegis. Also, I'm not sure what specific role does the hero play.
  7. patrishosho

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    Ulti's Concept isn't too imba. Little number adjustment should be fine.

    You people should be open to suggestions any way.

    Leoric can revive without aegis. 60 sec cd imba?

    This hero can't revive himself sure he can revive one important carry but it has huge CD and MC

    Solution: make it a chaneling when Reviving. maybe 3 seconds.
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    To be honest, apart from overpowered free Aegis, there's nothing much special about this guy.

    Stats-wise, generic tank support. Nothing exciting here.

    Holy Strike : Reverse purification. What does "no target" and "make sure the target is alone" mean?

    Reborning Light : Another ladder spell brought into DotA, an original ultimate made into a second skill? Duration equals blank, what...are they suppose to last forever? Overpowered!

    Holy Bash : Now here's something slightly unique. Thing is, he doesn't seem to fit the carry role neither do I see any semi-carry potential, so this skill won't do with him as Glaives of Wisdom aren't really doing well with Silencer.

    Holy Respawn : 140 seconds isn't that really that long for such an ultimate you know.

    All in all, the theme and model fits, but the concept of being a holy revival hero is rather cliche' and also quite imbalanced if you ask me. The naming of your spells are..well, no offense, but quite lame and also very cliche' (having Holy or Psycho in every spell name)
    Sorry dude, but there's nothing much special that I can see in this fella, so T-down from me. Maybe try remaking his first skill into something more interesting.
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    Thanks for ur suggestion
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    2th skill not good
    others are nice!
    specially mana steal! :D

    Imagine He + furion + zombie + BM + enigma : ))

    Monks have strong faith. This is what lead to your mind?
    Maybe an aura.. Maybe!
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    Thanks for ur comment
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    Honestly, constantly bumping your thread isn't gonna do much good, and it's getting quite irritating. A suggestion is to put links in your signature by clicking on "User CP" and go help other review as well to keep your thread easily accessible.
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    Ultimate is Imba
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    Leoric with Aegis, Refresher and Holy Respawn. GG WP everyone goes home.