Searching For DOta2 Network..

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Antipeople20, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. Antipeople20

    Antipeople20 Banned

    does all have this s*(&it? or its just me/?
  2. Wizzard_3

    Wizzard_3 Well-Known Member

    All have the same problem. No1 knows when it will be fixed.
  3. Limbs

    Limbs New Member

    Im pretty sure its everyone
  4. kevin414

    kevin414 Member

    hate this error so much
  5. gen.Weekend

    gen.Weekend Well-Known Member

    Dota 2 could not establish connection to the hats deposit, shut down the servers!!!
  6. feldollar

    feldollar Well-Known Member

    for me its a mistery why they have that stupid test client , if they cant properly set up the patch for the main client.
  7. kevin414

    kevin414 Member

    has bored with bot >"<
  8. Protosbrotos

    Protosbrotos Member

    this blows.... it says search for diretide and im depressed that i cant click it >.>
  9. Blarrg

    Blarrg Well-Known Member

    Implying servers have anything to do with patches.

    Its called so many people got on for the patch on the main client that their servers crashed.
  10. XBone

    XBone Well-Known Member

    Me too:((
  11. BioLink

    BioLink Banned

    Yep they need something similar to what league has that puts excess people in a que to get into the servers.
  12. KolbStomp

    KolbStomp Well-Known Member

    I still have an hour and a half of my work day left, hopefully this will be fixed when I get home!
  13. Protosbrotos

    Protosbrotos Member

    How long will they take to like pop their salve and heal up?
  14. kevin414

    kevin414 Member

    let me know if i fixed :(
  15. Antipeople20

    Antipeople20 Banned

    omg volvo fix it fast plz, i just googled "popular haircut for horse tails" im going crazyy, plz fi x it fast cant w8 no longer!!
  16. faustlim

    faustlim Moderator

  17. mo5hneag

    mo5hneag Member

    zzzz....2:35AM ... waiting for 1 hour now ... how much longer volvo ? HOW MUCH LONGER ?!
  18. Protosbrotos

    Protosbrotos Member

    thats pretty damn anoying
  19. kakaboo

    kakaboo Well-Known Member

    That's one thing but I believe it also has something to do with the dota 2 inventories being taken off the marketplace and then putting them back. The test client doesn't have hats that are linked to the Steam main server.

    Saying this because when I could still access my inventory on steam without starting dota 2 around 2 hours ago I saw a lot of blanks in my inventories for certain items
  20. Bubuli

    Bubuli Well-Known Member

    Cheer up guys, for those who havent read:
    "Changed low-priority penalty metric from time-based to games played"
    Now you cant simply sit out or play with your smurf accounts.

    Whoever is in charge for this...our thanks.

    More buffs to punishment are welcome.:queen: