[Scepter] Tinker

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  1. Hemoxyte

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    Instantly reloads the Tinker's weapons.
    [Scepter Upgrade: Tinker can still move,cast spells,and attack while Rearming.]

    Ability Type: Active
    Targeting Type: Instant
    Ability Hotkey: R


    • Rearm works on all items except Black King Bar, Arcane Boots, Helm of the Dominator, Hand of Midas, Refresher Orb, and Necronomicon.
    • This spell uses mana when cast, but will not refresh abilities until finished casting. This means interrupting Rearm while it is casting will waste mana but have no effect on ability cooldowns.

    Scepter Notes
    -Any usual interference that disabled rearm without scepter still applies to rearm with scepter.
    -Still shows the rearm animation.
    -Rearm is not channeling anymore, although the time for it to activate still remains.
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  2. juleocesar

    juleocesar Well-Known Member

    Note: You are meaning that rearm is not channeling anymore, but the time for activate still remains.
  3. Hemoxyte

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  4. Hugaw

    Hugaw Well-Known Member

    sug before
  5. darkmimic

    darkmimic Well-Known Member

    yep suggested b4....might be simple..but can be gamebreaking..still t-down..
  6. nero0408

    nero0408 Active Member

    Too Imba For tinker..
  7. Super_Duflair

    Super_Duflair Well-Known Member

    It's not that imba, considering you will never rush aghanim with Tinker but rather bottle/travel and then you might hesitate with some items like guinsoo/shiva's.

    ASU is meant to be an alternative (not an absolute core like venge/clock which is IMHO an error and should be nerfed) and I think this suggestion is fitting this.

    Seriously, between permasheep and the ability to move while rearming, what will you choose? It's not that easy to decide neh?

  8. L-60

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  9. LostFlip

    LostFlip Well-Known Member

    I think he's still imba with 6 active items..
    so t-d
  10. God of Death

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    Suggested before, l2search yada yada

    GASHOLE Well-Known Member

  12. akongcobuzet

    akongcobuzet Member

    4k spent only for removing his cast animation?
    what a waste... T_T
  13. condorzai

    condorzai Well-Known Member


    It's a gamebreaking buff. Trust me.
  14. MathsDebator

    MathsDebator Well-Known Member

    How is that a reason against the proposal?

    T-up; makes it much easier to chase/escape, and like all good ASU's, only allows good players to enjoy its full potential.
  15. Foxlostinlove

    Foxlostinlove Well-Known Member

    t-up on this.. better than other useless suggestion. a situationally deadly item
  16. freakinmaniac

    freakinmaniac Well-Known Member

    Yes, T-up...
    Rearm while chasing and running are acceptable. (Also reduce its manacost, please?)
  17. askagorn

    askagorn Member

    Could definitely be useful, but I kind of feel like it doesn't fit anywhere in his item build. After BoT, most players would rush some disable items, they destroy the midgame if gotten early.

    Highly situational I'd say, T-Up nonetheless.
  18. Drikam

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    Awww.. Cute. :3
  19. stibaer

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